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    How can you not love this guy? Go Bucs!

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    I find this man refreshing. He is straight forward and honest. If he doesn’t want to answer a question he just says so. He doesn’t dance around the issues.
    Sometimes reporters let their egos get in the way as they try to dig out news in their competition with each other. Of course a coach needs a thick skin in order to function as head coach in the NFL. On the other hand it is just a normal human reaction to become irritated at the constant repetition of the same old questions.
    He has also admitted that he is still learning how to be a head coach in the NFL. I am pleased to see that he is letting his coaches coach. He is staying on top of things and does seem to be aware of everything going on around him.
    He has been a class act so far.
    Go Bucs!!!

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    If he hates to answer questions, fine. Why not just be contrite like Belichick instead of grousing about it!

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      There always has to be one who just has to find something to bitch about. Koetter says what he thinks to a point where he’s not revealing something that would help an opponent. So far, I like this HC better than any we have ever had, and yes, that includes Chucky and Dungy. It’s obvious that he knows what he’s doing and loves doing it. No huge ego getting in the way. He gets the best people for the job and let’s them do it. It appears that they trust him and believe in what he’s trying to do……and that’s no bullshit.

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    I don’t think he doesn’t want to answer questions. Just the same one over and over again. At least I believe him when he says things. Kinda like the guy. No bullshit. GO BUCS

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    Just telling the truth isn’t accepted. Good thing he’s not a politician..the media would hate him. I’m very happy that he’s our coach.

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    No more Casper Milquetoast in Tampa! Love him.

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    Koetter’s expressing frustration at trying not to reveal secrets to the media seemed to lighten Lavonte David. Usually, he’s the one kind of, “don’t bother me with these questions ‘, and “these fans have no life.”

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    Now he knows why Lovie was so stoic with the media.
    I believe Kotter when he says he isn’t BSing anyone.
    Brate and Humphries probably are playing better than their competition right now but like he says that doesn’t mean someone can’t perform better and win the spot.
    That’s just NFL team competition. Week to week.

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      Exactly right drdneast. The media and some fans seem to need a whipping boy and this off-season it’s ASJ. All Koetter is saying is that TODAY Brate deserves the 1st team role over ASJ as does Jude Barimah over Hargreaves and probably others that garner no attention. There’s little doubt that both will have significant roles on the team regardless of which one hears his name introduced running out of the tunnel. As Dirk said, a lot can change before the Falcons game. Much better to have two or three legitimate guys vying for a spot than searching the waiver wire.

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    Dirk “Koett the bullsht out” Koetter.

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    Not gonna waste too much energy on the “starter” argument at this point. Live action and injuries will come into play soon

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    This is what the media wanted. They didn’t want Lovies coach speak. They loved Koetters frankness. Enter Frank Ness. Head coach

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