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    Still a big Perryman fan. But, the Bucs need OL too much to take a shot at him. Consistent performer since he was a freshman at the U and is a tremendous leader… That is bigger than a lot of the combine evals. e

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    I still think Lovie will have the Bucs fans scratching their heads a bit when he picks Kendricks with our 2nd rounder instead of an OL guy…Remember~Lovie is defense first and second followed somewhere down the line with offense…All Im saying is I wouldnt be surprised…

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    Can any of these guys play OG?….we are still looking at starting either Gilkey or Cousins….

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    Benardrick McKinney. That is all.

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    with all the options the bucs will have to make decisions I see that Tampa with the 65 pick They go after ILB from Clemson in Stephone Anthony. He would help solified the bucs LB Corp.

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    Dawson is to immature but they want to draft Winston. What a joke.

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    I doubt we will draft a LB. We are prime candidates for post draft free agency for players who didn’t get drafted because of their size or from a small school. This is one position we have the time to develop a player or two for the coming years. One makes the team and one goes to the Practice Squad.

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    We have many more needs than O-line. Our linebacker corps has but one Pro-Bowl caliber player. Not exactly a stellar unit. If one of the top LB’s is on the board and only second tier O-linemen available, you take the better player.

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    Im with you Scubog…If we Bucs fans look at this and next season as the building of the NEW ERA Bucs,then team building becomes more important than winning now,IMO.Yes wins are sexy and make you feel good about your team.But if those wins can be credited to patchwork players,then we are getting nowhere and thats where we will stay.
    If in fact all the worthy OL prospects are gone at the beginning of the 2nd(this is a hypothetical folks)isnt it in our best long term interest to get a 1st round value LB instead of drafting a lower graded OL just because its a greater need? The Kuechly miss is one such situation~Barron was a greater need but a lesser player for sure…Now we dont have him or Luke~we lost twice on that pick…
    I just hope we draft quality over quantity and that we dont reach too far for players as its not this teams strong point on draft day…Im down for BPA and hopefully its at a position of need..

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    I still think we have to draft a lb. High. I love bruce carter,but as our sam Not Our mike. If you i like perryman a lot. 5’11” 236. Has the same build as ray lewis. Im not saying he is ray lewis but there are similarities. I think in the third hes still their and we take him. I like a lot of these lbs though bc they for the most part fit what were looking for in our mlb. Having mccoy, mcdonald, and spence in front of whoever we take along with david and carter beside him, we could possibly have a defensive rookie of the year canidate. Mlb is a must pick and if there arnt any ol worth taking, we go after the highest mlb we have graded out. Lbs can tumble, so i wont be shocked if we get A stud in the maybe second, but for sure third Or fourth.

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    I like lasanah and he made some plays, but that was last year, before then he was a complete unknown so to rely on him this year to produce is not the best of choices. Hes an above average rotational guy, but hes not a starter i wanna hang my hat on. Weve been burned A Lot by allowing out of the blue guys to have no competition just bc he had a good year the following year, to never be heard from again. theres talent to be had in what were looking for In our mlb. We need to capitalize on it And to the ire of most buc fans here, lovie will draft one very high and majority of you will be furious. But its a pressing need for the tampa 2 to truly come alive again in tampa bay.

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    I love the idea of Ben Heeney. The guy is a beast. I read there were concerns about his athleticism before the combine, but he crushed it at the combine. He was the best linebacker in the 3 cone drill, 20 yard shuttle and 60 yard shuttle. He also managed a respectable 4.59 in the 40. I think some of the early “experts” were only looking at his picture in the media guide when they expressed those concerns.

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