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    Name Required

    Again, either is miles better than what the Bucs have at the moment. They have to take a shot at one of these guys to energize the fan base, which has been starving for a real QB since the team’s inception.

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    Ummm….I need some help here fellas! I heard Lovie’s press conference Monday and I need to be sure I ‘m interpreting what he said correctly. Lovie Smith is a hard guy to pin down or better yet, figure out.

    At minute 23:30 of his Monday presser, he was asked his opinion of the read option offense (a loaded question, no doubt). Love said that it was ok, but he thought that it needed a lot of protection and eventually read option QBs get hurt. He further went on to say that he thought that occasionally you need a couple of these plays in your offense.

    Sometimes you hear what you want to hear and sometimes you don’t hear what you don’t want to hear! You know Lovie speaks in parables or at least tries to be ambiguous when speaking to the press. What was your interpretation of what he said?

    Didn’t sound like he was anti- read option, but didn’t sound like he might want it for his predominant offense either – just an occasional play here or there to keep defenses honest. Seemed aware of what has happened to RGIII and Kaepernick, and thinks RO QBs are prone to injury.

    I watched the Rose Bowl game last night and I thought Mariota was impressive. But if Winston can pass his off-field tests, I think he will make the best NFL QB. The guy can throw lasers as if on automatic. The Bucs still have some homework to do, but I fell in love with Winston’s arm!


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    ” if the Buccaneers are willing to radically adapt and implement a read-option type of offense that best suits Mariota’s game.” You’re making an assumption it’s all he can do.
    There is a biased tone to the article for Winston and against Mariota. Winston may be more out-of the box ready, but I don’t think you get more than we’ve already seen. Mariota’s ceiling is MUCH higher and his overall skill set is better. Bucs have to pick a franchise QB THIS year and they have the option of picking whomever they like. I like Mariota MUCH more for the long term.

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      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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    First time I watched a complete Ducks game. The Oregon offense is built on Dink and Dunk and speed. When the D runs out of gas you have your way with them. Was not really impressed with Mariotas arm strength. I would guess that twenty of his completions were ten yards or less with multiple screens. IMO Mariota is a average QB in a run option system he knows and runs very well. Will that translate to the NFL? I believe you will have to run a system similar to Oregon’s system for Mariota to be successful in the NFL. I don’t believe he took one snap under center, if he did I must have missed it. Mariota looks like a project QB that you have to build a read option system for him. To be honest, I wanted the Buc’s to draft Winston before this game and this game did nothing to change my mind. Mariota is a good College QB in a great system. L&L have a major decision to make, I just hope it’s the right one.

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      could not agre emore sir. Watching teh two it is clear our offensive coordinator will be a deciding factor. Over half of mariottas passes last night were bubble screen and he is wildly inaccurate over the middle. You can’t take a QB with the first pick if he is that much of a prospect. And again, he didn’t take one snap from under center.

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    macabee… I wrote the post above before I read your post. Believe your thinking is similar to mine, Winston should be the pick unless you want to run a read option offense or wait years for Mariota to maybe develop into a pocket passer. IMO Mariotas arm strength is no where close to Winstons.

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    I am scared to death of Winston. I agree that he appears to physically more NFL ready , but how about mentally?
    Does anybody else see to much Jamarcus Russell in him? Especially if he is drafted by the Bucs and plays to a hometown crowd..
    There are too many red flags with this guy and if we draft him and he explodes OFF the field, then we have set the franchise back even further( if thats possible for a 2-14 team)
    DRAFT Mariota!!

    1. 6.1


      Jamarcus Russell had a drug problem and work ethic issues. Neither of those apply to Jameis Winston, so let’s not compare the two please.

      The closest recent comparison to Winston’s off-the-field issues is Cam Newton. And despite being kicked out of UF the fellow Heisman winner seems to be fine in the NFL.

      1. 6.1.1


        Fair comparison imo with Cam Newton. But in the Big Picture Cam Newton is still a Losing QB through four years in the NFL. And currently is listed as an average QB. Not acceptable for a no. 1 overall pick.



          The thing is is that can was never an accurate qb, Winston is. Big difference.

      2. 6.1.2


        Russell’s drug arrest was AFTER he left the NFL, not during. And if you look at what Fisher said about Russell, it compares very favorably to Winston. He stated that Russell was a kid who had great work ethic, was “very talented and he is very intelligent.”

        Winston in no way compares to Newton’s off field issues. Newton was never accused of rape, didn’t commit theft or shout obscenities on campus.

    2. 6.2


      at risk of being a Mariota fan and Winston basher but; I honestly see Winston being the next Ryan Leaf, i don’t see anything impressive about him at all. to me he has good but not great accuracy but his decision making when he throws is terrible and if people give me the argument about no matter how many picks he throws he’ll find a way to win, i’ll scream. if you want to see what will happen to Winston in the NFL watch the Rose Bowl again. as a Bucs fan i don’t want to see that horror show every week

      1. 6.2.1
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        Mark Cook

        Watch the Rose Bowl again? The one where he completed 64% of his passes for over 350 yards and led his offense to 528 yards? I am pretty sure most teams in the NFL would take that. He had one bad play, a fumble. If that is a is a horror show I will but a ticket. Unless you saw him also playing defense for FSU I have no clue what you are trying to say.

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    Mariota proved to the nay sayers who have never seen him play who the better qb is in this draft. What does FSU do after the game? they walk off the field without shaking the hands of Oregon Players, they have always been a program of thugs and criminals who don’t value anything other than football talent. Winston said after the game ” we beat ourselves” giving zero credit to Oregon. Mariota high paced athletic offense wore out the defense of FSU. Oh and loved seeing Winston get into another yelling match with Fisher on sideline, what a classless moron and I can’t belive after all this they stil want him on our team. SIGH

    1. 7.1


      John your love of mariotta is almost touching. But what does the players walking off of the field have to do with anything? Winston was out there shaking hands. What about the classless ducks chanting no means no? Does that make mariotta a bad person? And Winston yelling in the sidelines is called passion, and I want a Brady like qb, not a guy that sits in the sideline and doesn’t say a word. What shocks me is that after about 29 bubble screens, you still think mariotta is the better pro.

      1. 7.1.1


        yes, after correctly following the pay call from his coaches i also think Mariota is the better QB. Mariota was given plays to execute and did…it’s called a game plan!

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      Mark Cook

      FSU was asked to clear the field quickly so they could roll out the trophy presentation, and Alabama did the exact same thing last night. It just wasn’t point out by the TC commentators.

      1. 7.2.1


        Thank you for pointing that out mark, most people just listen to espn bash them for it.

    3. 7.3


      Lol Johngruden, you know that most of the fans here are die hard fsu fans and in their eyes Winston is flawless.

      On top of that, their sour that fsu got slaughtered by a much better football team.

  8. 8


    cgmaster27….Agree 100 percent, As for Winston yelling on the sidelines, have you seen Dez Bryant(sp) screaming at Romo and other players on the Cowboys including his HC. I also see it as passion for the game. I also saw his leadership when his freshman RB fumbled twice he went over and patted him on the helmet to console the freshman and that was before the game got out of hand. That is leadership my friend. That is why he is liked by his teammates.

    1. 8.1


      Dez is your example of a guy with passion the guy who walked off the field before the game ended,lol dont forget terrel owens and keyshawn johnson as those guys too

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    I’m a die hard FSU fan, but it sure seemed like Mariota has a very fast release and fires out the short/medium range passes. Winston has a slower release and seemed like his passes took forever to get there in comparison. I think Winston will have a lot of pick sixes if he floats those sideline routes in the NFL. I thought he regressed this year, which I think baseball was the cause. He’s more concerned with wanting to play both sports professionally, but he really needs to focus on one sport to make it successfully in either league. He wants to be like Prime Time or Bo Jackson, but isn’t on their level.

    1. 9.1


      One of the contributing factors for Winston’s slow release is he occasionally will pat the ball before throwing. It’s a terrible habit but he wouldn’t be the first QB in history to do it. Brady and Rodgers are a few who do it as well.

  10. 10


    I was really impressed with Mariota, and felt that Winston demonstrated some vulnerabilities. That being said I was totally impressed with the team Mariota plays on and the scheme it runs (RO). The Bucs are a long way from a Chip Kelly style offense and I can see the Duck QB getting killed with the current Buc OL . A lot of upgrades need to be made before we can expect results like Mariota showed in the Rose Bowl. On the other hand Winston did well stat-wise but his attitude sucks. He would certainly pull Father Dungy groomed Lovie out of his shell. You could tell Jimbo was upset with him. So in conclusion, we need a franchise QB, we have the pick, the .Bucs to the NFL are not what the Ducks are to the College ranks, Winston is pro-ready, but needs a lot of attitude adjustment, an finally Mariota is too young to die.
    It will be an interesting offseason……….

  11. 11


    Since when does yelling at your coach show passion and leadership? in that case Jeff George was a great leader who had great passion, lol

    1. 11.1


      Passion and leadership is shown by getting the entire offense down and thaking every one of them when they were getting slaughtered. It’s patting your running back who just had his second fumble on the head as he walks off of the filed. It’s grabbing your wide reciever that just had a ball bounce off of his hands and into the defenses hands and letting him know it’s all good. He does that stuff on the sidelines in every game. Him yelling with jimbo happened all the time if you watched their careers. He’s passionate and sometimes too in the moment. Lovie would be a perfect person to deal with that. Look we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one, but I think we can all agree we need a qb. My problem lies in our teams design. It will take at least 3 years before we can build a team that mariotta can thrive on. Jameis is a plug and play, and I’m tired of waiting.

  12. 12


    Drafting Winston scares me because of his character. The Bucs don’t need trouble from their players and especially their QB. Just off the top of my head, I think back to high NFL draft picks who had character problems before the draft and couldn’t overcome them when they hit the NFL. Nebraska RB Lawrence Phillips (1-6) Rams, LSU QB Jamarcus Russell (1-1) Raiders, Washington State QB Ryan Leaf (1-2) Chargers and Kansas CB Aqib Talib (1-20) Bucs. Mariota looks great, but he is a spread QB and will need time to develop. Also his fire is in question. The Bucs have serious O-line and DE needs. I am glad I don’t have to pull the trigger. The Bucs can’t afford a misfire with this pick.

  13. 13


    If I’m a GM and I like a QB who says he wants to concentrate on baseball now that his football season is over, I’m scared and I’ll pass. I’m paying millions of dollars for you to be committed to football. Mariota’s quick release and athletic ability put him over Winston in my mind. Bucs need a franchise QB. If they like Mariota, he’s the pick.

  14. 14


    I’m with Buc-Up on this one. Winston proved to me he has back peddled from last season. Winston has already stated he’s going to play baseball for the Noles. If he went and focused on football I might take him later on, but no matter what at Spot No. 1. Mariota is a decent/good QB for the NFL and if forced right now I would pick him. I was very impressed with his speed of his release and zip on the ball. If someone would trade us a decent QB like Nick Folds then I might swap with them for their 1st & 2nd and a 2nd next year. If not I’m drafting Mariota. I’m past Winston; way to slow in his release and at times he has no velocity on the ball.

  15. 15


    I also read that Winston is looking towards baseball this year and that scares me more then his off field problems. If things don’t go well the first year or two in the NFL will he QUIT and try his hand at baseball? There is a lot of interviews, research etc. that has to be done with this pick before the card is turned in. We can only hope they get it right! Nothing is ever easy with the Bucs.

  16. 16


    I’ve said it many times this season, As a die hard Bucs fan it should be about using the first round draft pick on Marcus Mariota. It’s only right that are Buccaneers can have a real franchise Q.B. and I believe that Marcus Mariota is the right answer.The team and the fans deserve to have a good or even great Q.B.

  17. 17


    Neither qb is worth the first overall pick. Mariota is a poor man’s Russell Wilson, and Jameis reminds me too much of Freeman and Leftwich, with his lumbering feet and back foot throws.

    Trade out and draft the best offensive tackle in the draft. Missing on one of these two will put us back another 5-7 years. And neither resembles an Andrew Luck.

    1. 17.1


      ehinote: Winston also reminds me of Leftwich with his long release and body type. Had similar passion too as was the case when Leftwich was hurt and tried to get down the field after a long completion.

  18. 18


    We’re going to be here on the eve of the 2015 draft debating whether it is Mariota or Winston if they both declare. Winston may make the debate moot by deciding to stay in school or play baseball. What I’m about to say is in no way intended to change anybody’s mind.

    I’ve just been around a long time and I believe if you’re looking for the mouse, start with the cat! Try as we might to pick the QB for the Bucs, but the truth of the matter is we will only get to jawbone with each other in the theater of the absurd while there is one person who will unilaterally make this pick and that is Lovie Smith – the cat in my analogy. I suggest we stop looking at QB stats and start asking the question – What would Lovie do?

    That is why I invited all of you to re-listen to Lovie’s words at the end of his final presser. Then put on your gumshoes and put some facts together. The first two OC candidates that Lovie wanted to interview are Dirk Koetter and Mike Mularkey, the present and former OCs for the Atlanta Falcons.

    Mularkey and Koetter, his successor at the Falcons both run a pro-style offense that depends heavily on the running game. Ryan had his greatest success under Mularkey when he frequently mixed in an up-tempo, no-huddle style offensive plays. That sounds a lot like what the Bucs were aiming for last year with the “speed in space” offense with coordinator Jeff Tedford.

    Lovie spent a lot of time with Tedford developing the concept and thought it important enough t to try and keep it under wraps before the season started. Well so much for that idea, but Lovie is stubborn and I think he is still intent on running that offense – kind of explains the Charles Sims 3rd round pick from last year.

    All of you know that I think Winston is the best pro-style QB, but if I had to guess what Lovie would do, I think he wants a Matt Ryan “with legs” and an OC that can run an up-tempo, no huddle style offense. My guess is that after seeing Mariota “gas” the FSU defense last night, he would pick Mariota and an experienced OC like Koetter or Mularkey (if the Titans allow him to interview). From now on, I’m looking at the cat and I’ll bet that’s where we’ll find the mouse!

    1. 18.1


      Roy Cummings ‏@RCummingsTBO · 23m23 minutes ago
      The Bucs interviewed 49ers OC Greg Roman for their vacant OC job today in L.A., per Alex Marvez of Fox Sports.

      Greg Roman runs a read-option offense with QB Colin Kaepernick and RB Frank Gore.

      I’m either on to something or I’m getting further out in left field! lol.

  19. 19


    I attended yesterday’s Rose Bowl game and walked away torn.Both of these guys have the potential to be great NFL QBs- if you could meld them into one guy,he would be the most dangerous guy out there…The problem is they are two guys with two sets of strengths and weaknesses…What makes it worse is that the others street is basically the others weakness when comparing these guys.

    Mariota shows maturity,can make plays consistently with his legs,has a quick release and can manage a game.His quick release comes at the cost of his accuracy and his scrambling weakens his pocket presence and reading defenses.He has reached his college football ceiling in the way of furthering his development in the college ranks…Is he a great QB,yes- will it translate to the NFL ? I believe that depends on him going to the right program,coaches and he still is driven to strengthen his game.
    Winston lacks maturity ,has a slower throwing motion, and is more turnover prone and less mobile- he also seemed distracted to an extent.Though he and Mariota are the same height-Winston looks a lot beefier,that muscle comes in handy at the next level…Winston also seems to play with less fear for lack of a better word.He stands in there trying to go through his reads as defensive players are right on him and leaves the pocket at the last possible moment- he has Mariota beat there…His arm mechanics are a bit slower( which telegraphs passes that lead to INTs ) but the results seem to be a tighter spiral,greater range and accuracy to his throws.His mechanics can be worked on to an extent but the fact he goes through his reads and stands tall in the pocket already,he can only get better at the pro level.I think he has Mariota beat here too…I also believe Winston has yet to reach his collegiate ceiling and could better his game tremendously by returning to play another year.He has an incredible skill set and it will only get better,it is now up to Winston’s character to see if he can dedicate himself to bettering himself,his behavior and his game.If he stays in school for another year,he will be the better QB…
    But this is this year and Mariota is at his peak.Hopefully he will show the world more against the buckeyes and make it easy to watch him go from Duck to Buc…If he tanks and Winston enters the draft,we are a square one again…

  20. 20


    Lots of interesting and perceptive comments.

    Not being a fan of college football, what I noticed most was that Winston had a minimum of 3 seconds to throw the ball. The Oregon pass rush is worse than the Bucs.

    Being a long time ex coach, Winston’s temper tantrum puts me off. If Fisher had any balls he would have benched him.

  21. 21


    A lot of great observations and posts. Of course there are some who watched the Buc QB Bowl with some obvious bias. Much of which had nothing to do with QB play. If you are looking for a nice young man to marry your daughter and think it’s OK for the team leader to be somewhat sheepish and shy then Mariota is that guy without question. But if you want someone with a never give up attitude and aren’t overly concerned about the crab legs pilfer and the crude wisecrack (no charges ever filed on the rape case so let’s not convict him here) then Winston is the clear choice.

    This was the first time I’d actually had a chance to watch Mariota. He seems to have a lot of zip on the ball and is obviously very athletic and able to run away from defenders. Not sure I want my QB doing that too many times especially with his slight build. As some have noted, many of Mariota’s passes were quick-outs with only a few downrange. His accuracy was questionable when he missed some open receivers. All in all, I thought he looked like an intriguing prospect who may need time to adjust. Need to see more. I wonder how being so far away from his home in Hawaii will affect him.

    Winston also has zip on his passes and seems willing to throw the ball into tight windows. While not as athletic as Mariota, he has some movement skills and isn’t afraid to stick his head in there. He scans the field well and isn’t bothered by the pass rush. Seemed better last season than this one. Why?

    Right now I’m not sure either QB is worthy of that first pick. As someone said, if you could combine the two you’d have a future star. Like macabee mentioned, Lovie, Jason Licht and our new OC will be the ones doing the evaluations for this important decision. But the big hungry cats are the Glazer boys. As for them influencing the choice. I suspect they would lean toward the more more mystical, fresh, intriguing, exciting “face of the franchise” that Mariota would bring over the more traditional style Winston, for whom they would be constantly worried about the team’s image.

    Maybe someone will offer a pirate’s booty of draft picks and we’ll stick with our own #8. But at least today, I think the choice would be Mariota. That’s a prediction, not an endorsement…….yet.

  22. 22


    Nice posts, this debate will be raging for awhile. I started out in favor of Winston for reasons already stated by others. If you look at the picture that heads this article, how can you not want Mariota? That was two FSU defenders he left grabbing for grass on his way to a 26yd touchdown sprint. Someone mentioned he’s a poor mans Wilson. Only he’s four inches taller, and frankly I’ll take a poor mans Wilson over what we have. I won’t knock Winston, the kid went 29-1 through difficult times. I’d like to see him land with Tenn, he reminds me of Steve McNair, and that’s saying alot. For us it should be Mariota. For now.

  23. 23


    By the way, no matter how bad the Bucs have been, it’s been since 87 we’ve had the first overall pick. You have to shoot for a Q.B.. I laugh when posters say neither one of these guys is worth the #1 pick, but they never say who is? This draft doesn’t have a franchise L.T., D.E., or D.T., and it’s painfully obvious we need a Q.B.. You could trade back for picks, but think if Gruden would’ve picked Rogers instead of Caddie, we wouldn’t be having this debate. You need a quarterback in the NFL, you don’t have the 1st pick in the draft often, swing for the face of the franchise.

  24. 24


    I agree surfer, but things can get crazy in a hurry. Chip Kelly has made a coup and taken over the player personnel dept. at the Eagles. There are those who think that he is gathering strength to mortgage the farm on a bid for Mariota – a mortgage the previous GM would not have approved.

    I’m going to stop now before I’m accused of being a conspiracy theorist, and just wait and see what happens. It’s going to take a better man than me to say what Lovie will or will not do. So I’m going to read comments for a while and wait for some shoes to drop!!

    In the meantime, anybody’s guess is as good as mine!! Have fun!

  25. 25


    Scubo. Suferdues,Cremdonado, Buc-Up,Macabee, all make good points. Jongruden, I had to leave you out of this because you are way to pro Mariota and I don’t think many of us feel the same passion you have for Mariota. Not saying we won’t take him, just saying I wished I had other options. for me the idea situation would be to trade with Philadelphia and take Nick Folds along with Eagles 1 & 2 this year and 2 next year. I would also pick up another journeyman QB and say good by to McCown and Glennon. None of this is going to happen, but i can still dream. I hope Mariota will have a good game against Ohio State to make me feel a lot better about picking him. What ever happens we need to make the announcement fast as to who will be our QB or the big trade in order to excite new possible ticket buyers including myself.

  26. 26


    Oops I mean Scubog; sorry.

  27. 27


    Winston is a clown. Anyone catch him screaming at his coach after their 4th turnover??? their QB coach had to settle him down while they were getting embarrassed (by the scores we lose by we can’t have our QB throwing a tantrum). Not to mention Winston has too much ego- he told the media that he would throw at sherman and revis next year. Mariotta on the other hand played a perfect game (besides the INT- he overthrew his WR by 1 step). He made plays he was supposed to make, returned from injury, and has the kind of field awareness the greats have- he is never unprepared for a game time situation i.e.- he knows what to do on 3rd and 3. I hope the glazers arent going to make a crab leg thief the highest paid rookie next year, mariotta deserves it. I’d love to see glennon start next year and have mariotta take over for him a few games in.

    1. 27.1


      Played a perfect game? If he wasn’t throwing screen passes, he’s not accurate period. I hope we do draft him so when he busts in the pros, and he will will be on here looking for all of the mariotta fans. He throws nothing but screens, 9 of his completions were screens to be exact. Over the middle of the field, the tough throws, he is wildly inaccurate.This guy won’t but it in the nfl period. Add that to the fact that he’s more quiet than our already mute head coach, I don’t like him with the first pick at all.

  28. 28


    Have we forgotten the Josh Freeman experience so quickly? I am not willing to risk wasting another 3-5 years on a QB pick that could blow up in our faces. The fact the QB’s ability is close enough to spark this much debate about who will be better In the NFL combined with the character issue makes the decision a no brainier. Remember how many of you argued passionately for the assorted QBs coming out last year? Their collective performance this past year shows how difficult it is to predict who will translat best to he NFL. We can all have opinions about their game and skills, but only one of them carries the risk of being out of the NFL or in jail five years. Either draft Mariota or trade the pick to Philly. If we make a reprobate like Winston the leader of this team, I’m done until the next regime change at the end of ’16.

  29. 29


    Life is a crapshoot as is the draft. Who is to say that we draft Mariota and after 3-4 years he is having problems. Then he wants to get reunited with his old head coach and leaves via FA. Bucs are back to square one and another five years lost. To trade with the Eagles at twenty we need to take their first and second for the next three years or no deal. In the meantime we get another backup QB? Foles is so good Kelly wants to mortgage the future of Philly to get rid of him? Then next year we could have the first pick and try again.

  30. 30


    I’m all in for the Nick Foles trade with Philly. Neither QB has Andrew Luck or even from last year, a Blake Bortles, type of arm. Oregons offense doesn’t put mariota in a spot in which we get to see his accuracy with tight windows. He is a scheme QB and one that will not solely work in the NFL. Winston makes me curious, but not at #1 overall. I wouldn’t mind taking him at #10, but that’s not going to happen. I get the feeling we’ve pigeon holed ourselves into having to draft a franchise qb in a year where there is t a franchise qb to be had.

  31. 31


    Question I have with Mariota is can he throw down field with any accuracy. Bubble screens, quick slants make up 90% of what he threw in Rose bowl. Couple throws 15 yards or so were lofted to wide open guys. When you watch his highlights, most of them are of him running. RG III is a similar athlete that has a much better arm and demonstrated he could throw the deep ball with accuracy in college. Haven’t seen any of those highlights of Mariota.

  32. 32


    Boy did I wait too long to write a post for this game. Since many great posts have been made I’ll try to keep mine short. Neither QB played as well as I’ve seen them play in other games this year. In fact, that was one of the worst games I’ve seen Mariota play this year. Both guys looked nervous to me in the first half. I feel bad that was first game some of you saw this year for either of these QB’s. Despite that they still performed well and proved why they will be drafted so high.

  33. 33


    The problem is that each QB has their strengths and their weaknesses and each one in a perfect world could develops to be a great NFL QB… But unfortunately this is not a perfect world and what you have to look at is which one is more likely to each their potential… Just for the record… And I am a USF Bull and no FSU fan although I support them because my Wife went there for Her undergrad… But the Employees at the referenced Publix hooks up FSU players all the time… Which in no way makes it right but college ayers that aren’t allowed to have a job more times than not are gonna take advantage… So in all honesty the Crab Leg argument isn’t that strong although it does still knock on his moral character a little… But what really worries Me about Winston is that he seriously reminds Me of a better Josh Freeman… Always smiling… Excited and Optomistic… Strong arm and hard to take down… He is way more accurate than Freeman was which is obvious… But the immaturity level concerns Me greatly because his focus has got to be on Football and he comes across as the kind of guy that is gonna get caught up in his free time off the field which will eventually catch up with him on the field… He also reminds me of Big Ben and for all we know he could continue to get himself caught up in the wrong situations with the wrong girls… Though a protein of those situations are out of their control they are the ones that put themselves into them… Now that people point out the similarity to Russel Wilson I actually think that Wilson is the poor mans Mariota and look what he is able to do with the right system built around him… All Wilson does is keep his offense alive and the Defense wins the games for them… But Mariota in the same situation might be able to thrive… But he would need to build his confidence to a level like Winston to not make to errant throws… It is a tough one… If Winston had more maturity he would be My pick for sure… If Mariota had some fire and more confidence HE would be My pick for sure… I guess the question is will it be easier or even possible to teach Winston the be a man or Mariota to be confident and adjust him to the NFL style? At this very moment I think Winston has the most potential and Mariota is the safer pick… So which one should we choose? That’s a tough one… Hopefully the offseason will provide some answers…

  34. 34


    Mariota is the pick, we did not see Mariota’s best game he was so off at the Rose Bowl. He’s a lot better than that. He will be the Bucs pick at no.1. Now we have to concentrate on rd.2 and beyond.

  35. 35


    This just may be the best string of comments I have ever read on PR. I agree with some and disagree with others but ALL are very well thought out and well presented. I really enjoyed reading them all!

  36. 36


    Winston…nothing a freezer full of crab legs and some blow up dolls to yell at can’t fix (sarcasm). Mariota…just keep him in the same system he plays now with an OC hired purposely to run it…which is the type of OC Lovie seems to be interviewing. Based on what we know of Lovie’s character and how important character is to him, I would be shocked if the pick was not Mariota, even though he hasn’t run a pro-style offense. Either way we get to watch and hope for a brand spankin’ new QB. It will be interesting even if not successful.

  37. 37


    I agree with bucjoe-this was one of the best and well though discussions I’ve ever witnessed here over the years…Happy New Year folks- hopefully 2015 will be a good one for us all…

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