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  1. 1


    Donovan smith. Pretty good job blocking, but 3 penalties is pretty terrible.

  2. 2


    Sorry Zach, but one bad play doesn’t do it for me. Donovan Smith had quite a few mistakes. I would not included Melton. His 15 yard penalty was mickey mouse.

  3. 3


    Geez whiz GMC…what is going on…did everyone see him get body slammed by Martin….ouch…

  4. 4


    So much criticism of Gerald McCoy. He clearly suffered a major shoulder injury at New Orleans, and probably should’ve gone on IR. Just my opinion, but I think he must’ve torn something. To his credit, he’s stayed on the field and led the team, despite what is no doubt agonizing pain, week in and week out. That’s because his team needs him. Maybe he can’t cause the kind of disruption that we’re used to seeing from him, but he’s definitely not hurting the team, and I think is proving to be more of an actual leader than ever. YOU try getting sacks when your arm is practically dangling from its socket.

    1. 4.1


      If it’s that bad he should be on Ir. No way the organization would let him play; they would sit him out if the Doctors said he has a big problem. Way too much invested in GMC to permanently injure him.

    2. 4.2


      If that was true it may be an excuse….however, he said it himself, the shoulder is not an issue anymore…hardly “dangling from its socket”…the reality is, he was 1 on 1 against Collins on several snaps and got stoned by the rookie….that’s not good…GMC is good, he just needs to find his old self ….somehow

  5. 5


    I would have to put smith on this list as well. A couple of false starts and got beat a few times. It was clear today that Ali is our run grader as they were always getting penetration on that side.

  6. 6


    pretty hard on the defense for a 6 point effort…

  7. 7


    I agree Horse, that personal foul on Melton was about as Mickey Mouse as you can get.
    Wasn’t aware it was Jenkins who committed the last personal foul but why am I not surprised.
    I guess he wasn’t focusing again.
    Someone needs to give this guy 3rd prize and the Home version of the Buccaneers and show him to the door.
    He can’t cover a disabled vet in a wheelchair and cocker spaniels have more sense than he does

  8. 8


    I agree with too much criticism of McCoy. Yeah he’s being paid a lot but it’s worth for his leadership on and off the field. He’s getting disruptive penetration vs double teams. He may not be making the play but if he’s taking 2, the ends gotta get home.

    1. 8.1


      Many times he wasn’t doubled team because the first blocker took care of him. No one is picking on him; we have to blitz because he is not pulling his weight.

  9. 9


    Hey I want GMC to do good, but right now he isn’t.

  10. 10


    The penalty on Melton was about as obvious as it gets and Melton had plenty of time to avoid hitting the QB at all.

    1. 10.1


      How was the Melton penalty Micky Mouse? He tried to knock the throw down then he deliberately hits the QB after? Way late and really dumb mistake. That will be called all day and should. No reason to hit him after the ball already sailed through his hands.
      McCoy was disappointing considering the money he is making. Who knows how bad his shoulder injury is but he stink regardless. Not that many double teams either. Nothing like the amount Sapp would draw. He has to beat one on one blocking but he is not.

  11. 11


    Some people have been down on McCoy since he was drafted. Smiled too much. Like others, I suspect he has an injury and is playing with one arm. He went to three Pro-Bowls at this weight. His job is to get into the backfield with quickness to disrupt the play, not sit there as a blob of meat clogging the running lanes. Since he’s been so ineffective, let someone else take his spot for a while.

    It’s amazing how the PR staff determines the requirements to make these lists. Donovan Smith gets three penalties yet doesn’t make it; yet Bobby Rainey mishandles one punt, Henry Melton unintentionally hits the QB around the neck and Mike Jenkins has an inadvertent face mask penalty all make it.

    How about whoever ordered the squib kick on the kick-off that followed the TD? If we are using single plays. How about TE Brandon Myers volleyball tip on a pass that hit him right in the hands that caused the first INT? How about Mike Evans who had a pass hit him right in the belly but dropped it? How about Connor Barth’s missed routine 43 yard FG? Maybe Kwon Alexander dropping an INT that might have been a pick 6. To me, it’s the body of work for the game, not one play that matters because without the otherwise stellar play of the players I listed we don’t win the game.

  12. 12


    Since we have zero talent at defensive end on either side right now, how about lining McCoy up at D end once in awhile? Give him some one, on ones. His get off has to be better then any end on the roster. Line him up wide, and rush the passer.

    1. 12.1


      not a bad idea at all

  13. 13


    I like that thought Surfer…….

  14. 14


    Scubog agree with ya on Smith. 3 false starts (2 on same drive) is unacceptable. On your Barth point I disagree it was very windy and Mr. Reliable Bailey missed one too. (Although was longer than Barths 46) With Melton penalty I am going to go back and watch, but I saw nothing inadvertent to it. It looked very deliberate and very late. I also believe it was 3rd down l? This team has been plagued by too many stupid penalties and he makes the most disappointing list in my book all day.

  15. 15


    I agree with most of what Scubog said. Guys, we only gave up 6 points. Sure, we only scored 10, but we won. We don’t beat the Cowboys often, so let it up.

  16. 16


    Folks – this is the column about “Most Disappointing” Bucs…it’s always going to sound more negative….nobody is saying this wasn’t a good win…nobody is saying the defense didn’t play well on the whole…but if we’re looking for the Most Disappointing players, I think GMC is definitely up there in this game…

  17. 17


    I don’t think Jenkins belongs on the most disappointing list anymore as his performance isn’t even disappointing anymore. It’s simply expected at this point. Also, I’d add Donovan Smith to the list with his 3 false start calls

    1. 17.1


      but then again…Smith shut down Hardy so I guess I can overlook the penalties lol

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