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    Mayock seems to not like JW – maybe I’m being hyper sensitive, but you can tell watching him that something is sticking in the back of his mind when the character issue is raised. I’d be curious to know because he’s probably the most tied in draft guru on TV.

    On a related note, I didn’t hear similar criticism of Matt Ryan pre-draft despite similar interception issues.

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      Mayock is probably just hedging for the future, as neither QB this year is worthy of a slam dunk #1pick; both have issues/questions. Unfortunately there is also no “safe” clear cut Clowney type player to fall back on. IMO (if slate was clean and L&L were not afraid to get the boot after 15) the clever move is to concede that 15 will be another “tough” year for the fans(business as usual), trade down and stock pile picks. Building from bottom and up, since this draft, if nothing else, is deep AND we will be picking early again next year, no matter what we do, just too many holes to fill ion one year. MG/Beaker can be serviceable if he has more than 0,1 sec to get the ball off AND our “terrible” RBs might actually provide some relief if we did not start different versions of a chubby punter at right guard all year again.

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    I think that Mayock is being ultra conservative, that’s all. Many $$$$’s invested and a BIG decision. Fortunately the Bucs have made up their minds on #5 and he will be a star

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    Years ago I thought Mayock was a top evaluator of talent but no so much any more. I still remember how he was so high on Barron, how did that turn out. Just another talking head making an opinion just like a weather man about the weather.

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    We always think the TV “expert” is right when their opinions align with our own. But I learned a long time ago that what they say, good or bad, isn’t the gospel by which everything is to be judged. Many just repeat each other. Often they develop a personal bias that isn’t based on fact or in depth study and keep blurting it out. Many want to project some “holier than thou” image of themselves. Some even chose to go against their brethren to stir it up a little. But remember, it’s a rehearsed TV show with a script. Forget the football comparisons, both are good. Ignore the 19 year old’s antics and the Duck’s Dudley Do Right image, time will change both. Focus on the personalities. Who do you want behind center when there’s under two minutes to play and you’re behind by 6? Give me the guy who makes his teammates believe. Doug Williams had that quality in spite of poor statistics. Freeman seemed to have that quality until he went off the deep end. It’s rare, so when you have the chance to get a QB with “it” you take him.

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    Mayock is a TV combine personality and he’s good at it. But after the combine, the guy is basically put back into moth balls until next year.

    His opinion is what it is. At this point his opinion, like Tony Dungy, another guy I like really doesn’t matter. The pick is in and it’s made at OBP!

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    Funny watching Schiano, and Dom on ESPN yesterday. Even they had to admit they’d take a QB with the first pick, because you’ll never be great until you find that one. So much for Glennon, good solid QB, but not a great one. Can we agree? Saw a snip it, Gruden with Winston. There’s a play in the N.D. game where Gruden asks, did you change the protection on this play? Yes sir, my back was to my left, had an outside guy on my right. Wasn’t sure if my linemen saw it, saw I dummy count, point the MIKE, and slide the line right. I know I got the T.D., and just have to make the play. Gruden, outstanding!! You helped yourself, and your line out. Yes sir. Honestly, you still don’t want the Bucs to pick this guy? I think after we see our old ball coach with M.M., and Winston, we’ll be sold on Jameis.

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    Oh and Mayock, you’re a puss.

  8. 8

    Bucs Capacitor

    Mayock also rated Blaine Gabbert higher than Cam Newton.

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    I love listening to Mayock even when he broadcasts games on NFL Network he really knows the game and studies a lot of film and players tendacies, but I don’t take what he says as gospel more for entertainment.

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    This is the first analysis(that I’ve seen), that has mentioned a bad word about Winston. Every Mock draft from small town newspapers to NFL website has him going number one. The article’s are usually in his favor too. Mayock asked Jameis some specific questions at his pro-day and Jameis didn’t seem to be able to really give a good answer or at least on with a point.(Kinda sounded like Matthew McConaughey in the Lincoln Comercial or that Monday night game interview.) I just want to know if this rape case is closed for good! If so, let’s get him.

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    I do not care what this so call sport experts says. Winston should be the bucs pick. What Iam really looking forward to see is what the bucs will do with the next 5 selections. Iam hoping that before Tampa is finish Is that Tampa get a 2nd qb, a good offensive linemen at least two. A solid RB that can exploded thru the line and another defensive lineman that can attack the opposing team qb. Go Bucs

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    amen, Georgehicks.

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    You never ever draft a guy as your CEO with this many off the field issues. Want positional player with that baggage, draft him all day long. But not my leader.

    This will go down unfortunately as another mistake in a long line of bad draft decisions where teams reach for the sake of need. If something does not scream awkward to to you when this guy stands in the pocket I’m not sure you can be convinced, you’ll just have to be proven wrong over time, just as some of you were with Freeman and Johnny Manziel. College is not the NFL. The last part most of you miss is the talent level currently at FSU. I have followed them closer than most teams as I assumed Tampa would be in this spot a year ago when they signed Josh McCown.

    He had great numbers sure, but that’s the part thats “fools gold” to the casual fan. Put 30 other QB’s under center of that team from across America and I strongly feel you’d be shocked at the numbers most would have.

    This QB is NOT great. He’s no leader of men! Are you kidding me? And yet this is what terrible organizations do, they reach for guys like Manziel and the great organizations sit back and laugh their asses off. This is a complete reach with this kid. just like Manziel, the level of immaturity screams you’re an idiot if you draft him, yet the Browns did it last year. I’m still laughing at my buddies in Cleveland over that one.

    What should the Bucs do you ask? I say neither Winston or Mariota are starting caliber QB’s in the NFL. If the Bucs were smart, they would trade down and acquire more talent which they desperately need, or stay put and take the BPA. That’s what they should do.

    But fans demand the reach for our future…WE NEED A SAVIOR…they scream….combine that with the fact the coaching staff looks at the QB situation, knows it can’t win without a great one, knows it can’t win with its current ones, thus they succumb to the pressure and make the choice.

    It’s gotta be hard being Lovie Smith. I feel for him I really do. He’s almost in an impossible situation, and truth be told he’s probably screwed either way.

  14. 14


    If only we “casual” fans could see “fool’s gold” like you BF. Still think you’re the smartest person on Rocky Top huh? Who ya want, Heath Schuler?

  15. 15


    Heath Schuler , what a joke he was. how do people make such bad choices. Beat out by 7th rd Gus Ferotte the head banger.

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