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Zach is entering his 3rd year covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a writer for PewterReport.com. Since 2014, he's handled a large part of the beat reporting responsibilities at PR, attending all media gatherings and publishing and promoting content daily. Zach is a native of Sarasota, FL, and a graduate of the University of Tampa. He has also covered high school football for the Tampa Tribune and the NFL for Pro Player Insiders. Contact him at: zshapiro12@gmail.com

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    This is going to come down to our defense. If we can get some sacks and interceptions and maybe a fumble or two, we can win this game. But if they have all day to throw, they will tear us apart. Winston will have a good game, Sims has to produce some yards on the ground.

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    I’m drinking a big ole glass of kool aid and predicting an upset of monumental proportions.
    Noah gets 3 sacks.
    Vernon gets 3 picks.
    Evans gets 3 TDs.
    BUCS win 28 to 21.
    Love me some kool aid.

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    1. 2.1
      Profile photo of jme0151


      I think your drinking more then Kool aid!!!! I like your optimism though. .

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    I never pick against the Bucs. But that isn’t to say that I think they’re going to win either. Out of extreme diehard loyalty, I’m in it to win it every time. It’s a Bucs Life! lol.

    I post this morning to give hope to those like me who think that we have a chance to win, that you’ve not entirely lost your mind. There are other well respected NFL analysts who believe the same. I offer some consolation or you may think of it as misery loves company!

    Dave Dameshek/NFLNetwork
    Will Brinson/CBSSports
    Mike Renner/PFF
    Tim Colishaw/Dallas Morning News
    FoxSports (consensus)


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    We have to remember that at any point in the Buc’s history, we didn’t have that X-factor like we have now. Yes, they are a longshot this weekend, but it’s Jameis vs. a rookie QB… and one of the top teams in football, but… you never know. I think that Jameis is going to deliver some amazing victories in the coming years for the Bucs. There is no reason to think that he couldn’t summon some of that magic this weekend and put himself back into the national conversation as one of the future stars of this league. And on a side note; I hope they go with the home unis for the first time this year. Break out the “Tiger” red for victory on Sunday!

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    Profile photo of Horse


    Sooner or later we have to beat a good team; I’m hope it’s now! Go Bucs!

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    Well, with last Sunday’s disappointing showing still bothering most fans, certainly me, it’s time to move on. The Buccaneers need a signature game to turnaround the terrible home record of recent seasons and the cloud of negativity which has returned so early in the season.
    This is a chance for the Buccaneers to turn things around in a big way, really an opportunity! So if they have practiced well all week and believe in themselves, if they can do their jobs on defense and finally figure out what Mike Smith wants them to do?
    Sure they’ve got a chance. There is ALWAYS a chance!
    So I’ll be there hoping and cheering. And BTW? Hearing talk of a large Broncos fan base will put attendence over last weeks. What a pile of CRAP! Because it won’t be people from Denver who are there and it won’t be fans who moved here recently. It will be local front running “fans” wearing Von Miller Jerseys! Losers who had no interest in the team until they won a Super Bowl. Whatever. It is indeed, a Bucs Life.

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      Profile photo of scubog


      Well said Garv. Exactly my sentiments. Let’s hope the Broncos, who stole our defense’s Orange Crush nickname nearly 40 years ago, will be as overconfident as their pompous fans are likely to be.

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    Profile photo of jaboo yah

    jaboo yah

    Yikes!, Demaryius Thomas is a wide receiver

    Julius Thomas, former Denver tight end, was traded to Jacksonville on 2015

    *Denver runs alot of 3rd down draws and will expose bust No-Where spence run defense.

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    Profile photo of surferdudes


    Me thinks LSD might be in that kool aid, cause you guys are trippin! lol. Oh I’m so hopeful, at least I won’t be disappointed if we lose. Nothing I’ve seen so far makes me think we can win. That said, if Jameis, and the Bucs have some Ali in them, it’s time to shock the world!

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    Profile photo of BrooklynBucsFan


    I’m thinking more like 34-12, we miss a FG and extra point. One if their TDs is a INT return by… Yup, Talib. Hope I’m waaay off but I’m feeling pretty pessimistic. God Bucs!

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    Profile photo of fredster


    Seen nothing last couple games to encourage really. Turnovers will continue. 34-20 Broncos. 1 0r 2 Missed fg’s and an extra point sounds about right. Defense will struggle mightily again. They will run ball on is too I think.

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    No pass rush and no running game equal a loss. I expect McCoy to be a complete non-factor as well as the linebackers. 38-13 Broncos, the Buccaneers defense gives up midway through the 3rd quarter and the kicker misses an extra point and at least 1 FG.

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    Turn off the pink, please. It’s obnoxious.

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    jaboo yah

    Bookies are with us. Lets do this.

    When you talk about denvers defense, you should mention wayne philips. 1 of the best in the biz. Seen everything before and will not be surprized with whatever koetter shows

    We have to be lucky. Clean game from jaboo, we win

    Tampa +3 is a lock

    Jaboo yah!

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    I like the Bucs in this one, 31-28.

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    I always think the Bucs “can win” and realize that after 40 years of following this team, even against supposedly lesser opponents, the Bucs “can lose.” I had an uneasy feeling last week that if the Rams got some early momentum and the Bucs fragile psyche was given reason to crack, things just might go bad for us.

    This week is different. I suspect the Broncos, who are on their second road trip in a row, just might arrive just a tad fatigued and overconfident while our mighty Bucs just might have greater inspiration to, as we used to say in the 60’s, “Let it all hang out” against the defending champion.

    The stadium will no doubt have so many horse heads on display it will seem like a Godfather movie. As Garv noted, many Bronco fans will be the front-runners living nearby, who will come to the game just to rub it in the face of their neighbors. While it has been rare over the past 4 decades, victory has always been sweeter when the mass of opposing fans wishes they had just gone to Busch Gardens for their mini-vacation.

    If the Bucs can somehow sneak up on the Denver team, Bronco fans who actually live in Colorado can always pull out their stash and burn one to ease the pain of losing to what they believe are the lowly Buccaneers.

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  16. 17
    Profile photo of fredster


    Scubog I want to think that way but can’t. While I think there is a chance this game could be closer than most predictions, don’t see Bucs winning. Wish I could see it but I’ve learned over last decade don’t set myself up for disappointment. I’ll be there having good time with my low expectations, sweating my ass off cheering (and some booing) lol, but I’m not switching my football pool pick to Bucs this week! I picked Bucs against against hapless Rams offense at home last week. Lesson learned.

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    1. 17.1
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      Just me but I NEVER bet against the Bucs, not in survivor pool or any other pools, Just won’t do it. And these “fantasy” guys that are reading their stats during the game and rooting for some players against the Bucs? Do not get that nor do I ever want to.
      Old School Buccaneers fan.

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