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    Sign him to a one-year deal and draft his replacement.

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    Agree, we have the money and a one year deal it won’t hurt to overpay a bit.

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    I’m all for improving our O-Line, but we need to be sure were not replacing Oniel Cousins with Oniel’s cousin. PFF grades Conolly as one of the worst OGs in the NFL last year. Maybe that was a fluke, but we should not overpay for an over the hill lineman because he has name recognition and we are desperate to sign a stopgap.
    Be careful Bucs, sometimes It’s better to pay and play a less experienced guy with upside than to pay big dollars for a more experienced guy that is clearly going down hill!

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    Your right mac, after reading up on this guy we need to cancel the visit. What is Licht thinking? Stating to have my doubts about Licht. Looks like he might be in panic mode. Everyone that NE let’s go is done, need to stay away from their players that are on the market or trading with them. We have never won a deal with them and Mankins is a shell of what he once was.

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      I agree KINDERRT, not sure how good he actually is, but I think I would rather try and get B. De La Puente(sp) instead of Connolly. They are both vets with experience, but De LaPuente would come much cheaper and both have experience at C and G. At least if he is a flop, he would not be as expensive as Connolly would be. The only Patriot I would take a chance on is S Ridley. I think he has some talent and the only reason he is out on the FA market is that he was in the doghouse and couldn’t get out. Anyone else that the Pats let go is usually already a flop or balancing on the edge of the cliff.

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    I really hope we load up on O-line in the draft. The only way I want Connolly is if he signs a cheap deal (no way that will happen) and is willing to teach our rookies how life is in the NFL in the trenches. He can be our veteran back-up for insurance. I hope we go QB, then AJ Cann or Erving (hopefully 1 of them will still be there), if not, L Tomlinson. Then with the 3rd pick, T Sambrailo or C Ogbuehi. That will give us a vet back-up and a good young G and LT to groom for the future and protect our QB.

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    I don’t care who the pick, but I am hoping that for once their picks actually pan out and turn into starters and solid back ups. I think they are due, after the horrible drafts of late.

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    I’m not in favor of picking any OL over 32 years old because we’ll be replacing him within a year. Mankins is okay and I know we are overpaying him, but he will still is okay; Connolly we don’t know if he would be okay because Brady knew what his OL limitations were.

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    Tampa is looking at all Veterans FA who could help the bucs,I’d hope he signs with Tampa. go bucs

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