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    I hope that the Bucs pursue La’el Collins IF he is cleared of any wrongdoing by Louisiana police. He’s a top-15 LT talent free agent that would most likely start at LT for the Bucs this year if he was signed. Many GMs will be calling him if he clears… The Bucs should have Winston recruit him.

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      I say pursue him now. The police haven’t charged him with anything and if they do we don’t have a high draft pick invested in him. We wouldn’t have to invest any pick at all in him and I think he’ll make a great LG.

      1. 1.1.1


        Agreed pink… It’s all up to him as far as what team he’d want to play for.

      2. 1.1.2



        You’re a clever guy. You know the Bucs are not going to pursue this guy until he is fully cleared. Once he’s signed, he’s a Buc. If he’s later charged, the headline will read “Tampa Bay Buccaneer Charged with murder.

        Now I know you would never do this, but there are those who would love to say that the Bucs have no moral compass after they signed Winston if this were to happen.
        No team is going to sign him until he is fully cleared and for good reason. But thanks for looking out for the home team!!!



          add in, if you chase him now and sign him to a small contract and later he is found to be involved, the bucs just basically paid for his bail…that’s not cool. Whatever the case, collins needs a new agent. his draft strategy was terrible. It’s clear his agent was looking for $$$$$ and not his best interest

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    I think a B with room for improvement is a more fitting grade…our first 3 picks have a lot of work to do and must prove they are worth the picks-still I see our OL as a project…
    We look to be going forward with very little in the way of a pass rush, hopefully someone cuts a few decent players( usually means an upgrade in Tampa)- or D is gonna have issues if we lose any key players…
    Since this team is gonna take a few seasons of growth to solidify or return to s**t, these picks are a good start but far from solving all our woes…I still expect us to be drafting in the top ten, even with improvement and our pick panning out…

    Looking forward to watching the season unfold…go Bucs

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    Tampa Bay Buccaneer Draft Grades

    Sport Illustrated – B
    CBSSports – B+
    Sporting News – C-
    YahooSports – B
    CFB 24/7 – B+
    B/R – B-
    SB Nation – B+
    ESPN – B
    RotoWorld – B
    NFL.com – B+
    WalterFootball – B+
    Macabee – A (biased)

    1. 3.1


      Sporting News has been clueless for some time now.

  4. 4


    B+ For the Division 3 Player? and we traded up for him which I was pissed to do so in the first place, Aj Cann a mauler from S Carolina available and we trade up for Marpet? nope, not buying it, he dominated junior college talent in divsion 3 and faired well in a week at the senior bowl and boom everyone is sold, not me, I think its a huge gamble on a kid who is unproven and we don;t have that luxory. D grade for me on that selection

    1. 4.1


      part of me agree’s with you…high risk picks may have been better off if we had a more stabilized line…must have been a poor grade on Cann, or at least a low ceiling being that he’s been running the same pro style offense for the last three years and may have been resistant to warships coaching?????

    2. 4.2


      Marpet was a Division 3 player that was coveted by this staff amongst a few others…It’s rumored that New England liked him and would pick him three picks later. They settled for a free safety with a 3rd/4th round grade, probably because they were caught off guard(no pun intended). I think we finally beat those guys to a player.

  5. 5


    Its Bucs Publication with Bucs Fans so I expect the draft grades to be great, that being said I like the Winston pick and D. Smith and then it tails off for me. The kid from Nebraska looks like the second coming of Lamar Thomas, (tooth picks in a uniform) Kwon Alexander a reach, who had a modest career in college we should have drafted Tre Jackson or some other guard Like Kounjo fro Alabama or even Jamil Douglas in the later rounds, we are desperate for line help and we put all of chips on a division 3 player

    1. 5.1


      keep in mind we tried this approach where we draft rookies to compete against rookies for the same position (williams vs benn, bowers vs clay born). ultimately these guys are too immature and making them compete may stun their development…

    2. 5.2


      jongruden, did you see Bell’s highlight reel?? He looks way better than L. Thomas coming out of college. I remember Thomas looking good, but he had no strength to break tackles. I remember all of his highlights were in the open and not many contested balls. He did make good catches with the DB in his face, but went down quickly. Bell is breaking tackles in most of his highlights and has a great stiff-arm. He is also a punt returner with good wiggle and field vision with the ball in his hands. Can’t believe he lasted until the 5th round. Even played in the big 10, so there is no small school worries. He did it week in and week out in a power conference. He is also very good on end arounds and I think that D. Koetter will have a lot of fun calling plays this year. I would be a little more concerned with Marpet if he had an average to solid week at the Senior Bowl. But, by all accounts, he was very good and very consistent. I love the fact that he was actually one of the better O-linemen there and did not seem intimidated by the rise in competition. He will be fine and may even turn into a better pro than Cann, only time will tell.

  6. 6


    As for Collins~ Can we contact him or make any play for him at this point? Im sure he has already been approached by clubs(if allowed or not)~just wonder if we can get on the list so to speak…If he is free of guilt it would be nice if Tampa could scoop him~ would give us an ‘A’ for the draft…this is under the presumption that he is innocent of any crime…

    1. 6.1


      I’m sure GMs are flooding his agent’s phone… It would be interesting to have Winston recruit him directly. I bet he could flip ’em!

      1. 6.1.1


        not so sure about that…matias didn’t sign with the bucs as a priority guard, he went to the “enemy” titans…

  7. 7


    Winston is going to sell tickets. This as far as PR goes, will make the bucs successful at least at the gate. He will bring a lot of people to the Stadium. If he plays well it will go on for yrs.

  8. 8


    I’m with jongruden on his post. We could have drafted Cann from S.C., and we moved up four slots to get a Division 3 guy. I hope I’m wrong, but picking Marpet primarily on the basis of what he did in shorts seems ludicrous. I wish we’d stop moving up four spots to overreach, resulting in far later picks in later rounds…and we did it twice! Other than that, I’m fine with the rest.

    1. 8.1


      warren, no way did we pick Marpet on what he did in shorts. We picked him on what he did with the pads on. What he did in shorts just proves that he is a tremendous athlete with an NFL sized body. He didn’t allow a sack all season and was very good in the run game. Yes, it was for Hobart. Then he went to the Senior Bowl and everyone thought he would be in over his head. He was one of, if not the BEST, O-lineman all week long. He was definitely the most consistent O-lineman there all week at practice. He did an excellent job in one-on-ones, stopping all of the big school D-linemen. He then played very well in the game and did not have many breakdowns. He has been terrific with the pads on. I’ll tell you who I was scared of, Clemmings. He was VERY highly rated, but did you see him at the Senior Bowl?? He was terrible!! I would not want him on my team. Only seems to play hard when he wants to. Not a consistant motor. All the opposite of Marpet.

  9. 9


    Great draft imo, all that’s left is to pursue Collins (barring any guilt.) Hopefully the Winston connection will score us some brownie points in getting him. We’ll hopefully pick up a good DE on the waiver wire and we’ll be set.

  10. 10


    Didnt Smith and Marpet play along side one another in the senior bowl? I dont know sh*t from shineola when it comes to the process in which L&L make their picks but I figured the Senior Bowl played a great part and heres why~
    Most Oline guys who get drafted play along the same guys often for years together and know each others strengths and weaknesses.Also when playing next to a guy all season,you know when he needs a break or might need a hand making his assignment~you got each others back all the time…
    At the Senior Bowl you have a group of guys whom have never played with one another who are forced in a short period to gel and become a cohesive unit.Maybe this process shows scouts how these players react to change,their ability to adjust to the strengths and weaknesses of the guy playing next to you and who steps up and takes a leadership role…Maybe this theory is successful when trying to build a rookie line and drafting players like Smith and Marpet a better pick up in the long run than guys who have played in the same system/program for years…Seems like guys can get set in their ways and have more tendency to develop bad habits and get used to others picking up the pace when you need a blow…

  11. 11


    Hey, these guys do this for a living. If they think Marpet is better then Cann, I’ll have to trust their judgement. I wouldn’t know who Cann was if I saw him in person, how many of you would? Lovie and Bud Lite know more then us.

    1. 11.1


      TOTALLY agree surferdudes !! I was praying for Cann to fall to 2nd round, knowing Ten probably would not take him. Was soooo excited to see him fall to us! All along, I figured if Cann was gone, I would hope for Marpet. Wasn’t sure we would take him there, maybe DE or LB. When we took Marpet anyway, I was a little stunned, but still very happy. If the Bucs took him there, they obviously had a higher grade on him. They watch way more tape than me. All I can think of is that Marpet may be a better all around G than Cann. I know Cann is a mauler in the run game but haven’t herd much about his pass-pro. Plus, Marpet probably has a higher ceiling especially now that he will have better coaching at the pro level, he can only improve, Go Bucs ! ! !

  12. 12


    One of our best drafts They all look good to me. 6-6 338 OT Wow! under a 5 in the 40, and got him in the 2nd rd. Marpet just might be the jersey to get. I think Bell is our biggest steal. Clay looks good but will carry that highlight with him along time, tied up 7 all.

  13. 13


    I personally think grading Drafts is like judging a taste test before the first bite is taken. Looks good on the plate but makes you gag later. We’ve had a lot of those. I still laugh at the ‘C’ draft when Sam Wyche and Richie brought us two Hall of Famers.

    I’m surprised that folks are hopeful of landing Collins when some here might be ready to send him to the gas chamber simply because he is being questioned. Sure would be nice if he is cleared early and the Bucs can sell him on being an immediate starter.

  14. 14


    Can someone from PR confirm or deny if Tampa has interest in Collins, its looks like he has meetings setup with the Dolphins and Bills already not sure why we were not front and center after the police confirmed that he’s still not a suspect. Mankins and EDS need some competition in camp just like everybody else that underperformed last year. They say Marpet practiced at C all offseason so if we do acquire Collins putting him at guard and Marpet at C could be a solution but adding more talent needs to be the priority, let them figure out where they all end up playing in camp.

  15. 15


    Good overall draft. Way too soon to grade, maybe 3yrs from now. Liked Hackett in UDFA’s. Predictions, speculation , hoorays, and disappointment behind us. Time for some football. Go Bucs

  16. 16


    I was watching a couple of videos…wanted to share…Kenny Bell is a stud in space! what a stiff arm! Donovan smith…for anyone who is concerned with this guy, watch his full game tape against ohio state and what he does against joey bossa and michael bennet…stud

  17. 17


    oh and by the way, bell on the outside and jackson in the slot…keep in mind that winston strength is his accuracy on the deep ball…

    1. 17.1


      funkdoc19, totally agree! Bell looks like he was way undervalued. One site had him rated as the #11 WR in the draft. When I saw that, I looked a little deeper. His highlight reel is awesome!! I know it is a highlight reel, but still some really good things jump out. I agree with your points about him in space and his stiff arm. He also flashes some real good speed. Not sure I ever saw him get caught from behind. Did you see his great end around runs?? He is a real threat with the ball in his hands to score on ANY play. He must have went 80 yards on the end around and broke multiple tackles along the way, and used his stiff arm at the end to score!!! Can’t wait to see him in red and pewter!!!

  18. 18


    Why hasn’t PR reported on any undrafted free agent signings?

    1. 18.1


      Buc-Up, PR did report the signings in the blog section. Nobody has done write-ups on stats or given opinions of their chances on making the team. Probably more info after the rookie mini-camp this Friday.

  19. 19


    Yahoo sports is reporting Jameis has reached out to Collins multiple times in the past 24 hours in attempts to get him to sign with Tampa.

    1. 19.1


      Really? Interesting… This would be a good move and I don’t buy the backlash commentary above. There is no real downside to Winston trying to get this guy.

      1. 19.1.1


        The facts are he’s been found guilty of nothing and the police confirmed after his interview that he’s still not a suspect. Getting a cheap, long term solution on the OL is far to good an opportunity to pass up bc some Buc fans wake up on wrong side of the bed, they will get over it.

    2. 19.2


      RotoWorld reporting that Bucs and Bills have early lead for Collins if he’s cleared. Being heavily recruited by players, no officials from Bucs involved.

      1. 19.2.1


        It almost seems unfair to send Winston to recruit him! I would think he would have a lot of pull with Collins… Especially if he brought the other O-line rooks to try to seal the deal.

    3. 19.3


      I read somewhere (nfl.com I think) that teams are not allowed to meet with him at his home or school and that Rex Ryan’s meeting with him at Applebee’s is borderline. Maybe that’s why no other team has officially scheduled a meeting yet

  20. 20


    So I stopped by one bud place today with my daughter. I ain’t gonna lie, I was jones’in for a Winston autograph to go with my ward and weinke autograped FSU helmet, anyways, the receptionist said jaimis has been coming in EARLY in the morning yesterday and today working hard, studying tape and the playbook and leaves late…who else has ever done that, signed a rookie contract right off the bat, and hit the study session…I am so excited.

    my favorite line from the peter king article is when jaimis’ uncle told Lovie not to be like the portland trailblazers and pick sam bowe…

    here’s a link of D. Smith versus OSU…

    1. 20.1


      Ironically given our OC, Matt Ryan did that. Albeit, there was a lot more turmoil in the ATL at the time.

  21. 21


    also…watch this video on Iosefa…


    pay close attention to:
    0:23 he literally tosses a guy off of him right up the gut
    2:16 man’s up with a outside run and swipes a guy off him like sweat
    2:46 knocks out two LB
    goes on and on…

    watching his videos I would say his biggest knock is his balance. During the combine drills for the corner backs, mayock would say the corners who would flail their arms around and not keep it close to their body were the ones with balance issues, lacking core strength…this kid’s arms are all over the place. once he’s in the weight room with Dave Kennedy and solidifies his base he’s gonna have a floor as low as Peyton Hillis, circa 2010 (I won 2 fantasy football leagues picking him up that year! Beast). I don’t wanna dare compare him to the A train, but I will say, watch some old footage of big mike, the guy’s arms were always tucked in with a centered based. I hope Iosefa’s got great character and sound work ethic, I think he could be special…something this city needs

    1. 21.1


      I agree that Iosefa’s biggest challenge is keeping his balance at times, but you know who he reminds me of…just a little…some guy that wore #40. It’s WAY early for any stock to be put into that, but at times, when he’s thumping someone or trucking a backer…just brings back good memories of the A-Train!

  22. 22


    The Bucs “Pied Piper” is trying hard to lure La’el Collins to Tampa. Nobody does it better!

    Rand GetlinVerified account
    Who’s recruiting La’el Collins most aggressively? #Bucs QB Jameis Winston is right up there. Pushing hard for Collins to come to Tampa Bay.

    1. 22.1


      Winston has got gravity… and not because of his gut.

  23. 23


    If Winston can recruit La’el Collins to the Bucs – I’ll be impressed. Maybe that Heisman-charisma and FL’s no state tax will help.
    LT-Collins; LG-Mankins; C-Marpet or EDS; RG-Smith; RT-Dotson would be a huge OL upgrade over last year.
    My main beef with the Buc’s draft is how willingly draft picks are given away. We have all these holes to fill and depth to build, why are we trading away so many picks? I think we could have traded down for extra picks and still gotten D.Smith in the 2nd (if not, take J.Fisher or another OT). Burning picks to trade up a few spots for Marpet and Kwon, and swapping our 5th rounder for Detroit’s 7th because we made a bad free agency deal – all very frustrating. That said – I like the guys we ended up with, and look forward to seeing them grow together as Buccaneers.

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