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    Tom Brady looked like a huge un athletic geak and Tony Mandarich looked like the “Hulk” I don’t put a lot of stock in appearances as players tend to look like “tarzan” and play like “jane”, just show me the game tape

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    Shaw from usc is intriguing me more and more as this process goes on. I agree with jon that looks mean nothing. Brady Quinn was built like he man.

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      Agreed on all points made.

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      Tim Tebow too, lol

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    Ever since I heard that he reason the Bucs ranked Kueckly behind Barron was they thought Kueckly’s arms were too short to disengage from blockers I cringe when I hear arms as a reason for knocking a guy down. M. Golden is an example of a guy that is easily overcoming that shortcoming.

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    Different scout dept. this time around. Hope we can find a few diamonds in the ruff. Hope they use the picks wisely.

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    sounding like a broken record, but…yes to Lockett, yes to any OL who we can grab, and yes to a QB (I know that wasn’t featured in this write-up, but I couldn’t help myself….even Petty would be an upgrade for us)… Finally, why on earth does a kid like Hundley not show-up for this game…he must have no faith in his own ability because if the game came to this game and showed well he would solidify himself in the middle of round 1….guess he’s content with being a round 2/3 guy…

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      Excellent point. UCLA ran a very similar system to Oregon’s only not as fast paced and Hundley didn’t perform well consistently. I believe given his arm strength and decision making (not good accuracy though) he would be more effective in a traditional vertical offense, but now we’ll never know until he’s playing in the NFL.

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        I have watched Hundley since he was in highschool since he is from AZ and I have watched him in college and saw his best game in Tempe vs the Sun Devils when he had the best game of his career so I can speak on this without bias. Hundley has all the physical tools to be great he has great size a live arm throws a beautiful ball and is extremely mobile, BUT he is extremely inconsistant and will literally disapear in games. He reminds me alot of Josh Freeman which is not a good thing and I wouldn’t risk taking him in the draft. So hometown boy and Pac 12 guy and No I don’t want him

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    Is haveinstein playing from wisconsin? He’s an effing man. If he’s there at 34 we need to take him. 6’8″ 330. As an Iowa Hawkeye die hard it’s not easy for me to say but Wisconsin produces grade A lineman just like Iowa does. Hell if sherff drops we need to trade up and get him too if he drops to lets say 24-25. We need nasty, go to the echo of the whistle lineman. Big ten lineman do that. But I’m tired of having sissy small lineman. I want big physical bullys that are gonna knock you on your ass then shove you as your getting up. Get the qb, then draft ol with majority of the picks with the open mind to take a wr, dl, etc. That needs to be our plan. Ol needs to be fixed through the draft. We can get Jason piere paul and date I say ndamukong such in FA. That would allow us to draft Winston or mariota, then add a lot of ol and a wr and lb.

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    Sorry for the typos on names and other words. Auto correct on my phone.

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    Good info JonnyG. I can’t believe your son is already in high school. Must be a thrill for him to be able to hob knob with the players.

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    I agree Buclover! NO SMALL OLINEMAN!! SR was promoting a 301lb G. NOT INTERESTED! Too small for the modern NFL. By the time he has been in the league for 5 years the average NFL G will probably be 330 lbs and he will be overpowered by the 330-350 lb dlinemen! We need 320+ lb G!!

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    I think that if Tampa selects QB Jameis Winston with pick NO#1, Then with the next two picks it should be offensive line period.GO BUCS

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