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    I will say this; The Bucs are one yard from having a winning record heading into the mid way point of the season. Jameis has the fourth highest QB rating since week four in the NFL. I didn’t see those little nuggets coming at the beginning of the year. Yes, there is work to be done, but can we lighten up on the fire everyone talk?

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      HERE HERE ! At this point the only “Fire Lovie” people should be those with an agenda. You may not think he’s good at clock management, and maybe he’s not, but thats workable. A 4th Coach in 6 years would be disastrous!

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    Tough game coming up because Eli is no different than Mattice; they love to throw the 10-15 yard passes. Let’s make it 4-4 at the half way mark! Go Bucs!

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    I was with you through the whole article until “Tampa’s overall defensive performance has been receiving mixed reviews”…I can’t recall anyone saying something positive about the defense’s performance all year…what was the positive?…we didn’t give up a lot of yards because we gave up short fields and short TD drives? Our defense has been subpar all year, with a very few bright spots like Alexander’s last game.

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      Exactly. This defense is still aweful aside from Alexander’s inspiring play to win the game, nobody else stepped up.

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        really? nobody? holding Freeman to under 100 and no TDs? You know we were without2p nose tackles. What about Howard Jones? McCoy clutch play at the end? thats when it matters. I saw some plays. no doubt we need draft picks on defense, but We don’t give up a lot of rushing yards normally, thats a start



          Nike I guess for some of us, it’s more of a consistency thing. You realize Atlanta didn’t punt once Sunday? That’s horrible, and if not for some give aways by Atlanta, they probably put quite a few more points on the board.
          Howard Jones has been a nice bright spot as well and I’ll agree with you there, but I can’t give Mccoy any love for making one play the entire game.
          !0 million dollars for one play a game? Nah, not nearly enough for me. AS for our secondary, they just aren’t any good. This is something we’ll just have to deal with till next offseason.

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    I for one am happy with Lovie. The most important thing a head coach can do with a new team is build a winning culture and one that has the players pulled together. Dungy did a great job changing the mindset of the team, but one criticism of Dungy, is he had the offense and defense silo’ed. I think Lovie has the whole team working and caring for each other.

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    wow…..some of you guys need to really re-watch the game. The Def Tackles were beasts.
    Why do you think the Center had such a hard time snapping the ball. GMAC played more snaps
    than anyone on the line. With a bad shoulder. In overtime on that 4th down, he was almost
    triple teamed and got there. Now he may not be the most dominant Tackle in the game, but he
    shows up every week to play.
    So when you look at him, try not to compare him to Watt, who gets to play DE or any other
    position he wants on the line. As for Def Tackles, GMAC’s numbers are right up there with
    the top guys in the league.
    If anything, our DE’s should be making more plays, since they are almost always 1-on-1
    If there is some complaining to do, I suggest it be LVD. He has been a ghost on D.
    Conte, wouldn’t have come up late in the game to pick up Freeman and left Jones 1 on 1, had
    LVD picked up Freeman out of the backfield. He was late, so Conte came up.
    I think if we can ever get the Linebackers to get into their proper drops, our Secondary
    would get much better. It would also cut down on those Slants after a cpl guys get blown up.
    Just my two cents.

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    LVD and GMAC are not playing up to their new inflated salaries.

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    “Hang on for the ride” is the perfect statement for this season now, in the beginning or at the end. In our 2nd year in rebuild – and a rookie QB, how can it not be so? I thought at the start 6-7 wins would be respectable, barring too many Titan-esque scores. Look around the league and there’s a couple teams with recent successes doing no better. Just shows how close “the rest” of the NFL is. Bucs are doing just fine with Jameis and Lovie. Go Bucs!

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