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    Seriously guys, you’re just writing to get a rise now. O’Leary….”Florida State factor” again….forget it….we do not need to draft a TE….period….that is all….nothing to see here….move along please.

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      Seriously now your responding to get a rise. i read the whole thing above and saw no fsu factor. Maybe pr just wants players from a team that had the best record in college football the last three years.
      So how is putting last years best tight end getting a rise out of you. I mean we get it, you don’t like Jameis, but you can’t doubt the talent from that team, no need to hate the entire team because of one guy.

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        Well…”last year’s best tight end”…even Scott only ranked O’Leary as his 6th best TE to enter the draft, but you think he was the best tight end playing last year….you see the issue now? I actually dont dislike WINSTON as a QB…as a person I have my doubts…but my personal take is that he is not worth the #1 pick because he is a turnover machine…it’s not that I don’t like him as a QB, it’s that I don’t like him as the #1 pick. As for the talent from FSU, why is it so much better than the talent from Alabama, or Ohio St., or Oregon…they weren’t exactly blowing away all comers…I seem to recall quite a few marginal victories against marginal teams…in fact, I might argue the talent base at USC was better but they had little depth and suffered as they got injuries…

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    How about we assemble an O line that isn’t the laughing stock of the NFL before worrying about getting a rookie late round TE to compete with our rookie second round right end! Crazy.

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    For me there is a need in the later rounds to draft another TE even before a WR. Did some forget that our poor blocking also related not to just the 5 offensive linemen, but also to the TE’s. There was a reason why we had to throw in an OL at TE or FB at times. Just my opinion.

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    Horse agree, what if Jenkins goes down? Team called the Patriots, they did all right with great tight end play, O Leary, or another T.E. 5th round down makes sense to me.

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    There are six TE’s plus FB/TE Emmanuel Ogbuehi on the current roster to make it a total of 7. That number suggests that the Bucs are not too impressed with this Draft’s TE prospects and neither am I. I’m all for taking the best player at each opportunity, but for me, it’s doubtful any of these players will be the best option when the Bucs are picking.

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    Allow me to digress and go off topic. As a courtesy, I tried to wait until the thread was exhausted before doing so! Forgive me for my intrusion, but I had to say this!

    I have been following the Bucs since their inception in 1976, some 39 years ago. I have been watching pro football since Moby Dick was a sardine! Never in all those years, have I experienced an off-season with so much intrigue, so much drama, and so much uncertainty as this one.

    I am so ready to get past this mind-racking, soap opera of a preseason as I can remember. I used to enjoy free agency, the anticipation of new draftees, training camp and the preseason games. But I’m psychologically exhausted from the FA visits and no signings, the contract miscues, the smokescreens, and the high drama regarding our first pick in the draft. An end to all of this can’t come soon enough for me.

    At this point, whether we pick a tight end or sew up loose ends makes no difference to me!

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    Mac, I thought it was just me. The whole offseason is becoming a cross between a soap opera and a police blotter. I only visit a few sites because so many are simply hate exercises. The offseason used to be fun. I couldn’t wait for free agency and the draft. It was aways fun to anticipate which UDFA’s would make the team. Im afraid to post anything because twenty guys will go into great detail how stupid I am. Too old for that shxt. I aways enjoy what you have to say. Go Bucs………

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    macabee;martinii. Here I thought this season attacking each other wasn’t as bad compared to the last couple years. I have to agree with everyone that I will be glad when this drama is all over in two weeks. We’ll have most of our roster in place including free agents for some peace and quiet for a couple months. I am disappointed in the focus not being on OL in free agency? We traded a 5th round draft pick for a average rotational DE. At least starting Monday the media can ask L & L some questions as to where they think we are compared to last year because so far I see no progress; just as many unknowns as before. Where’s our back up QB’s? How about a back up TE that can be counted on as a starter too? My goodness the need for OL! Are they blind? Where’s our either experienced or almost ready to start backup Center? Why haven’t we let our wore out Punter go yet? Who really believes we are okay at DE? Lastly, we don’t even know if we have real starting Safeties? I am confused as heck as to where this ship is heading; all I have is hope at this point.

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    I’d have to agree with most of you above. This offseason has been exhausting. I’m also reading reports the bucs are seriously considering trading out of the one spot. If these dumb asses go into next season with glennon and some qb picked up in the 3rd round again, I’m done with them. It should be qb in round one, ol in rounds two through 4 and then slot reciever in the 5th then bpa.
    For some reason L and L have me worried they are going to botch this while draft.

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    I really believe that there may be alot of florida players drafted by the bucs.But I have a gut feeling now.That the owner will listen to all offers in trading the 31 picks for picks this year and next.

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    I really believe that there may be alot of florida players drafted by the bucs.But I the owner without Mr Malcom the sons will listen to all offers and what direction the owners will tell the coach the way to pursue a different way.

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    Agree with all above this has been a long, frustrating, and exhausting off season. Be glad when the draft is over. I feel we have golden opportunity with this number one pick just really hope we don’t blow it. Still not thrilled about either QB for first overall either but…..keeping my expectations low too. really thought 7-8 was possible last season. So glad last year is behind. Was hardest season as a 20 year fan for me to watch. Have no clue now about wins, draft, coaches, etc this year, Just hope they have a really good draft for once. Go bucs.

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    See what your started macabee? Your thoughts and wise perspective are shared by this 39 year fan. Most of us (except Pinkstob) have resigned ourselves to the belief that Winston is just what this team needs most. While we should be able to imagine him leading the team to victories, we are forced to temper our hope and enthusiasm. Sure takes some of the fun out of it.

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      I hated to put you guys through all this, but if means actually outscoring our opponents week to week, to me it would have been worth it.

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    I’m not so much exhausted as I think the subject itself has run out of steam. There really isn’t any new information coming out about these two, or at least I don’t expect much between now and the draft. If it means us winning another Super Bowl I’d go through a offseason like this every year. If this is what it takes for us to finally earn respect from our football peers, so be it.

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