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  1. 1


    Shouldnt affect his career at all as a player. I dont see how he tolerates her garbage though.

    1. 1.1


      Have you seen Miko’s pictures?

      1. 1.1.1


        lol and she says brent is not going anywhere because she has amazing oral skills



          I refer to her picture above. Smokin eye candy. That’s what keeps him around and I hope she gets some anger management sessions so the pics stay around:)lmao

  2. 2


    She has the right to say whatever ahe wants. People say what they want on their social media outlets daily. Not sure why this is an issue or being constantly brought up. If you dont want to hear what she has to say then dont follow her. True there are different ways to say and deliver things but in the end that is ultimately her decision. Now if something oit of her mouth changes the way B. Grimes back peddles or attacks the football, then we as bucs fans have an issue. Lol Go bucs! Lets shock the league this year! On the field.

  3. 3


    SR says Winston is a man of faith people have a melt down and go crazy on here, Miko says crazy stuff people say “she can say whatever she wants” ha hilarious and sad at the same time

    1. 3.2


      People were mad about SRs brexit comment and previous religious ramblings in regards to Lovie Smith. No need to create a false narrative.

  4. 4


    as long as she don’t become a distraction to the team.

  5. 5


    She’s a nutcase. People like that just need to be ignored but sadly the headline chasers give her attention. Not sure how grown man tolerates his spouse shooting her mouth off and affecting his career. Says a lot about him I guess.
    Jongruden good observation. The venom some have toward anything said regarding God is nuts too. Politically correct stupid world.

  6. 6


    Here is a little bit of history. The three civil right workers who were murdered in Mississippi that the movie Mississippi Burning is about; of the three one was Black and the other two were Jews.

  7. 7


    This woman must have scrambled eggs for brains or a serious chemical imbalance that might be helped by lithium.
    She certainly has had enough public displays of craziness to qualify as a manic depressive.
    Also, most people who are racists will always tell you they aren’t racists but just telling the truth.
    Miko Grimes is a racist and also apparently very spoiled and a narcissist.
    jiggyjoe you are right. As a matter of fact their were a lot of Jewish people involved in the civil rights movement in the 60s.
    unfortunately Miko Grimes is just a by product of todays American culture that celebrate trashy immoral behavior on reality shows.
    For her to blame the media for her predicament is laughably absurd.

  8. 8


    Everyone would be better served if she’d just keep her mouth shut. She’s now the equivalent of the BUCS very own Donald Trump. Sorry Miko, but that wasn’t the smart way too move, just like the Donald’s way of saying crap simply for effect, knowing good and well it’s going to upset people. Sorry girl, but it looks like YOU are the one desperately wanting all those “CLICKS”. lol

  9. 9


    BTW, no one said you couldn’t talk about religion from what I recall from a couple of weeks ago.
    I believe what was said was that they didn’t like their football mixed in with religion or religion forced down their throats.
    As for me, I don’t give a damn.
    But it seems ironic when you complain about having to be politically correct and then whine about people complaining about religion and football.
    You can’t have it both ways.

    1. 9.1


      Drdneast – If your going to give me a lecture get the facts straight, I complained about people always trying to be politically correct not myself, also if the word god is mentioned about someone’s faith don’t have a heart attack and start bitching, you would hate to know most players pray before and after a game a fact you wouldn’t want to know

  10. 10


    she should’ve just been politically correct and said dude is only around because of ethnic nepotism… most wouldn’t have even known what she meant LOL

    1. 10.1


      My feelings exactly. Because the crazy lady does have a valid point when she mentioned the “ethnic nepotism”. Taking care of your own is just human nature. It’s usually a bad idea in business. But it’s very common. Unfortunately the FACTS got overlooked when she used the phrase Jew buddy. It’s all a matter of presentation.

  11. 11


    I hate political correctness. She was the opposite of that but she’s just nuts and hateful obviously. I just find it ironic that the people that got all up in arms over God coming up in players interviews etc because it’s not politically correct, aren’t here freaking out about her not being politaclly correct. Lol. I guess since she’s attacking a religious group that’s no biggie…..
    Her analogy about Johnny Manzel’s father saying he’s a junkie and needed help was same as her ripping on her teams qb made zero sense. She’s a retard.

  12. 12


    jongruden, if you reread my post you will see that I plainly stated I didn’t care if someone brought up religion while discussing football or anything else for that matter.
    I have also seen. like most fans, players from both teams gather together in group prayer after a game.
    You need to get out of the sun in Arizona and please, get back on your meds.
    People who complain about having to be politically correct are just whining because they can’t be rude or impolite.

    1. 12.1


      You like to insult people a lot I wonder how many times you have been divorced?

  13. 13


    Miko Grimes needs to find a charity, local hospital, animal shelter, whatever and put a positive influence into someone’s life. She is a wife of a successful football player, who most likely doesn’t need a second income. Miko can use her affluence and do some good to someone who needs it! Who knows, she might even grow as a person in doing acts of kindness, instead of instigating old battles…

  14. 14


    Yep, we’re back to the 1960’s again; only this time it is well entrenched with ignorance from her or is it just plain hate? This woman needs some serious therapy.

  15. 15


    I consider myself ‘politically correct’ because most of the time I’m discussing politics, I am correct… As far as Brent Grimes’ wife goes- let’s all agree to not waste any time or energy acknowledging her on this site unless she makes the team.

  16. 16


    How much longer is she going to bitch and complain about the Dolphins? Get over it and move on. Enjoy what you have and stop the vindictive BS. It’s not attractive and nobody feels sorry for you. There are much more important issues to be concerned about.

    1. 16.1


      Well said.

  17. 17


    I couldn’t care less what Miko or other such wisdom challenged attention seekers say about any subject. Certainly not one as relatively tame as this ill advised remark. Now, when folks start talking about killing those who dare offend them, make false statements in order to fulfill an agenda, that’s a problem. I don’t care about your political or religious views. Can we get back to being a football site please?

  18. 18


    Unfortunately, lots of people make racist comments on social media every day. 99.9% of those stupid comments are ignored. For some reason, that doesn’t make sense to me, the ones made by Miko Grimes are covered. I don’t care what she says. I think the best policy is to not give her a bigger stage than her social media account. Stop covering what she says.

  19. 19


    Best insight out here Bucsfansince79. Unfortunately, narcissists like Miko never think beyond themselves.

  20. 20


    On a somewhat similar subject, I am wondering if the NFL is trying to squash and ignore the racist post and photo that the Browns player put up.
    I haven’t seen or heard a word of it on the NFL Network or their web site although I first heard it mentioned on NFL Sirrus.
    The photo he posted was of white police officer having his throat cut by a hooded figure.
    If Brady gets a four game suspension for allegedly playing with the air pressure of a football, this clown should get at least eight for conduct detrimental to the game.
    Afterwards, any team who wants to hire this thug should pay the consequences at the gate.
    Browns fans are already calling for the guy to be cut.

  21. 21


    Scott: I understand it’s the slow season right now, but could you commit to not writing ANYTHING about this person once the season begins please.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. 21.1


      worked in the service industry my entire life. One of the more disappointing lessons i have learned is: There is no such thing as “Bad” attention. I agree. Why fuel this?

  22. 22


    Always hard to find worthwhile football news stories in July. Sounds like Miko would make a good Veep nomineee for Trump. Their personalities are identical. Triko? Mump?

  23. 23


    If the question about divorce was intended for me jongruden the answer is I’m still on my first wife god bless her soul. Almost 36 years.
    Although she is a non practicing Catholic, I am sure that will be overlooked and she will almost certainly and eventually be nominated for sainthood.

    1. 23.1


      Well there are those women who tolerate more than they should

  24. 24


    Hope that Grimes can play football better than his wife presents herself. That photo of her is something. Did she wrap her hair around a softball or what. Red is definitely not her color. She be better off with just a little black dress.
    She must really be a handful for Brent

  25. 25


    This broad is the type of gal who will get through a paycheck faster than 10 lap dancers.

    1. 25.1


      Looks like see could give out a lap dance. Just sayin

  26. 26


    Mike..please STFU. Ok?

  27. 27


    As Mr Spock might have said “Fascinating!”.
    Brent Grimes turns 33 on July 19th. He will surely be one of the oldest starting DBs in the NFL. I am betting that the Buc’s brain trust weighed the potential of Miko’s off the field distractions against the contributions Brent could make near term. They, just as other teams do, have to factor in “win now!” against “build for the future!”. Solid organizations find a way to do both for ongoing success.
    Unless some real surprise occurs this season I see CB as a priority along with WR in next year’s draft.
    Scott, a little common sense on your part will tell you how much or how little coverage to give when Miko pops off during the season. Don’t let the national media feeding frenzy sway you one way or the other.
    Go Bucs!!!

  28. 28


    Not sure why anyone cares what she has to say.. she’s obviously not a very educated writer or speaker.. if it becomes an issue get rid of grimes and the problem solved. She’s out of line and you cant tell her otherwise..you cant tell a narcissist how to think or behave. eventually they all destroy themselves

  29. 29


    This isn’t just a Glazer situation. Half the NFL owners are Jewish. She’s gotta work on this.

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