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    I would not mind any of the other 4 options as Bucs best bets besides Stocker. I never really disliked Stocker but injured way too much and never really found his groove. Would much rather have some other team take a chance on him than us. Exactly why I wouldn’t mind us trying out the other 4 guys. Sometimes the change does the players good and they excel. Green and Kendricks seem to have the most upside, with Green being the potentially cheaper add. Smith is the best blocker if that is really all we want, and Fasano is the most reliable, if not the least upside and oldest of the bunch. I’d like us to take a chance on Green or Kendricks, whoever comes cheaper. We have too many holes to fill and if we even try FA for a TE, he better be cheap!

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      makski.. You beat me to the punch this time. My thoughts were about the same, anybody other then Stocker. We sign Stocker and he will be on IR by the time preseason is over or sooner. You are not helping your team if you are on IR all the time. Prime example of Dominiks failure as a GM, traded up for a bust. Hope ASJ can stay healthy and have a great year.

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      I loved Kendricks coming out of college as a blocker and receiver so between him and Green I vote we give Kendricks a shot. I’d also vote against bringing in Fasano. I’d also vote against bringing in Fasano because I agree with ED about his lack of athletism…and height for that matter and I love tall TE’s. To me your TE’s should be the tallest guys on the team.

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    I challenge anyone to review the PR unit grades from games last season and find any TE write up where praise was given to Stocker for his blocking, or anything for that matter. I too was fooled during training camp last year when I saw Stocker and thought he had finally turned the corner at least in the blocking area but the games themselves trump everything. We have to start doing a better job of separating perception and reality around here because I still contend that we as the fans and local media are also partly responsible for this team’s decent into the cellar.

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      Agree Pink, This team takes forever to cut bait with players, see Freeman, Stocker etc. This team and some of the fan base have been willing to accept mediocrity as a way of life. I’m not a Philly fan but their fan base would never accept such mediocrity from their team year after year. We as Buc fans have come to accept average players as good players.

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    with so many other gaping holes, I would give TE minimal thought –this year. If they can pick up one of the above, I am fine with it. If not, this is not a need to be addressed in this year’s draft.

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    There are five TE’s on the roster and a whopping six if Stocker is re-signed on the cheap. I’d be surprised if this position is targeted at all in FA or the Draft.

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