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    We suck! All these losses and all these idiot coaches we have dealt with through the history of the franchise has been awful. Bad draft after bad drafts. It will take 3 good drafts for us to contend again. We need to hire Dungy and Wyche just for the off season and draft day. Wyche and Dungy are the only two that could draft great players. Go 2-14 and draft Winston and OL. Trade who we can and get more picks. I would even be good for trading our 1st pick for a bunch of other picks. We need good picks period and a REAL O.C.!! Lovie do your DAM JOB! Because you have failed so far!!!

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    It’s always good to have players that can do more than one thing. Jeremy Zutah was that way for the OL last year; now Lansanah is this at LB this year. Go Bucs!

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    I was calling for Lansanah early in the season when Foster went down to get a look at the Mike. Lovie decided to go with Fletcher, who wasn’t up to the task. A lot of us here have wanted to see some players moved around like Dotson to left tackle, Foster to the strong side. Maybe you don’t have to be a coach to know some players should be moved, and shaking up the line up can’t hurt when you’re losing so badly. All I know is what I see, and I’ve seen a lot. Fifty so years worth. Every superbowl, the Ice bowl, pot bellied beer drinking Sonny Jorgenson, Starr, so much of it. Every Buc game. I might not know the X’s, and O’s of it, but like most of us, I know what I see.

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    surferdudes; my eyes suck now and sometimes I don’t see everything as I use too.I have to rely on others; not always easy to not be in control. Bucs are going to win today because of their self esteem and they are playing with their glasses on! Go Bucs!

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