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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    Even my broken record player didn’t skip this much…..

  2. 2


    I would say you could add about 20 more players to this list.

  3. 3


    How can you say that about our anointed professional backup QB? St. Lovie says he gives us the best chance to win. Why just look at his stellar passer rating, and his record for fumbling…how can they not win with him leading. Glazers, save the fans from more agony, dump St. Lovie for his monumental failures this year.

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  4. 4


    I do not disagree.

  5. 5


    I’ve watched every GB game this year….the D has nothing to be ashamed of…the GB Offense is that good. But our Offensive performance was a disaster…McCown really looked lost and inaccurate.

  6. 6


    BTW…I think that even with a win, we are sitting in the two hole, and one of the two outstanding QB’s will be there. If we don’t pick a true Franchise QB, I may have a heart attack.

  7. 7


    Be fair, take the RB off the list.With that line Jim Brown would have a tough day!!!!!!

  8. 8


    How can you expect not to be fired when you have the worst record in the NFL?

  9. 9


    McCown on this list is just wrong. I’m no longer disappointed with McCowns play because that would infer I expect him to do good. He did what I expected, therefore didn’t disappoint.

  10. 10


    How does Sims end up with negative yardage for the day but average positive 0.3 avg for the day? Does minus-1 really mean 1? Even in that case he would have run for a 0.25 yard average.

  11. 11


    This is an organizational failure. The Glazers dont know anything about football, or people – other than almost waiting so long for Dungy to crack the code on an NFL offense that our window closed before bringing Gruden in, they’ve done the following – kept Allen, a GM who can’t identify talent (sorry, Skins), hired a position coach for HC who was obviously over his head on Day 1, replaced him with a college coach from a middling school with a middling record, and then replaced him with another coach from the Dungy ‘what’s offense?’ School and paired him with an unproven GM. The results speak for themselves. Get a real GM in here, a proven one, RIGHT NOW. Look at our draft and offseason – why would you let Lovie control another one via Licht? New GM tells Lovie who is boss, and either gets to pick a new QB, or trade down for another team’s top 3 picks, run Lovie off in a year or two, and away we go!

  12. 12


    Matador I can’t argue with anything you said. Pretty much how I feel too. It does suck we had a Super Bowl defense and no offense from 99-03 and only one trophy. Ah the good old days….mcCown makes brad Johnson look like a superstar. Vick in his prime would have trouble not getting sacked behind this O line too….we have a real cluster f””k of an offense and coaching staff. Just a big embarrassing mess. You are also right we need a GM that’s a superstar to pull us out of the abyss. Lovie and glazers are clueless.

  13. 13


    @matador and @fredster…I hear ya…and I sympathize with all of that too. On the Glazers however, they are just a bunch of rich dudes (like pretty much all of the owners) who got a football team left to them…there is no requirement for them to know anything about football…it’s one of the luxuries of being a Billionaire…along with being able to fill your Olympic sized pool with Champagne, having a different colored Ferrari for each day of the week, vacationing on your own island, taking your own plane to said island, having your own pilot fly said plane, eating lobster pretty much whenever you feel like it, laughing at the 99.9% when you hear about people actually waiting in line to buy things on sale…on sale, hahahahaha, visiting the Whitehouse to tell the President what he should do…not to see all the pretty decorations, paying taxes at rates lower than the unemployed, and so on….the fact that the Glazers even know this team has fans (and have actually done some things in favor of fans, like lifting blackouts) would be something to honestly applaud…because as Billionaires, most of their Billionaire friends wouldn’t care less…

  14. 14


    It’s apparent that while we need offensive line badly, there is no doubt QB has to be our first overall pick. Mcclown might be the worst QB I’ve ever laid eyes upon.
    He has zero pocket awarness and his accuracy is terrible. See if the Bears will take him back for a 3rd rounder. We had better not trade for Cutler because he is just as bad. We have to take one of the two QB’s coming out period.
    Our defense has been improving every week and we still need another pass rusher, but I have been very pleased with the way they have played.
    It all depends on our coordinator I guess in terms of QB we draft, but I am all in for Winston. I guess as Bucs fans the bowl game in Pasadena will be our try out.

  15. 15


    I hope to God Bucs don’t consider going after Cutler or RGInjury (if skins dump him which they likely will) Cutler stinks and is a complete head case. Something is seriously wrong with that dude. RGInjury isn’t much better. Both little better than mcCown but that’s not saying much!

  16. 16


    Putting RB’s on this list is a joke. They guys are getting hit as they’re taking the handoffs!!!! McCowen is getting the crap beaten out of him. The O-line is the worst I have EVER seen in Tampa. Licht and Lovie are directly responsible. Better pay calling might help, but ultimately the guys up front have to make the plays – and they’re not. Blaming the RB’s and Josh is stupid and short sighted. McCowen is a back-up for sure, but he’s has taken an incredible pounding this year. NO QB or RB will have success here until the O-line get fixed.

  17. 17


    EastEndBoy not sure what your point was with the rant about how much money Glazers have or the life billionaires lead. My point was simply we need a very good GM that can guide them because they are clueless about football. Dont have good feeling about Licht. Don’t care how much money they have or make good for them. They just aren’t involved or seem to know anything like say a Jerry Jones that does get involved. Also anything they do like helping lift blackouts is done to make more money not because they care about fans. Blackouts hurt your team and ability to market and grow.

  18. 18


    Although one could argue putting that BS offensive performance on TV lost more fans than gained new ones….lol

  19. 19


    Groundhog day …

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