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    I’m more impressed with the top 4 CB’s than I am with the Top 4 DE’s. I don’t think we go wrong with picking CB at Spot 9. I like the idea of using Glennon trade to move up from Round 3 to Round 2 and draft two DE’s in the 2nd round. Go Bucs.

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      i like where your going with this idea!

    2. 1.2


      i agree funkdoc19

    3. 1.3


      Nice idea but can’t see giving up Glennon. Need the security blanket for Winston if an injury happens to him.

    4. 1.4


      I like Horse comments but Its really gives Tampa Bay a chance to do something special in Rd-2 &3. THere are QB in FA and draft that can be the b/u qb. Maybe another Bradt! in the late rounds down the road

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    Still not sold on Hargreaves. Onl;y because of his size. He struggles mightily with bigger receivers. Take for instance when they played fsu in 2013. Kelvin Benjamin, a guy he will have to cover, smoked him for 220 yards and 3 TD’s. If it’s not Ramsey there, and he won’t be, I don’t go after a DB,. I would go with a DE or trade down. Trading down is sounding better and better to me. Might even be able to get this guy a couple of picks later.

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    I too would prefer a DE, but not sure value would be there. Rather than reach, would prefer Hargreaves or an OT. Take BPA for at least the first 3 rounds…

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    Still leaning towards Spence or Hargreaves assuming that the board falls accordingly. I think the size issue is overblown. I’d take Tyrann Mathieu or Ronde Barber on my team if you think they’re too short?

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      Well you make a point about to of the good ones at that size but with Hargreaves, it’s not just his height, but his arm length is also very short. And when you’re that short and still run a 4.5 there is an issue. I”m only stating my belief about his size problems because that’s what I’ve seen him struggle with first hand.
      I’m not saying he’s not good, because that’s definitely not the case. I just don’t like him at pick 9.

      1. 4.1.1


        Who’s your leading contender at 9 (assuming the board falls as projected)?



          Well seeing as how I don’t get into the meeting rooms, I’m not sure how the interview process goes with these guys. But if I’m just going off of what I saw and production, I’d go with Ogbah.
          Personally I’d trade back as this is honestly one of the most underwhelming I’ve seen in a while. Ramsey is my choice hands down, but he’s gone in the top 5 so to answer your question, if we stay, I’d take Ogbah.
          Jon also makes a great point below about Hargreaves playing small.

    2. 4.2


      But those guys mentioned don’t play short Hargreaves does, that’s the difference, don’t get me wrong I think he is a talented corner heck I even like the Gators they are my fav collegiate “Fl Team” but I am not a homer by any means I tell it like it is

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    Hargreaves reminds me a lot of Asante Samuel a guy who is smaller in stature and gives up a play or two but is a ball hawk and that’s what Hargreaves is, the thing I don’t like about him is he isn’t a physical corner like M. Alexander is in the run game etc I would take a Spence or trade down take Alexander in first than Nassib in the second round

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    Just curious–you say Hargreaves is 5’11”, 192. Is that what UF claimed? Combine measurements published on nfl dot com were 5’10”, 204.

  7. 7


    I’m a Gator and have watched just about every game Hargreaves has played. He can lock onto smaller WRs and does well to come up and make plays on the football. Where he struggles is with the deep ball. He was beaten too often on deep balls where he struggled to locate and then make a play on the ball in the air. He is consistently beaten to the highest point on long jump balls. That isn’t going away in the NFL. I keep hearing about “ball skills” and these guys to parrot each other. Can he catch the football? Yes. Can he make plays consistently on deep balls to bigger WRs? Nope.

    I like Ramsey and Alexander more than Hargreaves and Apple might prove to be the better player in the NFL as well.

    Give me a DE or OT at number 9.

    Give me a DE or OT at number 9.

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      Apple is an interesting choice if we trade back as well. I like his size much better and he ran way faster than most thought. I am for trading back more and more by the day. Unless ND Stanley is there at 9. I would take him.

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    I saw William Jackson in the Peach Bowl. Wow, he was impressive. All over the field. A little yappy, but he backed it up with 10 tackles (8 solo) and two picks. He seemed to be everywhere.

    1. 8.1


      Agreed, I’m a Noles fan and he was everywhere that game. I think he played himself into the first round after the combine though. I like him a lot actually and he is Much faster than I thought he was.

  9. 9


    Ogbah should be the pick. He’ll be a all probably I promise you

    1. 9.1


      I mean a all pro

  10. 10


    Revis is only 5’11…and for the most part has been over his career the most dominant DB in the NFL

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