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    I didn’t see Bruce vary e’er name mentioned. Was he there?

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    And where was Marpet….the first team (cough cough) OLine…good thing it’s only May….

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        Thanks Mark – let’s hope it’s not one of those nagging injuries that lingers all year like a few rookies had last year…

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    My morale dropped as soon as I read Gilkey was still on the squad. Hopefully Lovie gives Doug Martin a fair opportunity to earn the #1; Sims would not be the #1 RB on any other team in the NFL. Kwon Alexander and Kenny Bell are exciting prospects. Safety depth is worrisome.

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    Did not see a mention of our 7th round draft pick that could have been La’el Collings.

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      Mark Cook

      Collins and his agent make it clear if he didn’t get drafted by the third round they were sitting out the year and re-entering. The only way to re-enter is to BE drafted and then sitting out. As an undrafted FA you don’t have the option to re-enter. Bucs had a better chance of trying to woo him as a free agent that convincing him to sign as a 7th round draft pick. Jerry was just too much. And 31 other teams declined to spend a late round pick on him as well.

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        I disagree Mark, I think it would have been worth the gamble. Collins would have never sat out the year no matter what his agent said. Also I’m confident that, had he been our 7th, all it would have taken was a good sales pitch from Lovie, Licht and Jameis and he’d of been on board within seconds. No risk it no buscuit.



          Indeed Josh – his agent has since gone on the record to say it was a total bluff anyway, of course Collins would have signed with any team that drafted him because the risk of sitting out the year and getting injured or having some other issue arise is way too high….but the bluff was pretty effective for him!

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        This is not a Bo Jackson situation where he could go play baseball.

        We would have his rights for a year. Even if he did not want to play for us, we could have gotten something from Jerry for his rights.

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    How many of the Bucs 7th rounders even make the team? Yes, could have drafted Collins with a 7th and gave him a incentaive based contract, 31 teams passed yes but how many have problems on their o-line like us?

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      That would be 32 teams Jon, Dallas included. The proverbial dead dog here. Satchel Paige said never look back, the SOBs may be gaining on ya!

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        I meant 31 other teams

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    If Collins would have signed here and cleared of any involvement in the death of his former girlfriend it would have been a real coup. But none of us know if Collins would have accepted his fate as a 7th round choice and the paltry wage or gone through with his threat to refuse to sign and enter the 2016 Draft. Likewise, none of us know if Collins won’t, at some point, become a suspect in his ex girlfriend’s murder. I suspect Jerry Jones, who has already shown his love for a player exiting the closet, a player who is a girl-beater and a guy dumb enough to smoke weed at the Combine, if he can rush the passer, would have little reservation for a potential murder suspect if he can block. When the old man, who has had more facelifts than Joan Rivers, doing whatever he can to get a Superbowl before he crosses the creek and some guy named Romo gets carted off for good, is calling, Collins was willing to listen to whatever championship BS Jerry Jones was promising. He might have hung up on the worst team in the league.

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      After he makes the pro bowl I’ll remind you why the Bucs blew that decision

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        That was the point of my comment JonnyG. That the Bucs had little chance of him coming here after he had the chance to choose his team. I agree, it might have been worth it to call Collins’ bluff and draft him anyway. We have a history of that with the drafting of Bo Jackson. As Dr. Phil would say, “How’d that work out?” But if he stuck to his word, we might have wasted a valuable choice.

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    There is a lot of practice to come and lots of player evaluations to be made, but I’m going on record now – I like the make-up of this team. It is way too early to start making predictions about wins and losses, but I’ve been around this team since its inception and there’s a vibrant buzz going on at the Bucs now that I haven’t seen for a while.

    I really like the kind of depth that we have at every position albeit unproven, but enough talent to be optimistic about. The draft was good in my opinion and I think every one of them will make the team. We do not have a pro bowl O-Line yet, but for sure better than last year. We don’t have that monster DE yet, but our inside D-Line is as good as you’ll find in the league. Sooner or later, we’ll get that guy and complete the circle!

    So I’m optimistic, almost pumped! I’m going to adopt 3 UDFAs to follow throughout camp as I think they have a good chance to make the team and be 1st year contributors – WR Rannell Hall, FS Chris Hackett, and CB Deshazor Everett.

    It is a nice plus to have Jameis Winston, but he has a lot of help this year to become an early success. If this isn’t a good football team, it has the pieces to become one soon! As you can tell, I’m totally in and sold on the upside. Now I’m going to enjoy the preparation and pray that everyone stays healthy! Go Bucs!

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      I like your idea about following a few of the fringe guys. For me it’s RB Dominique Brown.

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    rob royowski

    To Deeznuts – I agree that it is a let down that Gilkey is still on the squaud. The problem have is that Patrick Omameh had more issues than Gilkey. Below is a list that indicates number of penalties, # of penalties offset, sacks, QB hits and QB hurries. Thankfully Collins and Cousins have been released. The Bucs should do the same with Gilkey and Omameh.

    •Patrick Omameh – (5-2) 5, 6, 25
    •Garrett Gilkey – (9-3) 2, 3, 7
    •Anthony Collins – (10-1) 1, 14, 14
    •Oniel Cousins – (5-0) 4, 6, 19

    IMO penalties had as much to do with George Warhop and coaching.

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