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    Let’s have some fun!!! Go Bucs!

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    Fired up! Go Bucs!

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    Wish you guys would let up about Evans dropping a lot of passes. He had two bad games.
    His first against the Texans when he came back from an injury and the other was against the Giants in the rain.

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      Totally agree drdneast. He did drop more passes than we would all like but they became magnified because of the losses. Some folks need to remember that Evans was a basketball player in HS and came out of college as a junior. He’s still learning. I also suspect he was pressing out of the frustration of losing. I do wish he’d stop with the flag throwing gesture. I also think he does much better with V-Jax opposite him as opposed to an undrafted rookie.

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    Eric Horchy

    Looking back on it, I’ll admit that I wrote quite a bit about Evans and missed opportunities this year. A lot of people did, for sure. Maybe it comes off wrong at times, but for me, I never feel like I try to hammer the guy just for the sake of hammering him. I personally feel like Mike Evans is loaded with talent and we haven’t even seen it come to fruition yet. I guess there’s a frustration sometimes because you see it and want what it could be but it’s just not quite there.

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    How refreshing to hear a coach understand that people should find enjoyment in their chosen profession and have fun with it. I often say that I actually like some of the difficult and challenging situations because it brings a sense of accomplishment when the goal is achieved.

    I’m sure there will be folks here who have the belief that one must be miserable at work as if it’s a company policy. You can take the job just as seriously with a smile on your face. Even those little dwarfs whistled while they worked……….except Grumpy.

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      Grumpy here….. With this guy and Dirk I will be whistling also!! Go Buc’s!

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      Scubog; agree. I use to tell my employees if you aren’t happy in your job, how can I help you; if not, then you have to consider moving on to something else that will help you to be happy.

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    I really believe that this individual would iopen the offensive if they get the players fron Veterans,Free Agents and Rookies-Go Bucs

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    Hi Sneezy here. We need a burner WR. Also, I like this guy, but I still remember the last college OCs we hired.

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    I believe Jameis will show some class while wining, unlike Fig Newton. Can’t wait for the season.

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