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    I think everyone on defense is frustrated..I just want to see some tenacity from McCoy. It’s one thing to smile in between the whistles if we’re winning but I dont know how he can smile through so many ugly losses. I’d rather hear gerald tell us “no more Mr. Niceguy” rather than the generic “vow to get better”

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      Well Tampa Bay has had a rought start in 2015. and things could turn around this coming sunday against the Cowboys. I wished I could be there to show the support of Tampa Bay. Even my wife don’t understand why I don’t support the cowboys well buc fans ever since Tampa Bay came into the leaguee Iam a Buc fans. I will be until Iam no longer here. I knew the past Bucs like Brooks,Lynch’s Mark Cotney,Lee Roy Selmond,David Pear, ans Walley Chambers. Buc Fans Has Injuries Just like every team. Lets come out and root for bucs on Sunday. I hope James Winston against the Dallas Cowboys. Jameis Winston is learning and moving forward.I can’t wait when Tampa selects draft choices for 2016 GO Bucss

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    Didn’t McCoy proudly announce in pre-season world he came in below 270? He needs to put more weight on; he plays DT, not DE!

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    McCoy isn’t a DE, but maybe he should be. Line him up there once in awhile, what could it hurt?

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    McCoy is playing and admits he’s not at 100 percent but says he needs to be out there to help his team.
    In the meantime we have a TE who says he’s not going to play until he is a 100 percent and the team does need him.
    I don’t think McCoy is the player whose heart and effort we need to question.

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      I agree completely. Jenkins is a bust. Two yrs, how many games has he played ? Him and Evans who obviously is a great player but the guy drops so many passes. With Jackson out, both of these guys need to show some leadership and step up.

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    He looks HORRIBLE at DE. He needs to get some shimmy and some wiggle in his game. You can’t bull rush everyone, even at the 3 technique.

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    Mr. Nice Guy is pissed off. In my eyes that is a good thing. Rice talked about this defense not having a killer instinct and then Kwon exploded. If this defense can get McCoy, David, Alexander and Conte mad as hell, this defense could actually get some three and outs and maybe, just maybe keep an opponent out of the end zone. Mr. Nice Guy is mad. It’s about time.

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      Uncle Stan

      He’s supposedly been mad before and I didn’t see any change then nor do I expect to see it now.

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    IMO, we have a scheme problem first and foremost…we try with great regularity to gain pressure with only the front four, then sit 7 back in some type of zone, and get picked off on quick passes (largely over the middle) time and again. I don’t think more heart, or effort, or anger is going to change any of that…if we don’t start teaching our players to do something different on defense and don’t start asking them to do something different, I don’t see why we should expect the result to be any different. I don’t know if this is just our version of this defense, just the way we happen to call the changes in our defense (blitz, zone, man, etc.), or whether its the whole defense philosophy (although I note some other teams have generally a similar philosophy and have more success)…but I seriously doubt a more angry GMC is going to stop QB’s from throwing quick slant (or dart if you will Tim Jennings) passes to rip us apart…

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      it’s hard to pressure the qb when he’s allowed to find open receivers quickly. all day sunday our cbs either positioned themselves 10 yds downfield or dropped there on the snap and allowed the receiver to curl right at the first down line. it probably reminded eli of playing catch with peyton in the backyard. the defensive scheme sucks.

    2. 8.2


      I totally agree too. We need to blitz a little bit more than almost NEVER!! Especially on third and long. I only remember seeing 2 blitzes on 3rd and long (I think), and one was an interception and the other was as close to incomplete as you can get. Yes, sadly it was the third down at the end of the game where we hurried Eli into a bad throw and Beckham bailed him out with a spectacular shoestring catch 1 inch off of the ground. We don’t need to be super aggressive, just blitz a little more often on 3rd and long.

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    injunjoe, the problem wasn’t so much the coverage of the DB’s, the ball was just coming out in less than 3 seconds.
    most of the passes were short timing routes.
    I don’t think Manning threw a ball past 10 yards down the field until the fourth quarter.
    I’m puzzled why no one seems to recognize thisl

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      Problem is, we are supposed to be covering the short routes, that is what our defense is built around. We are supposed to have corners that can cover in the short range and via zone. We are supposed to have problems when our D-line can’t get fast enough pressure and the QB has more time to look downfield, that is where our weakness is supposed to be. We now have weakness in BOTH areas?? Not sure why everyone is so successful with the short area throws. I do know, I do not remember Ronde and friends playing quite so far off. When teams are on the 5 yard line, our DB’s are standing on the goal line?? It is the easiest slant to throw, and as soon as someone really commits hard to stop it, the fade or out will be totally open too.

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    David worries me most. The rest are acknowledging their lack of production. L. David is saying he is just doing what he is told to do.

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