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    Yes, I believe we could make the playoffs with some luck and our players and coaches prepared to play and adjust to the game as it is being played.

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    I believe we can after Licht pulls in another great draft class, as he is fully capable of doing like last year. This would be a doable great draft: 1. Sheldon Rankins DT, 2. Emmanuel Ogbah DE & Germain Irfedi OT (2d pick trade for Glennon), 3. Miles Killebrew SS, 4. Jonathan Jones CB, 5. Cody Core WR, 6. Nick Kwiatkoski MLB & SLB backup and STs, 7. Joel Heath DT backup, and Undrafted Will Ratelle FB

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    As someone who has been negative on Bucs past seasons, I would be pretty disappointed if they do not finish 2nd in the division. Atlanta and New Orleans should both be picking in the top 10 next year.

    Finishing 2nd in the division does guarantee a playoff spot but does narrow the field a lot.

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    Just saw that josh Norman became a free agent about an hour ago! There’s no reason we shouldn’t be flying this guy in to Tampa right now!! This would be an insane addition and yes, we have the money to spare!

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    Someone go to Licht House and wake Jason up Josh Norman is available and we have 60 mil in cap space which could be more if we cut A Verner

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      See! That’s what I’m talking about. If you would have taken the time to go to OTC (Over The Cap), you would would have seen that the Bucs have about 16mil in cap space. The Jags have 59mil. You have got to read before you post!!

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    Unless they relocate a bog chunk of players cap hits next year into signing bonuses, there isn’t a good chance we get Norman. Saw what you saw MAc and that is what he’s asking for per year so it won’t fly unfortunately.

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      In addition to that if you go to Spotrac you will see that the projected draft rookie pool is 6.5mil. Money has to be set aside for drafted players.

      OTC (Over The Cap) Bucs cap space is $15,795,430. Spotrac projected draft pool is $6,541,855. Effective cap space is $9,253,575. Not to worry though, OTC 2017 projected Bucs cap space is $74,761,273.

      Remember, Josh Norman is a 5th round pick. So is Richard Sherman. We should grow our own!!

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    Cap space is an issue, but I don’t want to leave the impression that it’s a game stopper. If the Bucs really want this guy, there are 100 ways to find the money to get this done.

    The Buc have only made but one cut, Bruce Carter, since the FA began. There are a hand full of cuts that could be made to get the dollars. John Gruden mentioned Verner and there is DE George Johnson, Kourtnei Brown, and a host of minimum wage 400k-500K guys that aren’t going to make the cut. There could even draft the FSU kicker and cut both Murray and Barth.

    So the issue is how bad do they want this guy who reportedly wants 16mil. They would be wise to investigate why Carolina pulled his tag. Un heard of for a top rated player!

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      Its “Jon” Gruden Not “John” and its “Ronde” not “Rhonde” Barber its puzzling to me how Buc Fans still mis spell the great names in our franchise, btw I “read” your post and caught your mistake ha

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        You’re priceless!

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    Getting to 9-7 would be a leap for this team. I am not saying we cannot do it, but the defense is really not very good. I think they are going to have to score big in the Draft and still may be at least one more year away.

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    Cut EDS, George Johnson, Verner and you probably free up around 10 mil in cap space and your almost there to signing Norman seems logical to me

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    Paying $16m per yr (with at least 2-3 yrs guaranteed) for a guy that will be 29 to start the season, and has had one very good year, in no way sounds like a Jason Licht move…at least not the new Jason Licht post Collins/Johnson…I’m not getting my hopes up on this one.

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