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    BB gun shooting, cursing, helping some crab legs out the door, should be college courses. I don’t believe the rape allegation, I guess Mayock does since he’s ” scared to death of Winston” off the field. We must live in our hopes, not in our fears, Jon Gruden. The NFL has become a puss league, run by puss owners. Even the talking heads on T.V. are scared to death. Well if you want to be a bottom feeder forever keep playing it safe.

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      When you invest the franchise on a qb you have to look at character your an idiot if you don’t, ask the Raiders

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    Put a circle around Saturday. Must see TV.

    NFL Combine Schedule of on-field workouts:
    Friday, Feb. 20: Specialists, offensive linemen, tight ends
    Saturday, Feb. 21: Quarterbacks, running backs wide receivers
    Sunday: Feb. 22: Defensive linemen, linebackers
    Monday, Feb. 23: Defensive backs

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      Macabee- the combine has always been a joke and never a true evaluation of players, watch game tape. Combine studs 1. Taylor Mays 2. Mike Mamula 3. Stephen Paea 4. Troy Edwards just to name a few

    2. 2.2


      I enjoy the combine. I actually think it serves the fans more than the NFL evaluators because it gives us a chance to witness measureables on a even playing field and provide numbers the teams may already know from private or college campus workouts we couldn’t see. We also get a chance to see the physique of the players to see how they carry their current weight which we can’t gauge from just their height and weight. As for the QB’s the accuracy of the throws don’t matter, but you can see how quick their release is if you haven’t watched that QB play in college before. The combine doesn’t help you evaluate them as current football players, but it does help you project what kind of player they could be (or position they could play) in the future.

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    Exactly right Surfer Dudes.

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    The main thing that I find very odd yet very fascinating about the debate between Mariota and Winston is that Winston supporters try to convince others that things that happened with Winston didn’t but Mariota supporters try to convince others that things others say didn’t happen…did. For example with Winston his 18 INT’s last year…those are ignored by his supporters because he was just being aggressive. Aggressive or not, that happened. Shooting BB guns on campus, jumping on a table and yelling a crude sexual statement towards women after being accused of sexual assault, stealing crab legs…ignored. Lying about details of the student union yelling incident, dressing in full gear and warming up for a game he was suspended for, yelling at coach in the one game he lost (how will he handle a losing streak in the NFL)…didn’t happen, he’s just a kid. Now with Mariota people who would rather have Winston say Mariota going through progressions…didn’t happen. He did, he just didn’t have to do it often because the 1st read was usually open because teams were worried about him or the RB running. People who would rather have Winston say Mariota throwing into tight windows…didn’t happen. He did it, including the National Championship game but again he didn’t do it often because he had open throwing lanes for the same reason his 1st read is usually open. In short, Winston supporters sure make of a lot of excuses for someone being considered to be drafted with the 1st overall pick while at the same time ignoring good things with Mariota that actually happened.

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      You may be right pinkstob, but if this guy is to be believed, Lovie Smith is one of the guys you are referring to!


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        Thanks for the link Mac. I’m surprised Trestman preferred Mariota actually. Winston seems to fit more his style. As for Lovie preferring Winston that could be true. My chips are on the Glazers vetoing the move to draft Winston not Lovie. I don’t have a good feel for what Lovie wants in a QB but in the end I believe when it comes to the 1st overall pick being a QB the owners have the final say. If this were Belichik at HC making the call the Glazers might show more faith but Lovie is coming off a 2-14 season.

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    Its funny to me how much we have invested in this pick~We will go Mariota or Winston~and we HOPE that our choice pans out..But what if both are total busts? What if we blow the pick entirely? Its not as if the Bucs are strangers to draft day failings~we are not an elite franchise but a bottom feeder,lets be real…We have more draft day misses than hits so if our pick pans out,its a plus~if we miss on the pick and draft another loser~its just par for the course…We are more than one draft away from being a good team so lets be realistic.I hope we pick winston and I hope it works out~if not,there is always next year or the year after that,or the year after that…Until this team starts winning on a regular basis,it really doesnt matter much as Buc fans are extremely familiar with failings and being let down…if you want to back a winner~go be a Pats/Seahawk/Packers fan~Im in for the long haul and hope to one day all this losing will pay off…Lets go Bucs…

    Hoping that one day Drakes ‘Started from the Bottom’ will become our song…

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    And with the first pick of the 2015 NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select punter ……

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    Although I would love to have a brand new rookie QB that could be the franchise, I’m thinking I could die any day, so maybe picking up a re-run like Hoyer, trading down and stocking the oline, Dline and MLB, safety would allow me to see more winning games before I go. I’m not planning on dying anytime soon, but just saying that I would rather not see another totally crappy product next year.

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    The Glazers are all too aware that winning outweighs everything. If, as most seem to acknowledge, that Winston is the best QB, they will smile with every victory and perhaps cross their fingers that he, as most of us do, grows up a little. I don’t think any of us, even the posters who are saint fans, want to continue to lose games due to a mediocre QB……….even if he’s a really good guy. I don’t want to offer a failed come back in the stands with “Oh yeay, but my QB is nicer than your QB” after another failed comeback attempt on the field.

    1. 8.1


      Drafting Winston does not guarantee victories. Mariota is not a mediocre QB, he’s a great QB that is simply different than Winston, but in a good way. Different scares some people and it’ll always be that way, but that doesn’t change that Mariota is a great QB.

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    I wish I saw it Pink. I just don’t. If we draft him I’ll cheer for him as loudly as anyone. It’s as much the rather bland personality as his on-field play. I just wonder how he’ll respond when the spit goes bad. Sulk or lead?

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