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  1. 1


    Perhaps Ike Taylor had one too many helmet to helmet hits and that is why his mock looks as it does?

  2. 2


    Rorogator, that was a better analysis than Taylor’s.
    I don’t if we have Deion Sanders, Darelle Revis, John Lynch and Ronnie Lott in the defensive backfield, if we don’t start putting some pressure on the QB and begin roughing him up, we will still get picked apart.
    The best way to stop a passing game is to make a QB nervous about getting hit.

  3. 3


    This is why you don’t give players who have absolutely no proven ability to evaluate talent or teams a platform to do a mock draft.

    This article is for nothing other than clickbait. There is 0 chance Ramsay falls to 9 unless some La’ell Collins type of incident occurs right before the draft.

    1. 3.1


      yep better to listen to people that never even played pop warner LOL

      1. 3.1.1


        Yeah, tell me about the NFL playing careers of Gil Brandt, Bill Polian and Ron Wolf? Oh none of them played in the NFL? Well shucks, there goes your argument.

  4. 4


    Every year, people shake up their mocks to keep the conversation moving… nothing to see here…

  5. 5


    Saw this mock draft and laughed a bit. There is zero chance Ramsey falls to 9. If we don’t trade up, we don’t get him, simple as that. I am really thinking the Bucs are going to move in the first round. Up or down, I’m not sure , but I think we trade first round picks with someone.

  6. 6


    Even if he did make it out of the top 5 I still think the Bucs ideal situation is trading down and getting up an extra quality pick

  7. 7


    Bucs have to get a DL. If they don’t pick it with #9 they may trade down and take more than one with other picks. BUt if they ignore the DL early they are going to have another disappointing year.

  8. 8


    Ramsey does not grade out as a top 5 player.

  9. 9


    I agree we should try to trade down. A lot of depth at DE, but not a lot of top 10 talent after Bosa. If we stay at 9, Hargreaves/Stanley are best value more than likely…..

  10. 10


    Ike Taylor either doesn’t believe his own mock, or he’s an idiot. Sure, Jalen at 9 is crazy. But JORDAN HOWARD at 8….that’s patently absurd. Will Fuller at 10. Keanu Neal at 17….I mean, wow. This might actually be the single worst mock draft I’ve ever seen.

  11. 11


    I find it amusing every year when we all start to take all of these Mock Drafts as if they were etched in stone by a lightning bolt and carried down to the masses by an all-knowing sage who dyes his hair named Charlie. This year no one even knows who the first player chosen will be let alone the 10th or 31st. Yet here we are in Bucville chastising a player for tossing out an opinion that doesn’t fit the previous top ten scenarios that were held high as gospel for the TV audience. No one knows at this point. As the saying goes, “Your guess is as good as mine.” One man’s opinion is no more valid than another. Throw out enough guesses and one is bound to hit the mark.

    We hereabouts are most interested in the eight teams selecting their favorite player before Licht directs the attendee to turn in the card. Hopefully two QB’s a running back, a wide receiver, two linebackers an offensive tackle and a partridge in a pear tree are taken, leaving us our choice of defensive line and secondary players.

    Over the years the “experts” who all sing the same song, missed on countless top ten players. I kinda like the redrafts three years later to show the drastic differences. Point is, what might look unconventional to us now, might just be right. Just an opinion from one who never played organized football.

  12. 12


    Nothing should surprise you when it comes to the NFL draft – absolutely nothing.

  13. 13


    No way he falls past 5 so Bucs would have to trade up. If he’s best player in draft and they don’t get raped doing it, moving up COULD be a good move. Really doubt it happens though.

  14. 14


    Yada yada…..just grist for the pre draft mill. Never going to happen.

  15. 15


    The comments about “this mock sucks” are laughable.

    Every year this “experts” parrot each other and they start to believe, and get ignorant fans to believe, that this is the way the players should be drafted.

    Taylor has forgotten more about that game than most internet hacks will every know.

    So the guy puts out a mock that he believes should or will happen and the dorks on the internet rip him for it.

    I love this time of year..everyone’s an expert an NFL GM because they’ve read other idiot’s mock drafts out there. Every year Kiper and these bozos who get paid to only do one thing, never get it right. Hmmmm

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