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    “Glennon, who has some upside, can develop into a starting NFL quarterback”. That’s the only positive press PR has ever given glennon. Sacked 56 times in 17 starts lacks escapability….forgot to mention he’s dodging bullets behind an O-line that was the worst I’ve seen in the NFL in the last 5-10years (garret gilkey says it all). Peyton manning and Tom Brady don’t have “escapability” either…and winston is even worse so idk what point you are trying to make other than insinuating we need a running qb to avoid sacks? Especially because we have made no new renditions to our starting oline. Glennon has never been given 1st team reps in the offseason, has had 2 different offensive systems and produced 29TD’s in spot duty on a team that’s won 6games in 2 years. idk what else you want out of the guy- he’s got a rifle arm, master’s degree, and he’s just 25.

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      Agree fully, he was never put in a position to be successful, and has handled himself great in the adversity he has faced. Escapabiity…is now an issue? Even though it would not be pretty to watch MG would actually take JW(projected #1 pic)in a footrace… I still think he can be a good starter given the right situation.

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        Glennon may or may not be capable of being a productive QB in the NFL. We don’t have enough info to know, as the shortsighted organization has never put him in a position to succeed (which is their job, BTW). If he fails, the failure is as much or more theirs than his. JW and MM may be capable of being productive QBs in the NFL. we don’t have enough info to know. Do you trust this org (top to bottom) to put them in a position to succeed? Willing to risk a pick that could instead be exchanged for 3-4 starters to find out? Whatever we decide, if we don’t get this one right it’s another 3-5 yr setback for the team. Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya?

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      I think Mike Glenn can be a better Qb ifTampa gets some offensive linemen out of this draft class. Look at example of what the dallas cowboys have done in the last two draft classes.They have drafted quality offensive linemen. Can you Imagine what the offensive could do with first three picks after the Qb is selecting go after a OT,OG & OC not in that order. I like the writer senario that If Tampa went a different direction in selecting a QB in later rounds. That may be a good move. Example what if Clev gave both first rd picks and a pick next year and Clev no#3 or #4. Tampa could get a lot of weapons! Just think about this buc fans, Tampa has an plan to get better right now. Lets see what pans out!

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    deeznuts- I think you and I are the only posters who understand what you wrote. Last year there was no OC. JW doesn’t get resigned in 4 years and Glennon ends up winning a SB on another team…sound familiar?

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    It seems like the last few years have seen the Bucs front office give up players for lower an expected draft picks. I’m getting the feeling that they will end up trading Glennon for less than a third or some combination that ends up with less value than a third. I wonder if they shouldn’t try to resign him to a reasonable muli-year deal and have Koetter work with both Winston and Glennon? If he can coach him up, I would think that it wouldn’t be out of the question that they could get a higher pick for him down the road? The Bucs are going to have to spend a few bucks to bring in a decent backup QB anyways… I’d rather it be Glennon than some overpaid McCown type, myself. e

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      Well guys Lets give this group of personnel up in the front office a chance to see what they are made of. I think that Lovie Smith and the entire coach’s staff don’t want to make another mistakes like last year. I follow the bucs since day one. I also knew some of the players and coaches during the John McCay Era! Todays Draft is far more complex than yesteryears. I think when its gets down to crunch time Tampa will make the correct call. All these teams saying they will move up to take these players and give this up for it.Do You know fans why this is so. Those teams wished they had the no#1 or no#2 or no#3 spots. But They Don’t. WE DO and Tenn,Jags,Oak,Wsh & Jets are the ones they had those positions. What Iam so tick off about. It seems if a Good Team Looses a Good Player they are rewarded for being good! Not the Bad Teams. I think that the Bad Teams should get extra picks not the good teams. The reason is that some of the bad teams sign those teams players for more money then those teams wanted to pay them.Thank You for my comments-Go Bucs Go

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    After so many articles about how brilliant Winston is we find out he only scored a 27 on his Wunderlick test out of a possible 50. That is just 15 points below what the Colts QB scored, who is a bright QB and took the Colts to the playoffs his first year with a team that had only gotten two wins the year before (like us last year). That is what a smart QB can do but that isn’t braggart Winston! We have a lot better chance with Mariota who scored 33 on the same test! Winston is about as smart and compares best to Byron Leftwich, with the same lumbering running style and long throwing motion. Throws interceptions like Byron too. No wonder the Chargers want to move up and trade off their Super QB just to get Mariota and the top evaluator of talent Mayock has Mariota ranked the top QB. The Bucs need to wise up before they throw character concerns out the window. After all Winston threw more interceptions at the last of last season and was on a downward spiral on the field as Mariota was showing improvement and winning every college QB honor given last year. And as to Loser Glennon with one of the worst third down percentages I’ve seen and only one comeback win in all the games he has played and squandered for the Bucs, and one of the worst under pressure there is in the NFL needs to be traded and I doubt we can get a third pick for him too, because anyone who has studied his film knows he isn’t even as good as a rookie third round QB they could get in the draft now. I warned Lovie he needed to trade him last Preseason when we were getting better offers for him but he didn’t listen.

    1. 4.1


      Considering you’ve lobbied many times for tebow, your qb taste is suspect at best. And scoring one less point than Peyton manning makes Winston dumb? Mayock a qb talent evaluator? How did his top ranked qb do last year in Johnny manziel? You know the same Johnny that scored a 33. How about blain gabbert the year before? Gosh you Winston haters are getting desperate.

      1. 4.1.1


        Tebow, did someone say Tebow? I think Tebow could have a career in the NFL, just not as a QB.

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    I support whatever we do because there is really no outstanding No. 1 pick in the draft this year. Too bad some of these kids didn’t stay in school another year with the possibility of becoming outstanding. I hope we don’t give up draft picks to move up in rounds 2 & 3.

    1. 5.1


      I agree with you horse,You know my feelings on the draft. Go Bucs

  6. 6


    SO being immature absolves Winston of any wrongdoing? If not for his status as a Collegiate QB he would’ve been arrested on each instance.

    Mechanically he has to many issues. Long wind-up. Doesn’t reset quickly. Fails to step up in the pocket when he should. This causes him to throw off his back foot to many times and throw to many Interceptions.

    1. 6.1


      TOO- I’m guessing your hypothesis is as bad as your grammar.

  7. 7


    Assuming we do indeed trade Glennon and need a late round QB How is S. Mannion the late round best bet when the Bucs haven’t even met with him? The QB’s the Bucs have met with besides Mariota and Winston are C. Holliday at the Combine (took all of his snaps from shotgun like Mariota), B. Simms at the combine (scrambles like Mariota), A. Boone at a Pro Day (scrambles like Mariota), C. Dietz as a local visit (ran read-option like Mariota) and H. Mason at a workout. H. Mason was the only QB the Bucs have worked out that is a traditional drop back with passer with little mobility. I would think the Bucs would be looking at late round prospects that closely resemble who I want to take with the 1st overall pick for additional training camp QB’s so the backups can run the same offense, which based on these guys would be Mariota. However, let’s not let facts get in the way of a perfectly good prediction of two traditional drop back from under center QB’s being the PR best bets.

    1. 7.1


      That’s some serious food for thought pinkstob….I think if we happen to take MM, you should get some major cred for putting 2 and 2 together….let’s see on the 30th.

    2. 7.2


      Well pinkstob you have done your homework. My seniaro is this today. Tampa may trade out of pick no#1. What does points really mean. Three examples:
      Tampa trades out of no#1 to clev for both #1 picks(12 &19) plus a no#4 & no#6. This would give Tampa plenty of ammo to move back up after there pick at #12. Example #2. Trade with NYJets Tampa gets @ no#6 plus a #2 & a no#1 next year. Example Phil Eagles @120. Example Tampa gets #20 plus Bradford, and two late round picks. Plus Tampa could trade Mike Glenn if they wanted too. What I mean Tampa should trade the pick for more picks this year. Go Bucs or Just select Mariota now and not worried about Jameis Winston because of new information about off field problems!

    3. 7.3


      I don’t think the BUCS met with Evans last year either….not very exactly indicative of plans

  8. 8


    Trade the pick. We need lots of help. Let Winston go to Jets, a marriage made in heaven. Bucs have so many holes to fill, picks and more picks. Bucs are years away from having an average roster, let alone be a serious contender and not a pretender. QBs can be found all through the draft. Look at Pittsburgh, N.O., Dallas, Seattle. Highly drafted QBs don’t mean success, Stafford, Ryan and RGIII. Build the roster up to at least be competitive. Now is the opportunity to do this, if the average success rate for drafted players is 50% we need about 16-20 picks just to fill our holes, not even counting building depth. Trade for more picks, we desperately need the help, above and beyond QB.

    1. 8.1


      That sounds to me like a good way to end up like the Bengals or Rams. Over the past 5 to 7 years they have drafted quite well at every position besides QB and they ended up being mediocre teams. The Rams stockpiled picks from the RGIII trade and they barely beat us last year. The Bengals have hit on a lot of picks that have re-signed or are still on the team and they also barely beat us last year.

      1. 8.1.1


        Its also the way NE and Seattle got where they are.



          Fair enough. NE actually used a lot of free agents to win their last two Super Bowls and their QB is 37 so it’s been a while since a 6th round QB draft pick worked out. Seattle is a great example to your point though.

    2. 8.2


      Big Ben was a top 10 pick.

  9. 9


    I think that would really blows the Nfl teams if Tampa did the unthinkable in staying put and get the #1 Defensive linmen in the draft. Or see what teams would pay to move up.Example the Cleveland Browns. They have a #12 &19,They have a 2nd Rd , a 3rd-2 4th rounder plus 2-6th rounders. Tampa also as of now has 8.picks what if Tampa trades with Cleveland For both 1st rd picks a no#2 next year plus Clev 3rd Rd plus Clev 4 & 6 higher picks for the no#1. Plus Tampa has the #34 pick in Rd-2 trade down in Rd-2 for someone who wants to move up @34. plus their @nd Rd and a no#3.I thinks its alot to think about. Tampa could get real good if Tampa stays or Tampa trades.Go Bucs

  10. 10


    The Bucs need to stay at the one and draft Winston or Mariota- that is the only option.This team needs to take the risk on one of these two and see what happens. This team for the most part is quite uninspiring and needs a shot in the arm- both could be just that,both could go down in flames…the important thing is that we take the shot. Worst case is that it doesn’t workout and we draft early again next year with just as many question marks as this year…At least we get a spark and the excitement of watching a guy catch fire or go down in a blaze- sure beats what we’ve been watching…

  11. 11


    Totally agree with your rationale Cremdonado. This team lacks the swagger it once had. The leaders (McCoy and David) on the team, while good players; they just don’t have that same alpha dog persona that Brooks and Sapp carried to the field. On offense, it’s the QB position that needs that quality. So here we have two viable QB candidates. But only one has the trait so desperately needed. No towel over the head guy sitting alone on the bench when the %&it goes bad. Give me the guy who never quits and inspires others to do the same.

    1. 11.1


      Agreed scubog… But, there’s seems to be a lot of people on here that confuse that with arrogance and cockiness and don’t want any part of that for the Bucs. e

  12. 12


    If we take all the Buc fans who have opinions on the QB for the Bucs and put them on a committee to design a horse, pretty sure we get the hump day camel. Whoop! Whoop! lol.

  13. 13


    Trade Melman, trade Melman, trade Melman. After the Johnson incident, my faith in the Bucs choosing wisely in the draft has gone way down. Poor decision making begets the same.

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