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    Once upon a time in a land called America, cities had downtown department stores and people would go window shopping – not to buy anything, but to look at all the nice things through the glass windows.

    This is where we just go window shopping, not to buy anything, but just look! Move along folks, nothing to see here!

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      I remember us kids standing around waiting for the clerk to take the clothes off the girl mannequin. Ahhh the simple pleasures of growing up in the 50’s-60;s.

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    Why would T Smith be the #3 Bucs best bet?? He has almost nothing that the Bucs are looking for. First of all, he will cost a fortune, we have much more important holes to fill. He is only a deep threat, with questionable hands? We have 2 deep threats, and although neither one is a true burner, both have to be respected for their ability to go long. They both have hands that are twice as good as Smith. We need a slot with quickness and good hands, I like the other options, but do not understand why Smith was included. He will be grossly overpaid this off-season and I do not want us to even think about him! I really like the V Brown choice and would love the Bucs to take a shot with him. He should come very cheap and at least has a ton of upside!

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    Don’t get Harry Douglas… taking other teams 3rd WRs never works in Tampa… never. Either go after a 1 or 2 and play them at 3 for a year (assuming VJ is gone in ’16) or just draft someone.

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      Yes that is true cbrady2k, but we are always taking somebody’s #3 WR and trying to plug them in as our #1??? No wonder it has never worked. I am not really a fan of Douglas, but at least we would be plugging somebody’s #3 WR into our #3 spot. And he has experience in our offense having been in it himself the last couple of years, not a bad option. He even looked pretty good filling in as a starter with an injury in front of him, we could do worse. I would still like to see us add our slot from the draft, although that is never a given either. There have been plenty of flops there too.

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    No team would let go of the kind of 3rd receiver we need. Hence the draft.

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    As Officer Barbrady from South Park would said, “Move along, nothing to see here.”

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    MAYBE Royal, even if he’s a bust as a receiver he still has returning abilities we could use.

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    Two words:

    Justin. Hardy.

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