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    I actually agree with these grades for once, thank god for Doug Martin or this offense would be in serious trouble

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    All I can say Buc Fans. Tampa has turn the corner. To be in the Games Can’t wait when Tampa plays Altanta.I feel that Tampa could revenge the last year loses.Go Bucs

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    A “B” grade for Quarterback when he had a 122 QBR? It’s not his fault he didn’t get over 300 yards passing because the Bucs ran the ball 40 times!

    WRs and TEs might even be a little high in their grades because almost half of the passing yardage (85 yards) came from Sims out of the back field.

    Kudos should go to the offensive coordinator for his best called game to date.

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      Yes a B, he completed 13 passes vs the worst team in the league had a horrible backwards pass that wasn’t called correctly by the refs, had a near int on one bad pass, I think he improved this game but to give him a Aaron Rodgers type of grade is rididculous

      1. 3.1.1


        Did you see the replay JonnyG? Knee was clearly down with the ball still in his hand.

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    Agree with grades except tight end should get a B. Myers proved why his contract was renewed. He is both a more than capable blocker and receiver and knock on wood, never seems to be hurt, unlike our other TE’s.
    Also, don’t agree with your comment about Evans not being in 2014 form. He beat a WR in the first half and had two steps on him but had to wait for an underthrown ball. Hit in stride it would have been an easy TD.

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    How about a poll on whether Martin’s new nickname is either the “Douggernaut,” or the “Douganator.”
    To quote the DI in “Full Metal Jacket.” The muscle hamster has been “Born again hard.”

    1. 5.1


      @drdneast: I don’t mean to sound like a jerk (hopefully I don’t)…but I think we had that debate three years ago when he said he hated the nickname Muscle Hampster and we all went through the blog posts to arrive at Dougernaut…do you think we need to do it again, or can we just keep using Dougernaut?

      1. 5.1.1


        Don’t forget, “MartinScoresEasy.” Always liked that one … especially Sunday when he was my fantasy back.

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    I agree with these grades for the most part. The passing game wasn’t lighting up the scoreboard but then again, when the running game is going so well it doesn’t make much sense to abandon it.

    I think you can technically add Fragel to the list of effective blocking TEs. The announcer commented that every time he was put in, the Bucs ran behind him. As obvious as it was, it worked almost every time so I think they deserve a B grade for blocking even if there weren’t many yards picked up by TEs.

    WRs also did well in run blocking. Again, not many yards but they played their role well in the run game so I could see a B grade being justified. A means to an end, a very welcomed end. Go Bucs!

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