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Zach is entering his 3rd year covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a writer for PewterReport.com. Since 2014, he's handled a large part of the beat reporting responsibilities at PR, attending all media gatherings and publishing and promoting content daily. Zach is a native of Sarasota, FL, and a graduate of the University of Tampa. He has also covered high school football for the Tampa Tribune and the NFL for Pro Player Insiders. Contact him at: zshapiro12@gmail.com

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    Rams win 17 – 10. Bucs get stopped by Ram DL.

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    The Rams are one of those mercurial teams. Don’t know which team will show up. Time for a gut check in Tampa Bay for sure.
    BUCS 21
    RAMS 17

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    Time for some turnovers to come in bunches. Bucs win that battle, and win the game. I think the loss of ASJ is addition by subtraction. Now Brate needs to step up. He’s the receiving T.E. period. Jameis now hopefully develops a better chemistry having only one TE he needs to look to. The ASJ distraction is gone.

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    Very close game: Bucs win 19-17.

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    Contain Gurley and you win. Dont and you lose. I dont expect Austin to be a factor outside of returns. Lovie Smith forgot to cover him altogether when he was split out but Mike Smith isnt going to.

    Bucs should win this game.

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    Rams- 17-10, the turnover machine continues.

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    Don’t have good feeling about this one. No Martin and Ayers is killing both sides of ball. ASJ distraction and loss in passing threat. Winston is the man going forward, but he’s got lot to learn still and just can’t get off to good starts. This pains me to say but…..
    24-16 Rams. Hope I’m wrong and we can play much better than last week. Just so many variables and new players that would have to step up and play great to win. This game will likely decide if we have any chance playoffs. Thinking 1-4 if we lose this at home and after Broncos and Panthers. After that with Martin and Ayers back schedule gets little better and could get on a run I suppose.

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    The Bucs, out of necessity, have implemented a UDFA strategy! More than any other NFL team, the Bucs are now dependent on UDFAs to step up and take meaningful snaps.

    DE DaVonte Lambert replaces Jacquiese Smith, WR Freddie Martino replaces Cecil Shorts, LB Josh Keyes replaces Devante Bond, and now TE Alan Cross replaces Austin Seferian-Jenkins – all UDFAs. In addition, Bucs have ruled out 3 other injured players for Sunday versus the Rams: RB Doug Martin, DE Robert Ayers, and TE Luke Stocker – not good!

    We are at this point early in the season by virtue of injuries and Jason Lichts’ strategy of deploying low ranked Free Agents and building thru the draft. So far the strategy is not working. There is no meaningful depth behind most starters if one of them should go down. A quick search of the defense depth chart shows there is no one backing up Kwon Alexander at MLB.

    Last year the Bucs employed rookies as starters and fared well even though a 6-10 record. This year the schedule is much tougher and injuries are showing up early. We will need to take the temperature of the Bucs at the Bye week to forecast how we may end the season.

    My honest and unbiased opinion is that we’re headed for rough water. And will remain there until we get starters to return to form, players come off of PUP, and one allowable player returns from IR to save our season!

    May the football gods be with us! Go Bucs!

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    Yea Mac it ain’t looking good brother. I liked our starting line up, but I knew we were razor thin at lot positions before season started. Oh well we are buillding something and getting closer I think. I trust Licht,Koetter,Winston. Still need some talent too along with depth in several areas WR,TE,safety,DE.

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    With all of the injuries each week is Next Man Down.

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    The Pats won three in row with three different Q.B.’s, one of them a rookie, and they shut out a good team. Get off the injury excuse, every team is dealing with them. Better hope the back ups produce, they seem to for the good teams. The Pats draft, and develop, Pitt all the good teams. We’re facing Case Keenum today, think the Rams are kicking themselves for not drafting right? No one is feeling sorry for anybody, all teams have flaws in the NFL, and injuries have to be over come by every team. Time to see if the meathead has an eye for talent. The Crosses, Lamberts need to step up. Anybody doubt they would if they were suiting up for N.E.? No excuses, just do your job, and beat a very beatable Rams team.

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    We are toast this week…

    The Rams, their coach and journeyman QB all have the Bucs number- and unless the stat gods hit the snooze this weekend, they will all improve on their records again this squad…

    ASJ is the most recent reminder that we still can’t draft decent players- often reaching for stars and ending with a handful of sh*t…

    VJ is old, shies away from contact and is slow AF…

    Butter soft Evans is looking as overrated as the QB he once caught for-yet another reach…

    Sims can’t carry Martins jock let alone carry the load of be the lead dog…

    Winston is too eager to show he can win that he is responsible for turn over after turn over- like he’s Pepperidge Farms…

    Our offense this year was supposed to be our strength – key injuries and lack of production are quickly exposing that it was smoke and mirrors…

    I liken being a Bucs fan to being a partner in an abusive relationship- every off season they try to say they have changed, that they have worked on their problems… They have one good showing and we get all happy and buy into the lie… Then they start to show their true colors and basically don’t show up- then you get a call from the police that they have been arrested again for DUI ( or shooting at someone, etc…). Now I’m worried they are gonna get caught stealing crab legs again!

    I keep hoping this team will prove me wrong,as denial is strong with Bucs fans- I just don’t see it happening this week.
    And depending on how bad it goes- it will either continue the downward spiral or make us believe the “this time baby, I’ve really changed.”

    I’m not buyin it any more- I want a restraining order…

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