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    Only times I’ve ever seen that call has been against these same Colts. I could understand it if Simeon Rice or now Chris Conte were aided by a teammate being used as a launching pad or if they landed on a defenseless player. That rarely called penalty should be scrutinized by the Competition Committee to make it Ok to land on or touch an opposing player. Guess they could call it when a RB dives over the end zone too.

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    Uncle Stan

    The actual call was not for leaping.

    Believe the call was for hitting the holder as it was explained on TV.

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      It was called “leaping” because they claim Conte’s foot grazed the snapper. Nothing to do with hitting the holder; although that would have at least made sense.

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    That picture of the yellow flag should have BUC’s imprinted on it and passed out on game day to officials. Never ends.

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    He was called for touching a player on the leap! He also ran in to holder so take your pic!!

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    I’ll bet a lot of fans didnt realize there is a running into the holder penalty. Another week, same garbage. There are two sets of rules when the Bucs play: ones for them and ones for their opponents.

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    I could’ve accepted a call for running into the holder. Leaping was definitely a bad call and showed how this game went. Bad calls all around. Obviously the officials had Indy on their parlay this week!

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    The call was not for hitting the holder, it was announced as leaping and using a player to assist. The call should have been for hitting the holder which would have been the correct call. But like practically every other call the officials made on Sunday, they got that one wrong to.
    This was, without a doubt, the worst officiated game I have ever seen.
    This wasn’t the only game that was poorly officiated. The crew in the Rams game was criticized publicly by both coaches and was taken off a nationally televised game for this weeks game and put on a 1 p.m. game.
    I’m sure that makes those two teams just bubble up with joy.

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