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    Re: Fab 5 – Mariota vs Winston

    There was a piece in that Fab 5 yesterday that talked about Winston when he was an 18-year old attendee at Trent Dilfer’s Elite11 QB Camp that was run by Trent Dilfer and broadcast on ESPN. PR excerpts of what the former Buccaneers and Ravens Super Bowl winning QB had to say to Winston three years ago. What does Dilfer think about Marcus Mariota?

    This is what Dilfer said about Mariota on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia.
    This is what Dilfer said about Mariota on Ron and Ian WDAE in Tampa.
    “I think Marcus Mariota is a good pick if you’re not going to play him. I think he has a chance to be a very good player in the NFL. He’s got a great physical skill set. He’s got a nice intangible makeup. He’s a great kid, but he needs to learn a lot of football. He needs to learn how to play the quarterback position in the NFL. He needs to sit for a while. So if you, as an organization, can afford to sit him for a year, a year and a half, and play someone else, then he’s a good pick. If you want a quarterback that can come in right away, be the face of the franchise, make plays on Sunday, get everybody to believe you’ve got hope, Jameis Winston’s the guy.”

    And the beat goes on!

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    Dilfer? Who gives a flying **** what the hell he has to say? Why don’t we see what Freeman thinks?

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    Sorry Mac, but I gotta agree with @jongruden on that one…Dilfer knows about as much as Mel Kiper, which is to say not much…good entertainment but I wouldn’t want either guy making my draft picks….

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    In an effort to be fair and balanced (laughter in the background from Mariota supporters), I have found analysts who are critical of Winston’s skills, even one who believes he may be undraftable. Russell Lande Jr. of GMJr Scouting has a podcast where he discusses 2015 draft players of interest and is strident and critical of Winston’s on-field skills as well as his well-known off-field issues.

    “When I chart this kid out, he charts out as a late-round pick,” Lande said. “I’m not saying that he wouldn’t warrant maybe going a little earlier. But when you add in the questions, the off-field concerns, I just don’t see where you draft this guy because I think he’s gonna really struggle to be a consistent starter in the NFL.” That’s basically what veteran draft analyst Russ Lande of GM Jr. says in his podcast with Josh Liskiewitz and Scott Bischoff, starting at around minute 18:00 if you choose to listen.


    I also found a piece on ESPN Insiders by Sal Bando that is critical of Winston also. Insiders is a pay window so I did not link to it. You may Google it if you are so inclined to read his evaluation.

    All of you know that we have officially entered “Silly Season” and you cannot believe everything you read from GMs, coaches, and media analysts because many have self-interests that would hopefully will accrue to their benefit. Do not put it beyond critics to hope a player falls to a team of their interest that is not willing to pay the high price to move up and draft said player. Do not put it beyond supporters who would have that player taken off the board so the player desired is left for the taking.

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    Yawn. It’s just more Winston praising and mariota bashing by Mark Cook an Scott Reynolds. I didn’t even comment on the fab five bc I knew that so many of you would gobble it all up. I’m tired of hearing how mariota won’t be good or can’t play in any other system than what he’s playing. So after watching russell Wilson dice up the carolina Panthers last night, I saw that at least 60 percent of the time he got out of the pocket and made plays. To claim that you have to stay in the pocket to be successful in the nfl is ridiculous. Is playing inside the pocket important? Yes it is, but it’s way over valued. Actually, if you look at the qbs left in the playoffs, there’s only 2 true pocket passers left and it’s manning and Brady. Rodgers, luck, Wilson, and Romo all have a lot of mobility and make plays with their legs. Rodgers is at his best when he’s moving around, so is Wilson. So stop with the pocket passer bs. Marietta is a very capable an that can do the things that Wilson does. Very narrow minded fan base and writters we have for our bucs.

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      Buclover, couldn’t agree with you more. I said the exact same thing watching the game last night. How can people believe Mariota cannot do what Wilson does is assinine. Watch when NFL teams blitz Winston and see him get his ass buried vs. Mariota running out of the pocket and making plays. Mariota has so much more upside along with the better character that I do not see how the Bucs could pick Winston over him. To have a qb be able to scramble out of the pocket and find more time to make plays like he does comes along on so often. Wilson’s passing out of the pocket last night was average to below average in accuracy to his downfield receivers. Maybe after watching him beat Ohio State people will give him the credit he deserves.

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    What if come this Tuesday- after a loss to the Buckeyes,Mariota decides to stay in school and returns to Oregon to take another swing at the national championship?
    this ends the Winston/Mariota debate and changes everything…Let’s not be too quick to choose sides or whom we should get until Mariota declares for the draft,and even then it may be premature…

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