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    It’s tough to use 2 of your five selection who are rookies to be disappointing Zach; they’re rookies! Tackling was very poor and caused us a lot of problems because this team was ready to play this game. It’s hard to understand with quite a few players who had to show something special and didn’t.
    Here’s my six players: Evan Smith, Mankins, George Johnson, English, Banks, McCoy. These are all season veterans and they set the tone.

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      I said everything in this thread 4 weeks ago !! You must spend every resource you have , best coaches ( o line ?), short term cap money, prudent GM and coach decision making ,best blitz p up free agent backs, etc to protect a number one pick Qb.Wasnt really done!! Now the very good, K Alexander is a pleasant surprise / talent and depth at linebacker and D Line is much better than last year and it will show this year!! Martin does look allot better still putting his head down too much but looks much better, hope his hands have improved some also !! Last but not Least , Inconsistent Vets with big mouths are not leaders. They are the opposite, when they get tons of press for showing up every other or third game others may follow and that’s a huge negative. When you show up game in and game out and make key plays late in the game others will also follow and thats a huge positive, That’s a Leader !! Maybe Kwon,David and McDonald or McDaniel can lead and bring true play in and play out attitude to this Defense. There is no grit and toughness to this D because the leader doesn’t have it , sorry it is what it is ? When Gruden calls players out and pulls tape he is more than Less than impressed and its a glaring lack in that players utilization of ability. If there is one thing Gruden brought his first two years was more intense play and extreme effort ,he is not fond of part time players and the Bucs have one. Sad part is that he may be the most talented player and everyone ,coaches to press tell him how great he is game in and game out.If this said guy had the effort/ heart of say a Selmon, Randy White, John Randle,Greg Spires it would be worth two to three extra wins a year. The guy has the talent to have 10 plus sacks and 50 tackles while making everyone one around him better but don’t hold your breath !!

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    I’m with you Horse. Most Disappointing Bucs for me were everyone except Martin, Alexander and Gholston. Many will want to blame the O- line for this showing but for me the whole woosified team shares in this one. Totally uninspired. Willing to stand cowering with their collective lower lips sticking out and whimpering in fear of the Cleveland Browns for pity’s sake instead of fighting back. Of course, we fans in the stands were forced to endure the woof, woof, woof chants from Ohioans, who haven’t seen a winning team this century, treating this game like a play-off victory. Can’t even kick field goals. Martin Gramatica. who served as honorary Captain, should have suited up. At least it didn’t rain.

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    At halftime,Lovie was asked what was going on with the Offense. He ignored the question and once again said that we need more takeaways. What good are takeaways when the Offense cannot block or execute? We could have had 5 takeaways and it wouldn’t have mattered. It’s almost as if he is relying on a +3 turnover margin to win a game. He’s got it backwards. Play sound, fundamental football and you’re usually fine in that department.

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    Horse, Scu, right on. I expect rookies to struggle, but McCoy was my biggest disappointment. First preseason game he was driven five yards back into the endzone on a T.D. run. Last week he showed up, but this week he was invisible. Don’t get me started with EDS, he gets beat back to much, and rookie Marpet also suffers when that happens. Winston looked much more comfortable last week with the bigger Warren in front of him. Make the change Lovie. Why did Fragel start? Conte is damaged goods, no upside there. Hall looks better as a returner then Clay. Humphries should be our slot receiver, the kid gets open, and catches the ball. I got a lot to say but one more thing. Did Dirk Koetter leave his playbook in Atlanta? Can’t help myself, our ST’s coach, and Worhop should’ve been replaced this year. They’re units have not shown any improvement. O.K. last rant. Did we field on team with to many nice guys? We have NO bad asses on this team. Richie Cognito the bully is back in the league blowing up people for the Bills. J Martin is out of the league. Gilkey was bullied as a kid, and gets bullied everytime he suits up. He need an attitude adjustment.

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    I will type this. If the OL doesn’t get their $%&t together in two weeks Dick LeBeau will have a field day in two weeks. Can they? They had better.
    Two weeks Buccaneers. Make the right cuts and GET IT TOGETHER!!! No WAY we can afford to lose at HOME against another rookie QB drafted after ours. No WAY the Buccaneers can afford to keep losing regular season home games that are very winnable. Come on.
    Disappointed? Yes, some of the choices the coaches are making, especially in terms of personnel on the field are more than questionable. But this IS a process and it IS going to take some time with so many rookies and second year players. That is a fact, like it or not.

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    Don’t really even know what to say after that debacle. A Most disappointing game! It’s almost kind of funny our FG kicker can’t make a FG and we bring in Barth who was always very dependable and he can’t make easy FG either. If it wasn’t one game from regular season starting it would be funny. Most disappointing for me was watching McCown carve us like like Manning or Brady. Agree with others Martin was about the only bright spot. I said on record trading him and giving him one more year to prove himself when healthy would be huge mistake. He runs for 1500 with our old line then he forgets how? Not to beat a dead horse but when Lovie came here and dismantled our O line it has lead to disaster. Now year later we still have not fixed that mess! Great decision Lovie. I also agree with others we are a wussy team now. Why couldn’t they have signed Incognito for year or two until we can fix this cluster of an O line in the draft. So many other things annoying me right now but I’ll leave it at that and hope to god we study how to pick up and recognize a blitz from a 3/4 defense. The Titans have to be licking their chops. Then after McClown whips us we can hear everyone say see should have got Mariota…..

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    Meant not giving Martin one more chance would have been mistake.

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    Any forward momentum we gain last week as a team was lost this week- I would even say it was a step backwards…
    Winston doesn’t seem to be progressing much on the field- this season we will experience all the growing pains a rookie can subject a fanbase to- there will be some great plays here and there but expecting us to be a contender is laughable…The only way the Bucs go to the Super Bowl this season is if they buy tickets like the rest of us…we will more than likely end up with a top 5 pick and more questions about our coaching staff…
    I fully expect us to experience growing pains with Winston and Co so my observations aren’t just words of a hater but of a realistic fan as I really haven’t seen much from this team thus far- there are a few great players to build around,but it’s truly just a handful of guys. If we go one game better than .500 I would view this positive season- just to let you all know how low my expectations really are- and even there I am worried by what I’ve seen…

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    Simply not ready to play. Poor preparation – and maybe that had something to do with scheduling (per R. Barber), but knowing the Browns are an experienced 3/4 team I expected more readiness. I believe the Bucs roster will change significantly as cuts start – players coming and going, and even good acquisitions via this process will take time to ‘fit in.’ Result will be a slow start to the season then, hopefully, decent play the final 10 games or so. Go Bucs!

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    I think this loss will ultimately help Jameis bc we see how much better he looked against the Bengals after the Vikings exposed him to a similar defense week 1. I’m still not convinced keeping Warhop was a good move. The fact remains the line was blown up and reconstructed with players he approved of. Trading Zuttah seemed dumb then and still does. Hopefully a miracle happens and he figures it out but so far it’s the same poorly coached group I saw last year. The defense suffered bc McCoy didn’t bring it. It’s pretty clear when he dominates games we have a top 10 defense and when he doesn’t we are mediocre. It’s time for him to take his game to another level and dominate every week. Conte needs to be cut and Smith needs to be replaced.

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      Warhop is terrible, but he doesn’t have much to work with either…not a good combination for success is it?!

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    I find myself pretty much agreeing with everybody. Don’t blame the rookies. I said when it happened that dismantling our line was a mistake. No Evans hurt. McCoy is my biggest worry. If he wants to be skinny then put him at DE-he’s too light and getting pushed around. Alexander is a beast.

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    I was crying last year for them to grab incognito. Online definitely needs more attitude.
    How about: NOT MY QB. YOU CAN’T TOUCH THIS!!!

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    Excusing the rookies for now. But O-line is definitely in shambles. Gilkey, E. Smith, Fragel, Omameh, and none of the TEs can block at all.

  15. 14


    Crendonado I don’t disagree with you at all on your comments, but one game better than .500 is success to you at this point? Come on bro 9-7 would be a stellar, out of this world success after 2-14 last year and from what I’ve seen this year so far! If they double their wins and are 4-12 I’d say they overachieved from the garbage I’ve seen so far. Eerily similar to last pre season with O line.

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    Sorry meant Cremdonado.

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    I will still stick with one game over .500 as a positive for the team we currently have…this organization is soft- there is no killer instinct anywhere in the building…before I blame players I’ll blame coaches and ownership.
    It’s like going to a bar and asking for an aggressively hoppy IPA and the bartender hands you a Corona with a lemon wedge( they even miss on the lime)- that is the buccaneers from top to bottom- no punch, no flavor, no depth- just watered down excuse for a beer, or team for that matter. We have five awesome players( they would be the lemon)- but they alone can’t change the fact owners want to bottle piss water instead if kick ass craft brew

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      Cremdonado, though I appreciate your craft beer analogy,(and I think Corona is fair for the last game), I think that as a team they are more of an entry level craft beer- maybe a wheat beer, or a Kölsch… And I’m w/ your .500 call

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    You should have put our Offensice Coordinator in that list.
    I thought I was watching Marcus Arroyo calling the plays in the first half.
    The Browns were coming with all out blitzes on almost every play and Winston was looking to toss the ball downfield on almost every play.
    You would have thought we would have at least seen a screen pass to slow that rush down but none was called.
    With all the LB’s crushing into the pass rush, you know there had to be some space clear closer to the line but Winston continued to look way downfield on almost every play.
    One of the reason the team looked so bad is they don’t game plan for these preseason games so they were unprepared for these blitzes but that doesn’t mean Dirk Koetter couldn’t have adjusted his play calling.
    The team better get prepared for this because ex Steelers DC Dick LeBeau is with the Titans now and you can be sure after he sees this film he is preparing a pack of blitz packages.

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