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    Nah, I’m not buying all of it. Glennon did okay. Other than Jenkins fumble he was doing okay for a rookie. The OL was horrible, How many good play advancements by Glennon passing was called back because of an OL penalty? I hope we trafge some players for draft picks bt Tuesday.

  2. 2


    Jenkins made one mistake, and that is not what lost the game. This team stinks on offense and defense. We get to the QB, but we struggle to sack them. Tampa 2 does not work without good pressure. Glennon is going to be a good back up QB, but we need a guy who can get 300 yds a game consistently and throw multiple TD’s. We have no running game either. Martin needs to be traded, along with Jackson. If we can pick up a couple of high draft picks for the next draft, and we start drafting smart who knows what next year might look like.

    1. 2.1

      Uncle Stan

      Hope you are not suggesting LOL select the players we get for draft picks. The players they brought in this year from other teams stink!

  3. 3


    Look we’re going to be drafting very high. Glennon is a nice smart kid, but he hasn’t taken this team by the horns. Can we agree the rookie Bridgewater was the better Q.B. today? At one point we were 1- 11 on 3rd down!! Third down is the money down for Q.B.’s. Glennon’s rating on the 3rd wasn’t worth two cents. Maybe it’s time to let someone else call the offense. We were shut out for three quarters. Piss poor. I know we have needs, but we also need more of a play maker at Q.B., and since we should be hiring a real NFL offensive coordinator next year the first pick should be a Q.B..

    1. 3.1


      Surfersdudes: I completely agree with you 100%. But I would like to get a better offensive line before the draft. That’s what I think we should do in free agency. Now I do believe glennon has all the toolsto be a franchise QB, but can he really win us games? I know that Mariota can so I’m hoping for his name to be called in may.

    2. 3.2

      Uncle Stan

      How can any QB do well when he is sacked 5 times and heavily pressured on every play by a horrible OL – don’t forget all the penalties the OL caused when we did get a decent play. Why is Gilkey still here, is he Cousins twin brother?

  4. 4


    Agree with Horse Glennon did fine considering the pressure! My God he had no time most of the game. Jenkins needs to secure the ball better but one mistake as a rookie it happens. Banks dropping the int. to seal it really burns me. He was horrible in coverage most of day I thought. Also the main reason this team has no offense is because Lovie got rid of our whole O line and gambled big time not drafting anyone. The gamble was a disaster. Glennon has no protection and an offense can’t do anything without a run game and some protection. That is squarely on our head coach. Losing Tedford didn’t help but I seriously doubt it would matter who the O coordinator was with this pathetic, horrible O line!

  5. 5


    surferdudes; all I am saying it is too early to announce we take a QB at spot 1-3 yet. I would like to know if we did pick a QB we make sure we have some OL help for him.

  6. 6


    Mike Glennon is an above average backup, he’s simply not the difference maker we need at QB. Mariotta or Winston watch is in full effect.

    1. 6.1


      Right there with you….happy with Glennon to fill-in for a game or two but he’s not the answer overall

  7. 7


    I agree with Surferdudes. Every winning team in the NFL has “that” QB. Time for us to get us one of those – a playmaker, a guy who can put a team with some deficiencies on his back and make up the difference – a QB who can make something happen when what was supposed to happen doesn’t! That would be pretty much every other play with the Bucs. Those QBs aren’t walking around and nobody is going to trade one to us!

  8. 8


    Guys, there is no O-line in the NFL that can pass block well enough week in, week out to allow Glennon to make the playoffs. Oakland has only allowed about 5 sacks this season with a rookie QB but they have a mobile rookie QB. Just look at today’s game. Who was the better QB? Bridewater was the 3rd QB taken in a poor QB class and he was still able to consistently complete passes when he was moved from his drop back position. Just imagine what the best QB (Mariota) in a better QB class can offer.

  9. 9


    Horse- its not to early we have seen Glennon enough to know he is not the future franchise qb but Mariotta will be nuff said

    1. 9.1

      Uncle Stan

      Don’t care who the QB might be, but until major upgrades happen to the OL, no QB will do anything. The new LT and center are worse than what we had last year.

  10. 10


    I have to say I think glennon is a good back up and that’s it. He played ok today and can’t blame him at all for our pitiful team, but He just has no mobility at all. He relies completely on protection and can’t get away from anything. All good teams have a QB that can escape pressure. Flacco may be only QB with a ring that is slow like Glennon. Even he seems better on his feet than Glennon. That being said I’m very leery of drafting a QB given our track record of drafting duds. On other hand may be due to have one actually pan out? Who knows but drafting one in first round scares me. They better fix this O line first too.

  11. 11


    jongruden, I know Glennon’s not franchise material. No question Bridgewater was better than Glennon, but if I remember didn’t the Vikings draft him late in the 1st round? We have so many needs; I’m hoping for a trade down in order to pick up some more draft picks if the top two QB’s aren’t rated as Franchise types. I’m not ready to say they are yet.

  12. 12


    Glennon doesn’t make big mistakes which makes many think he is “good enough”; but he doesn’t make big plays either. Let’s stop blaming the O-line. In this game, Glennon’s pass protection, while not great, was as good as Bridgewaters’ who often had a defender closing on him……but he made a play. For crying out loud, there was one play where Glennon ran for the first down marker but went out of bounds 1/2 yard short.

    McCown will start in Cleveland next week. I think we know what we have with Glennon now.

    1. 12.1


      I don’t agree with this statement at all. NO QB the BUCS have faced this season has been as pressured as Glennon has been. NOT ONE.
      The offensive line in the last 3 games has been as bad as preseason notions expected it to be. They’ve progressively gotten worse. How you think you can know what we’ve got in Glennon after this short stint and not know what you’ve got in McCown after 12 years is not only illogical, it’s laughable. I’m all for whoever is behind center and can help win, but with the o-line playing the way it is and the receivers needing time to get open, I’m not pointing at the QB position on offense as the source of fault or heroism.

  13. 13


    I will say one advantage Teddy had was a real offensive coordinator calling the plays. It’s been taking Arroyo three quarters every week to get this offense moving. McCown is the perfect back up. Draft a Q.B. with the first pick in the 2015 draft, trade Glennon, let McCown groom the kid. It sucks thinking about April in October, but that’s where we’re at again. Trade whoever you can by tomorrow, get as many picks as we can. Our superbowl will be the draft next year.

    1. 13.1


      Agreed on all points.

  14. 14


    Glennon is NOT the guy. He holds the ball way to long. Make a decision. Blame the O-line all you want – and everyone did the same last year as Glennon gets rattled and tucks and rolls. Throw the ball away, or god forbid, throw it to one of our 6’5″ guys and let them make a play. He’s not the guy.

    1. 14.1


      The decision: Get hit by the guy that blew by the LT or get hit by the guy that blew by the Guard right up the middle.

      Those 6’5” guys take a while to get open. Doesn’t help if the QB is either running away from pressure or taken down from pressure before they do get open.

  15. 15


    This is refreshing. If a season like this is what it takes for fans and journalists to stop talking potential and take off those rose colored lenses than I’ll take it. Chicago is a more experienced version of what the Bucs have. They are so vanilla that good teams dissect them by the end of the 1stQ. Yes we need to draft a QB. Yes we need to overhaul the OLine. We must fix the coaching to reap the rewards of those off-season actions. Lovie has employed Mike Tice & Mike Martz in his past. HORRIBLE. I hope he’s learned from those catastrophes.

  16. 16


    Okay, I surrender. Trade Glennon before Tuesday. who’s interested in his and at what price since everyone is saying he’s a back up type QB? then we can put McNothing in and really complain.

    1. 16.1


      We need to keep Glennon as we will need a quality backup/spot starter in the event we get a rookie and hes not ready to play right away. It’s like the Kirk Cousins situation in Washington, we got what we wanted and we realized that Glennon is a backup not a knock against him just not the playmaker at that position WE need to win.

    2. 16.2


      Horse- you’re right! Most these posters are well, fly by night thinkers. Very few QB’s become above average consistently. Your insight is good man so let these amateur posters/thinkers have their fun.

  17. 17


    One person who is missing from this list is Jonthan Banks who had an absolutely horrible day. He was out of position most of the day, had several missed tackles and of our course dropped what should have been a game ending interception to give the Bucs a win.

  18. 18


    been a rabid fan since 76, but it’s to the point where I might have to go fishing or jet skiing on Sundays. This team? is hard to watch.

  19. 19


    Pinnaql3 I’m with you. Anybody that thinks the offensive line is not the biggest problem this team has on offense is watching something different than me. I’m not convinced Glennon can ever be anything better than a back up, but if we had Tom Brady he would not be productive behind that line. Lost track of how many times he was hurried and didn’t even get to finsh a three step drop. Worst O line play I’ve ever seen. I also think it wouldn’t matter who the RB is either. There are no holes and no push period! Combine that with the penalties they have every game it’s a frigging joke of a line.

  20. 20


    Jon Gruden knows more about QBs than any of us when he says Mariota is a Franchise QB that only confirms what I have been saying. I didn’t have to watch two years of bad losses to know he was nothing but a backup QB at best as I have been saying that the whole time. What bothers me is Licht and Lovie both didn’t see that and trade him off for a good draft choice when they had the chance!

    1. 20.1


      The last part was referring to Glennon above

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