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    Forgive me Buc fans, but this seems to be a discussion every year this time of year. It may even be presumptuous of me to bring this up, but I thought we had resolved this issue.

    One coach thought the heat gave us a competitive advantage, our new coach wants to stay out of it if at all possible, a past coach would assemble everybody in the dome at Tropicana Field to practice. So as I recall, this issue was taken to the attention of the Glazers and I thought they promised to build an indoor practice facility.

    Now, I’m being somewhat facetious here because I know that promise was made. I have been on all 4 local websites and not one has mentioned it. I am on Twitter and follow all local members of the pen and mic club and nobody has mentioned it as if it’s possibly somewhat controversial. I won’t chance to reason why!

    Well I’m going to refresh everybody’s memory and ask “where is the dadgum indoor practice facility”? And next year at this time will we still be discussing the unpredictable (rain) and often time unbearable (sun) Tampa Bay weather?


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      Good point Mac. I remember there being talk last year at this time and haven’t really heard anything about it since.

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      Thanks mac for asking. I was wondering the same thing as I read the article. PR, why aren’t you asking that question?

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    i read in a article that they will have one by the end of this season if i am not mistaken but cant they use one of those blow up domes until then

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    To be fair this is the latest update on the practice facility. I was more or less taking a jab at local media for not giving us the whole story instead of more of the same. The Glazers did originally say their plans were to have this by the start of training camp but it has been delayed from 12 to 18 months.

    Would be nice for our local media (PR included) to advise us of this and prevent wise a$$es like me from spouting off when the subject comes up as it does every year this time.


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    Man I hate this time of year nothing to talk about really. Lol. There is no advantage in practicing in heat. If they can practice longer and stay better focused lower temps are better. We have lost plenty of games when it was hot as hell in Tampa! These are professional athletes for Christs sake.

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    I have watched this team for 40 years and I don’t remember one game we won because the other team got to hot and tired.
    I do remember that idiot Ray Perkins switching sides so our team could look into the sun instead of it hitting them on the back on game day.
    Fact of the matter is in the summer it’s pretty much hot everywhere in the US and it only varies by two or three degree in the afternoon.
    Actually I think it is better to practice in the morning because over the course of a season, it is less draining physically.
    As far as practicing in the rain, every chance they can do so they should. I think the team had three games in the rain last year and they should have been better prepared for the inclement weather.
    I know most of the rain is accompanied by lightning, but as soon as that threat passes the team should take every opportunity to practice in the rain.
    If you have to play in it, you should practice in it.

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      I too was going to remind folks of Perkins’ “show em how tough we are” idea to bask in the sun. I’ve been sitting on the east side for 40 years. Hey, maybe I’m tougher than I thought.

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    macabee, they are no doubt waiting to raise the ticket prices again so they can afford to put up an indoor practice facility.
    I think they funneled all of this year’s money into the new TV’s and other minor enmities they felt would reward them a Super Bowl that didn’t happen.

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    Didn’t we practice in Orlando in morning and afternoon seesions the year we won the Superbowl?

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    Everyone was having two a days in those days, Horse.
    The idiot coach known as Ray Perkins used to have 3 a days. Team would star off hot and run out of gas after six or seven games.
    So much for being the next Vince Lombardi.

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    Just to throw this out there, but I am really beginning to hate the Rams and their owner Ray Kroenke.
    This guy is like the leader of a bunch of women trailing behind Gen. Joseph Hooker during the civil war.
    After only 20 years of being in St. Louis where he was built a brand new spanking indoor stadium, he just ups and leave because he says its outdated.
    The first thing the NFL does to react to this traitorous greedy act is to reward the city with a Super Bowl.
    These guys are so bloated with cash and power it makes me want to vomit.
    I hope the Rams lose very game this season and I never even cared if they won or lost.
    The lazy ADHD fans of LA will quit going to these games and the team will be playing in front of 45,000 empty seats. It will look like a USFL Oklahoma Outlaws game.

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    Koetter knows of what he speaks. When the Bucs practiced in the hot sun it dehydrated and wore down the team and they usually lost their first game of the season and often fizzled the games the last quarter of the season. You don’t make it to the playoffs nor get any respect that way!

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    Being a team that’s based in Florida, they should know by now that you can’t beat the heat. Best thing you can do is avoid it as best you can. Acclimated doesn’t mean you live in the heat, it means you live WITH the heat and that starts with a healthy respect for it.

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