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Zach is entering his 3rd year covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a writer for PewterReport.com. Since 2014, he's handled a large part of the beat reporting responsibilities at PR, attending all media gatherings and publishing and promoting content daily. Zach is a native of Sarasota, FL, and a graduate of the University of Tampa. He has also covered high school football for the Tampa Tribune and the NFL for Pro Player Insiders. Contact him at: zshapiro12@gmail.com

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    I have said this in earlier posts but Mr. Koetter has to give Winston some easier throws to start the game.
    Winston also appears to be way to amped up at the beginning of the games so he might want to give the job of pre game pep talk to the team to someone else since he seems to be getting more emotional about it than anyone else.
    I thought the grades were fair and just. On Brates INT I think both contributed to it 50/50. It could have been a lot better throw but it also hit his hands.

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      been saying this to myself since last season… always seems to start games with tougher throws… has been one of my few gripes with Coach K

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        How did you get your avatar to work. Mine shows up on my profile but not here. Am I missing a step?

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      Jameis was so worked up his eyeballs were bugging out.

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    I think Drdneast put his finger on the problem as to why Winston always seems to start very poorly all the time. He is too hyped up at the start and needs easy throws to begin. The grades and observations were all good. The other problem Jameis has is red zone scoring which just happens to be Glennon’s strength. If this continues in the regular games you could do better just playing Glennon in the red zone. Jameis did make one great throw for a touchdown in this game, however, and there were no drops by our best WR this time!

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    Morning Scubog, PR friends, et. al

    I follow you guys every morning. Try this for your avatar. Hope this works!

    Loading Avatar on Pewterreport.

    First I am on a laptop using Windows 10 with Google Chrome as web browser. Any Windows system or web browser will work the same. I have IPhone6 Plus but have not tried this yet on a Mac OS system.

    While logged on to PR website, left click on the name Pewtereport in the top left hand corner. Dashboard will drop down. Left click on dashboard and select Profile. Left click on Profile. Scroll down to Profile Picture.

    Option 1 – WordPress Universal (Gravatar)
    This option creates a Gravatar account and once completed will automatically insert your avatar wherever you post if it is a wordpress website (most are) or you can list the websites you visit with Gravatar and it will insert your avatar when you post on those websites.

    Left click on Gravatar it will bring up the WordPress website so you can enroll. It will ask to upload your avatar. It assumes you already have downloaded your avatar to a windows folder. If you haven’t, find a picture anywhere that you like and right click on it. Then left click “save image as” and it will download that JPEG image to a file folder. Change your file name to desired, ie, PR Avatar, then left click save. Remember the file name as it will be used to upload your avatar to Gravatar. When you upload from your windows folder be sure to double left click your file name.

    Once you’ve uploaded your avatar and named your websites, left click save. Then restart your Browser (I always do this to insure changes are made).

    Option 2 – Pewterreport Only
    Scroll down to Avatar. Left click on Choose File. It will bring up Windows folder. Double Left click the file name that is your avatar. If you do not have one, follow the instructions above. Once your avatar is loaded, scroll down to Update Profile. Left click on Update Profile and restart browser.

    I used Option 1. I know it works on the updated website. I have used Option 2 many times before the website update, assumes it still works.

    Good luck, my friends. I look forward to chatting with you later! Go Bucs!

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      Thank you my friend. Welcome back!

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    Drd I agree. It’s very clear he is an emotional leader. Perhaps you are correct he should lead the pep talks to others. It seems he gets so amped up he can’t control his heart rate and emotional and he gets so excited he doesn’t set his feet and is completely inaccurate.

    I also have had the same thought as you regarding starting with easy completion stuff until he can settle down. If the run wasn’t effective just think how badly this game would have went. Probably been 3 and out whole first qtr.

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    All good points in Jameis and his tendency to start a little shaky. I went back at watch the Titans vs. Panthers this past pre season week. I’m not trying to make this into a Winston/Mariota debate but more of how their offense started off crisp with easy reads and quick throws. This puts the offense in a rhythm and gives young QBs the confidence to eventually go and make the tough throws later into the game. We all know Jameis can do it. Let’s just let him build up to it first rather than right out of the gate.

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    I would keep an eye open for our sleeper so far? Center Ben Gottschalk. I thought he has looked pretty decent for a rookie who has played most of the 3rd & 4th qtr minutes of both games. If we put him on our PS, I think a team will grab him for their roster. I could see him the starting center in a year or two.

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    The only worry I have offensively is our lack of WR depth. Winston is known as a rough starter, but as well as he did last year it didn’t seem to hurt his production too much so not too worried about it.

    I’m impressed with our RB depth, looks like there are some tough decisions coming up for Coach K and the staff.

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    Winston does do fine after he warms up but when you miss wide open guys beginning of every game it’s a drive killer. Slow starts could cost us some close games. Add to it FG kicker is wild at this point and I could see us losing lot of close games. It’s too early to get too nervous though.

    You could be correct about the WR depth but I’m not sure Buc’s WR depth is that much worse than most other teams? Look at Dallas last year without Dez. Of course no Romo is what really did them all their backups stunk and the O line wasn’t as great run blocking as they were previous year.

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