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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    The Tampa Bay Times headline says ‘BYE DUCKS, HI BUCS”. Maybe, just maybe!
    This my last post on the Winston/Mariota debate until April 30th. I’m not bailing out of frustration. It’s because the debate is tantamount to choosing between Kate Upton and Gisele Bunchken (sorry Tom) – two different body types but by any standard – premium.

    When I go back and look at the Bucs’ QB play from last season, I would take any one of these QBs and never look back. That’s not necessarily high praise because at this point, I would take any QB that’s got a pulse and is not on the Bucs roster. Opponents from both sides of the debate should come together in a prayer-in to hope Lovie does the right thing and draft a QB instead of jousting over Winston or Mariota at every mention of their names.

    I’m telling everybody right now and remember my words – don’t be so sure that the Bucs single focus is to draft a QB with the first pick. This is a coach that has final say over the 56 roster written into his contract, has never drafted a QB before the 4th round, and went to the Super Bowl with journeyman QB Rex Grossman. The new OC even said that you can win without a franchise QB. He went on to say that these people (franchise QBs) are not out there walking around. I don’t know what all of that means. But I do know that I’m not going to change anybody’s mind and I’m no longer going to try.

    I have my preference and I will live with that until April 30th. Have fun fellas! I’m out!

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      Mac, I wasn’t sure if you were being literal or not when you said Lovie has final say over the 56 man roster but that’s not true. I think that was based on perception since Lovie was hired first. During the last offseason Licht was being interviewed sitting right next to Lovie and Licht said that they would agree on the players they brought in. If Lovie liked a player but Licht didn’t he wasn’t coming to Tampa and vice versa. I think it’s a 50-50 partnership they have both bought into. Even if by some remote chance that changed after the interview and Lovie had final say, he sure as hell doesn’t have it now after that debacle in free agency.

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    I have been a Bucs fan for 30 yrs and supported many crappy qb’s in that time, Joe Ferguson, Shaun King, Bruce Gradkowski, Byron Leftwich, just to name a few but if the Bucs dont take a qb and they select a Lineman with the first pick and march Glennon or McCown out on the field next yr I’m gone and will become a Cards Fan where I now reside.

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      I agree, jongruden. I also have been a Bucs for about 30 years. You look at the 4 teams in the Championship games this weekend, what do they have in common? A franchise quarterback!!! I believe Coach Smith and Mr. Licht won’t pass up this opportunity to get a franchise quarterback. They don’t know when that opportunity will come again. Take it now while you got it! Go Bucs!

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      Well jon, you are two for two today. I am in the same line of thought, if they march either of those two qbs out next year, it just proves they have zero clue what’s going on. I mean if glennon is the future as Lovie likes to say, then why on the hell wasn’t he finishing the season last year?

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    Well, I’m obviously glad he declared. The only steps left for him and Winston are medical tests, 40 times, interviews and pro days. Winston will run between 4.7-4.8 and Mariota will run between 4.4-4.5 in the 40 from what I have seen on the field. I don’t expect to hear any surprises from any of those so whoever the Glazers, Licht and Lovie like now will be who they like on draft day.

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    I’m also a season ticket holder for over twenty years and if they don’t take a QB with the first pick I also will be gone. My choice for QBQ is Winston but I will support Mariota if they select him instead. The last ten to twelve years they have never picked the player I wanted. That means there is a good chance they take Mariota. The Buc’s have been well known to blow drafts from picking Bo Jackson when he told them he didn’t want to play for them to not picking A Peterson when he was available to other picks that had a question mark next to the pick. It would not surprise me at all for them to screw this draft up. This will be their last chance with me as I’ll just move on to another team and save my money.I believe there is only about thirty thousand season ticket holders and that may be a little high but if they don’t take a QB I think that number will drop like a rock in 2016 as this year the season ticket holders would have already renewed for the 2015 season before the draft. I expect my renewal notice one day after the Super Bowl as the Buc’s make you renew before the Draft. I guess the Glazers want to get every bit of interest they can so they can pay their players.

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    I don’t care what’s in his contract, this decision will be the Glazers. They own the team, they can light their smokes with Lovies contract. They want at least a chance on a franchise Q.B.. Which one is the debate, but make no mistake , it will be a Q.B..

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      I understand and appreciate the emotion behind your response. You know that would be a league (NFL Office) issue. No owner is going to violate a contract.

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    This is George Hicks who grewup in Tampa in the 60’s I’ve seen QB’s come and go. I say trade down with NYJets and still get Jameis Winston.The Jets should give up their #2 &#4 as well as a no.1 or a no#2 next year.This would give TAMPA BAY 11 picks this year. I think if you look at the past season, That a play here and a play their Tampa shouldn’t be at NO#1. But Bucs Fans we are. Lets get either QB at no#1 or trade down at #6. If Winston is gone. HOW ABOUT QB BRETT HUNDLEY or even better trade down again to #10 with St Louis plus a few more picks. Then Tampa could go shopping with new draft choices.GO BUCS

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    ok here’s the real issue…we have two great college quarterbacks…but in my humble opinion neither one of them really translates to a great nfl type franchise quarterback…so basically the bucs are screwed – both can play in the nfl, however neither one of them is the next andrew luck…it’s a bucs life people – and we have first pic in the draft and are essentially screwed – go figure…adam from ny

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    Mariota declaring for the Draft is not a surprise at all. He’s smart enough to know his stock couldn’t be any higher at this point in his career. We now have two QB’s available for the QB starved team we all love. We can continue to debate the virtues of each as Colts fans did with Manning and Leaf. Like now, there was no slam dunk, can’t miss choice because each had their flaws. Similarly with the Alex Smith Aaron Rodgers arguments whose traits resemble those of our current duo. This is what makes the Draft so much fun leading up to the moment we hear “With the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft the Buccaneers select………..”. Each of us has an opinion that is valid. Some of us have been swayed and changed our minds. Some are afraid to take a chance on either and want to hedge their bet with multiple opportunities instead of one shot in the dark. I only hope that those who get paid to make this important choice do their homework and not take any shortcuts to assure that the course they set isn’t anything like the one the ill-fated Donner Party chose.

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