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    Even though this does not become a real issue until training camp starts, it still amazes me that the Aguayo contract has not been signed!

    Come on dude, sign your contract! We gather that you’re a good kicker, but you’re not a 1st round QB. The new CBA has made this very simple – you can’t get more and the Bucs can’t pay you less! The contract has been reduced to a form letter. This is the time of year where questions are raised about the value of even using an agent. A NFLPA union executive said that “a trained monkey could do these contracts.” So what’s the hold up?

    (excerpts taken from MMQB) The new system eliminates the vast majority of negotiating required: contract value and bonus amounts are predetermined. There are very few negotiable items: offset language (the ability for the team to recover guaranteed money if the player is released and signs elsewhere), bonus payment terms, roster bonus allocations and other miscellaneous structural issues. Deals are negotiated within hours (Jameis Winston’s deal was negotiated the evening he was taken with the first pick).

    The seemingly controversy espoused by some fans over your draft position would have inspired me to be the first one off the board, but now you’re the last and still holding. What’s up with that???

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      These issues are mostly agent related. I completely understand that as a kicker there should not be any issues or comparisons to other draft picks (as no other kicker was drafted this high) but you mentioned ‘offset language’: he is represented by Jimmy Saxton who I believe represents a ton of current and new players. He might simply advise Roberto to wait for other negotiations of players he represents to complete to make sure non of his representatives sign contracts with clauses which he advised against. I don’t believe you can hold any of this process against Aguayo. Player’s behavior in contract situations, as simple as they might seem under the new CBA, are mostly results of their agents’ strategy.

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    I agree! This is probably agent related. But the agent works for the player, not the other way around. The agent gives advice, the player gives direction.

    As you suggest, it may be something like the presence of offset language. But I can assure you, the player on a first time contract will ultimately lose that battle. QB Marcus Mariota held out until July 21st over offset language and it stayed. It was amended to say he could keep his signing bonus, etc., but his salary was offset.

    I’m not slamming Aguayo, It’s optics – the way it looks. When he sits down to sign his contract and he will, it will be the contract that the CBA drew up the first day he was drafted!

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    I was thinking the same

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    offset language might actually be more beneficial to a kicker than to other positions. if you are a highly drafted LB or WR and your team cuts you after 2 years, you are almost guaranteed to get another chance somewhere over the following couple of seasons. if you are a kicker and you perform like Kyle Brindza did over a 2 or 3 game stretch, you are toxic and may never put on an NFL helmet again.

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