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    “Trick Plays?” Excuse me Coach, that was executed plays for a Defense that couldn’t react to it. I might call that more of a scheme problem. It’s up to Lovie if he wants to keep his job by beating Chicago. I hope he doesn’t play vanilla defense again in the first quarter.

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      i believe it was PR who called it a trick play not Lovie

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        grafikdetail, no it was from Lovie’s mouth at his last Press Conference. Go to Buccaneer.com and watch the press conference. I was pissed when he said it. For me, it was a confirmation that he is behind the times in the NFL.

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    Strange how people with an agenda see and hear what they want to.

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    I sure don’t consider a WR reverse as a “trick play”. It’s not like the Rams never used their weapon from WVU like that before. It’s not the fumblerooskie.

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    Drdneast, don’t get your love for Lovie. We have been out coached the last two winnable games. A guy I never heard of hit 70 percent of his passes, with two T.D.’s. The game was so over, they took the whole second half off. No one is making anything up about Lovie, don’t have to his record speaks for itself. If you are what you’re record says you are, Lovie is 8-23! Maybe he get’s a pass with you, but stop bashing the rest of us for wanting him gone.

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    I’m not in love with Lovie, surferdudes, but perhaps I recognize more than some of you how bad his team was when he got here.
    I to have expressed a lot of anger towards Lovie at the beginning of the season, but as Winston improved, so did the team.
    The defense is still in a shambles though and I’m osrry, I can’t pin that all of Lovie.
    This team wasted countless high draft picks on defensive lineman and all we have to show for it is Gerald McCoy. For all the ones and twos we used on the DL, we should have the steel curtain playing for us, not the shower curtain which is what we have.
    People said Lovie would never draft a franchose QB when he got here and then he went out and proved everyone stupid.
    Everyone wanted him to draft Manzell or Bridgewater last year and neither have developed in their second year.
    I actually spend good money on season tickets so I am invested in this team monetarily, can you say the same surferdude.
    I have the patience to wait one more year and then I will see if I need to change course.

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