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  1. 1


    And Connor Barth 6-6 kicking today.

  2. 2


    Total team win. Offense and defense. Philly fan is now smashing his furniture, tossing his big screen and kicking his cat.

  3. 3


    A great effort, and great focus from a young team. Fewer mistakes mean they were well prepared to go on the road and win. Great job from the coaches. I’m thinking they are just about to turn that corner and become contenders again.

    Everybody – – – back on the wagon!

    Go Bucs!! !!!

  4. 4


    Wait till ASJ actually gets to play. This offense may be able to get even better. GO BUCS!

  5. 5


    This was my first bucs game to watch in over
    A month because of work. I was so realieved after watching that terrible over turned fumble call by Jacques smith and the Eagles go right down the field and score, that we battled right back. This was a darn near perfect gameplay from top to bottom. No matter what anyone may want to say, the Eagles have a good defense and between this growing line, budding quarterback, and a rejuvenated dougarnaut, I’m extremely excited for the future. Well played and even the “quiet” defensive leaders got in the action! Sucks about Alexander. I read that he said it was from an energy drink he’s been drinking since high school. Still rookie mistake, but hopefully that’s all it really was. We have a very winnable schedule if we can play consistent. I’ve seen a ton of growth in lots of areas and One more draft like this past year and we could see a franchise run yet. Go bucs!!

  6. 6


    Great performance to build on! Every week will be a test. Let’s enjoy this one. Next up Colts

  7. 7


    We need to be fair. I was ready to fire Lovie after the meltdown in Washington. After watching coaches cut of last week, no way Dez should have been running free down middle of the field 1 on 1 with a safety. It could have easily been a PI called. I say all that to say the COACHING STAFF deserves some credit for most impressive. Team was prepared on the road versus an up tempo offense! Lovie benching top 4 CBs to start #5 and #6 on depth chart demonstrated accountability for everyone. Kwon winning starting MLB job. Humphries and Dye beating out draft picks. Solid draft. I think TB is headed in the right direction.

  8. 8


    Just a good ole plain whipping for the Eagles. I kept my eye on the stands and loved those ugly Philly Fans got what they deserved! Go Bucs!.

  9. 9


    This a long list. Most disappointing is a short list. Love it!

  10. 10

    Clearwater Buc

    The best game I’ve seen from the Bucs in a long, long time. 🙂

  11. 11


    Oh, by the way, the opening drive of the 2nd half should be on the list. 🙂

    1. 11.1


      I said the same thing to my brother. That opening drive of the 2nd half may be the best drive the Bucs have ever had

      1. 11.1.1


        I know it was crazy, I’ve never seen a drive last that long and still come away with a score. Damn near took the entire quarter.

  12. 12


    Great list! The coaches deserve a spot also.

  13. 13


    This game was as complete as any possible by any other team in the NFL! Think about all the rookies and all the other “new” players for this year. Think about our veterans in their second year under Lovie Smith’s system. Putting it all together like this (and this soon) is rare in the NFL.
    Like many fans I have also been critical of Smith and gnashing my teeth since he came. I am now impressed by the way he has been flexible and has persevered in continually trying different combinations of personnel. I am impressed with the coaching staff, the management, the scouting crew, etc. The Smith/Licht regime is doing extremely well. There is real hope for enduring success now. This is something we fans could not say for many years.

    GO BUCS!

  14. 14


    Coaching, coaching, coaching. Any bets on whether Chip will be fired before Lovie. Great game plan and carried out with perfection. Best offensive line in the league right n I w. Goes to show how hard it is to make predictions before the season begins. Hats off to Lovie.

  15. 15


    Trying not to over react to the best Bucs win since the Superbowl season. It always feels good to beat Philly and to do it in their house with a rookie QB putting 5 TDs in the end zone was awesome. Great win for the Bucs. Enjoy Thanksgiving, eat some turkey and get ready to travel to Indy to play the Colts.

  16. 16


    I am speechless….

  17. 17


    we’re 5-5 ?!? this was the first game we’ve dominated in a long time. Today was a statement win. Glad to see Doug, Lavonte, Jameis and GMC make big plays..just a taste of the bucs potential

  18. 18


    awesome win, every bodies stoked, I love it. Can we talk for a min about V-Jax salary next season, and how it’s well deserved? How it’s very important for him to return? How he’s not just a (PR Quote) possession receiver? Maybe the Bucs could use him another season?

  19. 19


    The punter had a very good game as well. Complete butt kicking.

  20. 20


    I was not impressed with the lack luster win vs Cassel led Dallas, but I was really impressed what we did in the running game nad passing game both were spectacular, and the protection has gotten alot better too. Defesne for me is still eh because like Cassel Mark Sanchez stinks and he couldn’r complete a simple screen pass throughout the day to Sproles, that said I loved watching the offense today woiw, its been awhile since I was impressed like that.

    1. 20.1


      typing on my phone stinks

  21. 21


    List should simply be “Everyone”. But I’ll add another. As it was in the NFC Championship game in 2003 after “The Pick”; no one can exit a stadium faster than Eagle fans. Most hit the door at halftime and by the closing quarter only the few who stayed behind to chant “Sanchez sucks” remained. Want to see a fire drill executed to perfection……….watch Fly Eagles Fly right out of the stadium. Guess the stench got to them.

    1. 21.1


      Yeah, obviously not up there with closing down their old stadium w/ a ‘W’, then opening their new stadium w/ a ‘W’, but the silence in that stadium was awesome. Great team effort!

  22. 22


    Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

  23. 23


    That was as impressive of an offensive line effort that I can remember. Evan Smith, whatever we’re paying him is worth it, even if he goes back to the bench. Guy’s a pro, never complained about not starting, then comes in, and balls. My hats off to the whole crew, they were tough, nasty, and protected our runners, and Q.B. like a bad big brother.

  24. 24


    Loved the play calling today!!! Humphries makes us better too.

  25. 25


    Makes me ready and anticipating next weeks game already…..go Buc’s!!

  26. 26


    I stand behind all my previous criticism of Lovie bc at the time it was valid. That said the defense has responded and is playing much more consistent/sound football and that is Lovies’ doing. Offense is getting better each week and to think at some point we will get ASJ back is exciting. Hopefully we get Marpet back and take a long look at Dotson replacing Cherilus if the penalties continue but good game and a great win. I think Jameis stepping up as a leader has allowed Lavonte and GMC to just play which might suit their game and personalities best.

    1. 26.1


      Not sure how I feel about ASJ now…Brate has been impressive. I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Dotson back in there though. Cherilus has been penalty prone all year.

  27. 27


    Best Bucs performance since the Super Bowl! I’ve said all year we had the talent, and we were finally able to put it all together. Hope to see the momentum keep rolling for the rest of the season. Could we see a wild card spot? If we keep performing like this I think it’s possible. Go Bucs!

  28. 28


    Very impressive win all around. Two things I would point out:
    1) maybe I’m being nit-picky, but Martin absolutely cannot keep getting caught inside the 10 yard line on big runs. He did make a much better effort on the second one, getting caught at the 1, but he needs that kind of effort to get in consistently. It’s the difference between sometimes winning and losing (like against Wash).
    2) Mike Evans is not getting enough credit for that game. Stats aside, the catch he made between 3 defenders (awesome throw by the way) right at the end of the 1st quarter….getting totally drilled by the DB and still hanging on…that was as good a catch as I’ve seen (99% of WRs drop it when they get clobbered, if they manage to bring it down at all). Add that one to his TD toe-tapper catch…that was the kind of performance that is a difference maker in a league of parity!

  29. 29


    Great TEAM win! Anybody notice that our CBs have pretty shut down the opponents’ WRs the past two games?!

  30. 30


    Great win! In true thanksgiving fashion I am thankful for the first time in many years I’m not sitting at dinner table on Thanksgiving with no chance of playoffs. Go buc’s!

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