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    WHY ?? pewter report said J.Winston was a better qb and a smarter pick then M.M. I wonder if that thought may change after a few more games…. Check the stats

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    This ended the first quarter of the season so we have three more to go for Winston to improve. But at this point after the first quarter I don’t give a f#$& what anyone says, Winston sucks. Oh and so does our kicker, cut him and sign Barth.

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      Ironically, Pinkstob and Winston are somewhat similar – both given to their emotions. After the Bucs beat the Saints, this was what pink had to say “If the Winston vs. Mariota debate has anyone foggy on where my allegiances lie as a Bucs fan and if wasn’t clear from the tone of my comments I was pissed last week. Very pissed. Today I’m happy…very happy!”.

      Pink is a great Buc fan and one day hopefully Winston will be a great Buc QB. I suspect the next time Winston wins, Pink will be happy again. I can only guess, but the adorable little ones in Pink’s avatar are probably saying “Come on, Daddy! – a little person’s version of “Come on, Man!” lol.
      Pink’s avatar reminds me as Suferdudes said there is so much more to life than a dadgum football game!

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    Well Jameis played like shit this game pure and simple. He also was victim to terrible line play today. As good as our line looked pass blocking last week, not so much this week.
    Our defense can’t catch a cold, I’m looking at you Lavonte, and just continue with u timely penalties.
    Dougie looked good as he has all season and needs the to see the ball more.
    I don’t think I need to get into our kicker as he better not be employed by the end of the day. Rediculous at some of those misses.
    As for the play calling we need to go to a straight shotgun hurry up like they run in Denver.
    It’s clear as day Winston is much more comfortable in those situations.
    Not sugar coating it though he played horrible and really needs to work on those fundamentals this offseason. As for those calling for mariota just stop. He will never be on our team and there just isn’t a need for it.
    What we do need is a new attitude outside of Lovies docile ways.

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    What I love is everyone giving up on a quarterback who hasn’t even played half of a season yet. He most certainly
    Looks bad but would any of u give up on Andrew luck with The year he’s having? Need further proof?? Andrew luck is only 17-15 outside of his week ass division. He also leads the league in interceptions since last year. So don’t sit here and tell me that Winston is done already. It’s the NFL and all these kids need time to gel. We are terribly coached and if we didn’t have a terrible kicker we could’ve escaped with a win and Winston wouldn’t have been put in obvious passing situations playing catch up all day. I really am a believer that lovie is terrible and needs to go. Promote koetter, let Frazier take back the play calling and. It can’t be any worse than seeing lovie look lost in space on the side line. Licht can only
    Put the talent out there, lovie has to bring them up and it’s obvious he has no idea what he’s doing.

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      Meant to say end up with a win in houston

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    Let’s just burn it all down and start over. I can’t believe our rookie QB is throwing interceptions. Damn him.

    Does anyone remember when Josh Freeman threw 5 ints and no TDs in his first game against Carolina? The next season he only threw 6 ints total, but surely there’s no hope for Winston to ever perform well.

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      Good thoughts SD but don’t worry, there are a few of those Bucs fans that can’t wait for Winston to have a bad game so they can come on and act like they’ve never watched football before. His 4th pro game is an indicator of his whole future as a pro apparently.

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      Sarcasm is rude so I’ll just plainly remind everyone that Freeman sucks.

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        Sure, Freeman didn’t pan out. The point I’m trying to illustrate is, QBs can struggle one season and perform entirely different the next. It’s hasty to write off QB after four games. Chill dood.



          I understand your point now. I didn’t write him off, I said we have three quarters to go for him to improve and that’s just this season. I said I would wait three seasons before I close the book on what kind of QB I think he is. I’m just saying as of now he sucks.

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    The problem with Jameis is really simple. Whether or not he improves is mostly irrelevant.
    Say Jdub reaches his full potential in 3-4 years. He will be mediocre. His cap in arm strength (average cap), athletic ability (well bellow average cap), accuracy, release/wind up(well bellow average on intermediate/long passes), footwork (average cap) is mediocre AT BEST.
    So, if Jdub becomes a great leader and a great reader/reactor to defenses, at best, he will grow to be average.

    I know average seems GREAT for the Bucs but, it will not allow any Coach to last in Tampa long enough to have success enough not to get fired. Drafting Jameis, even if he could reach his highest potential, is still a fail for Tampa Bay.
    Alea iacta est

    Bring on the new regime.

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    The thing is Lovie, they actually aren’t that good of a team. And, yes all Bucs fans (not just the ones who (can) go to RayJay) deserve a much, much better product on the field….so what (after 20 games) are you going to do to make it better?

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      Bide our time…Hope Man U plays better then todays garbage effort, as to appease the Glazzer boys wallets so they don’t move Tampa Bay’s franchise to London. Alea iacta est

      Bring on the new regime. And start with a younger dynamic OC and make him the Head Coach. Like most of the successful NFL teams in today’s offense-friendly era.

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    Another pathetic effort. Hard to even know what to say anymore. I quit getting too upset about football a long time ago. I also ditched season tickets. I’ll keep watching, but I don’t expect much better this year or until a change is made at coach and GM. I’ve seen enough of L&L. I won’t even get into coaching as none of us are really qualified, but nobody can deny the mess they have made of this team personel wise. From the kicker, to the O line, secondary, etc, etc. tired of being told it takes time. They can take all time they want I won’t spend a dime on this crappy joke of a team. I can barely stand to watch it on tv half the time anymore either. Just horrible.

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    It doesn’t matter who the Q.B., or coach is. What the Bucs really need is an exorcist. It was said a Vodoo curse was placed on the franchise after Williams was let go. Then it was supposedly lifted. Well it’s back. What I saw on the field today was more then bad play, and coaching. It defied logic, and reason. If this team isn’t cursed, then how do explain a team fumbling it’s way to a touchdown against us? Call in father Damion, have the next fly by shower us with holy water. There is a dark cloud over this franchise. The names change, but the results are always the same. Don’t hire a new coach. Get a Rabbi, a Priest,witch doctor, medicine man, need to think outside the box. There is somethings strange going on with these Bucs.

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    In spite of the interceptions (one of which was tipped), Winston did do some good things. Some here choose to see only what they want to see to prove their now meaningless point.

    What I saw different in this game than the Titans contest was greater effort. The results don’t show on the scoreboard because of the turnovers, missed kicks and fluke play, but those things tend to even out as the season goes on.

    I do agree that sometimes it seems that Doug Williams Curse is still alive. Perhaps we should induct him into the Ring of Honor this week.

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    It’s like a train wreck, you just have to look, but then the image of the carnage is burned into your mind forever….
    I’m still hoping for improvement showing up in the second half of the season.

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    Winston is making rookie mistakes in his rookie year. We all knew this would happen, yet everyone cries bust as soon as he has a bad game. Prior to this game, he only had 4 INTs I believe which is pretty impressive considering. He had a bad game where he challenged the #1 CB repeatedly. Not sure what his thinking was but he did make some tough completions. The O-line didn’t give him much help either. It seems in any game our o-line is either capable of providing run blocking OR pass protection but never both.

    The kicking situation just adds to it all. 10 points left on the field in last weeks 10 point loss. Another 7 points left this week which turned a close game into an obvious passing situation and rendered Martin unusable.

    Defense played pretty decently and put pressure on Cam all day. There’s a lot to work on and hopefully things will click soon because I need my voice at work on Mondays! Go Bucs!

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