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  1. 1


    Well, the Jacksonville part makes me feel better than the Atlanta part.
    Even w/ the same talent, a better performance would be in order this season, and w/ a couple FA and a D-heavy draft this year a step up is a must! middle of the pack D would be good. And D- points allowed, not yds!

    1. 1.1


      Falcons team has always lacked toughness and intensity ; deep into the playoffs you won’t find this lacking on any of the teams…………. I think Smith is a great x’s and 0’s guy but he belongs in a press box. ……. The Bucs D greatly lacks mental toughness and focused leaders and I just don’t think Smith brings that…….. Put him in the press box and keep Hardy as his Assistant on the sideline.

      1. 1.1.1


        Smith’s teams were very, very disciplined, in terms of accruing penalties. This can only help.

  2. 2


    First Assistant hires is a five star, Jay Hayes is one of the best two or three defensive line coaches in the league. Bengals have developed a great defensive line over the past five years and he is rock solid.

  3. 3


    I hate this hire. Smith defenses were last productive when Lovie’s were. We hired Lovie the sequel and IMO will have similar results. This hire is about the past, not the future. Like Dirk, hate this decision

  4. 4


    Much like when Gruden kept Dungy’s and Kiffin’s defensive coaches but brought his own offensive assistants, I see Koetter keeping most of the offensive assistants and replacing others where the team was the weakest. Now lets bring on some talented players to turn the ship around.

  5. 5


    I don’t like Smith or this hire. Traded a Smith for a Smith. Lol. Just something about him I could never stand. Hope I’m wrong, but not thrilled. Was hoping for someone fresh and new. He hasn’t had much success in a long time.

    1. 5.1


      Likely you fidn’t like him bease he beat us to a pulp most every time they played agents us. He’s experienced, has solid credentials, and is a winnerand an en ergetic coach.

  6. 6


    Seems good for me so far. My question is what role will McCoy play in all this? Will he stay at his existing weight to maintain flexibility drop back coverage and end pass rush or bulk up to stop the run and create a push forward to the QB? Anybody have an opinion about it?

    1. 6.1


      Horse…I think it will depend on what we bring in from FA signings and draft. If we pick up a defensive end or two then he can bulk back up. I like him more as a run stopper and push up the middle then trying to put him on the edge in passing downs. My opinion anyway. Go Buc’s

  7. 7


    Future ex-Coach Koetter is this year’s Jim Tomsula.

    Not fond of this joke of a coaching search at all.

    1. 7.1


      Mr negative….Best go find another team then……Coach K will ‘ get er done ‘!!

  8. 8


    Very ambivalent about this hire. Smith had a good defense in Atlanta until John Abraham started getting hurt and then retired.
    Atlanta was running out of a 4-3 defense then but Smith wasn’t in charge of the defense.
    Like the idea of running different schemes as long as the knuckleheads we have understand what they are supposed to do.
    Many times in the past they haven’t.

  9. 9


    DCGoth, that makes you at least as smart as the 49ers GM which is on the same level as a can of paint.
    After all the retires, defections and injuries the 49ers had this year Tomsula probably did a better job than most with the team he got.
    Not only that but he had to go to battle every Sunday with a shaky sporadic QB who was the medias darling two years ago.
    Now they have a coach who has a spotty personnel record who will try to jam an offenses throat that didn’t work for three years in Philadelphia.
    Great analysis.

    1. 9.1


      Blaine Gabbert was the media’s darling two years ago? lol

  10. 10


    I have no problem at all with Mike Smith as DC. After all, he was made a head coach in Atlanta because of what he was able to do as a DC in Jacksonville. Here’s what I know; we were allowing teams to convert 3rd downs almost at will, maintain possession beyond belief and allow mediocre QB’s to have a 70% completion %. Even Kirk Cousins’ “you like that” was probably in his head after his second half against our vaunted defense. We could have Elmer Fudd as DC and fare just as well.

  11. 11


    Two years ago when Koetter laid fifty on our D for then H.C. Smith, I hated both those bastards! Now I love them! Loved the emotion Koetter showed at his press conference. For those of you who think we could’ve done better, we couldn’t. Setting both sides of the ball back would’ve been foolish. Koetter has paid his dues to get here, I for one say welcome back! Go Bucs!

  12. 12


    I really like the Smith hire. He had a very good run as HC with the birds and he will benefit Koetter greatly as far as the transition to an NFL HC.

  13. 13


    Not sure why most of you don’t like this hire. His defenses in Jacksonville were outstanding. Top 5 in scoring and yards. He was a pretty good head coach too. I’m sure most of you would take 10-6 average right now. This is a good hire as he runs an aggressive defense and that is what I wanted most. I’m perfectly satisfied. And dcgoth of you don’t like it, there’s 31 other teams for you to pick.

  14. 14


    I never really heard that Mike Smith was some sort of defensive genius before….we’ll see. Biggest concern I have is the dynamic of the staff now (especially given Koetter has been known as a bit if a soft touch as a manager)…it’s not so much about Smith’s ability to adapt to working for his former employee, as it is about Koetter’s ability to manage his former boss…not easy at the best of times but for a soft touch it’s going to be even harder….we’ll see about that too. In any event, at least we’re moving forward now and can start the 2017 campaign…GO BUCS!

  15. 15


    That’s because the hide information like that in books, EastEndBoy.

  16. 16


    maybe you didn’t here grafikdetail, but Colin Kapernick started the season as the QB for the 49ers until he was injured.
    The fact Tomsula one a coupe of game with Gabbert supports my argument even more, although I’m sure it’s not what you intended.
    People who don’t have the brain skills to juxtapose should really not post.

  17. 17


    I guess it makes sense. History with Koetter, head coach experience, etc. perhaps I don’t like him because they did always beat us. Lol. The offense beat us though not the Atlanata defense. Seems like he was fired because Falcons were soft crappy defense since they brought in Quinn. Was just hoping for new up and comer I guess with fresh ideas after seeing Lovie flounder. Jacksonville success was long time ago like Lovies Chi town success was…..

  18. 18


    Don’t hate the pick just don’t love it.

  19. 19


    Wow this is much better than what I thought we would get.

  20. 20


    Buc Fans The new Dc may be better than great bucs DC Monte Kippen GO BUCS

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