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    Lansanah’s emergence this season has made Foster expendable. Foster is also injury-prone.

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    Merry Christmas to the Buccaneers and all my fellow posters.

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    Merry CHRISTMAS Horse and all of the Pewter Report family!

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    Same to you Horse, bucjoe and everyone.

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    This defense needs a different middle linebacker and a defensive end.

    I think Mason will get a good offer in the off-season. He is a very good linebacker, but I don’t think this is the scheme for him.

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    All I want for xmas is the #1 pick in the draft!!

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    Merry Christmas Scott, Mark and team, and all the PR Buc fans!

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    Not a Foster fan, but he did play in 47 of 48 prior to this year. Tough to call him injury prone bucfan26, as it seems this year was the exception and not the rule. Would like to see someone like Perryman, Hendricks, McKinney, Ryan or Hull brought in at MLB though. Hopefully Lovie and staff will be coaching the Senior Bowl, as a few of those guys have accepted their invite.

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    I know the NFL is a bottom line business and decisions are most times based on performance and value.

    But I’m a fan. I don’t have to always think like that. I can allow my emotions to come into play. In other words I can say “I like that guy!” and be guided by my heart.

    There are 3 players I want to play on my team – Doug Martin, Vincent Jackson, and Mason Foster. The Bucs may see it differently!

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    I myself would like to see a faster stronger MLB so I am incline to let him seek his market value which I’m not sure what that really might be. I’m thinking 5 million for 3 years with 1.5 guaranteed?

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    Remember I said from the Preseason on that Foster cannot play MLB in Tampa Two. 3.75 is too slow to cover the seam. However, if he bulks up he can make the Pro Bowl as our SLB. We need our first four picks for Marriota and three OL in our draft. You won’t find a MLB in the 5th round who can start. However, the Bucs can snatch Max off the Texan’s practice squad who is an Urlacher Clone and who could start there for us next year. He is deadly stopping runs and fast enough to cover the deep seam and at 6’3″ can also swat down passes or intercept them if catchable.

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    Bullough may be a good idea. We already have Denicos Allen on our PS – the LB that paired up with Bullough at Michigan State and was the most feared pair of LBs in the Big Ten.

    I remember Frazier’s first presser at the Bucs where he said that MLB was a needed and critical position for the Cover 2. He called out McCoy and David, but never mentioned Foster.

    There should be a spot for him. We are paying Fletcher twice what we are paying Foster and Foster is clearly a better LB.

    Remember, Foster has been hurt for most of the season after losing about 10lbs to get faster. I don’t know what the FA market (Redskins) will bear, but I hope he stays! I like Ric Flair!

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