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    I remember they brought his name up last season about being a raw talent… Hope to see some flashes from him this year. Let the competition begin!!

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    Another reason why Dirk sent ASJ home today? He knows he’s got players on the roster that can give us what ASJ was supposed to.

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      He hasn’t had too many chances to show it yet, but we do not have one other player on the roster that possesses ASJ’s skill set. We have Westbrook who might be a good receiving specialist, Brate who is kinda emerging as that, and Stocker who’s a great blocking TE. But we have no one else, other than Jenkins, who is both a strong blocker and capable of consistently being a weapon in the passing game.

      I’m not saying he’s indispensable by any means, but he is uniquely talented among our tight ends.

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        You’re absolutely right Too. Anyone who watched Training Camp practices and the few games he played at the beginning last year could see the ability ASJ possesses. But what folks focus on are the Captain Morgan pose, the ill-timed OT fumble, the spiking of the ball at the one yard line and other youthful actions. I’m not ready to write him off just yet either.

        Hopefully the light bulb of maturity will start to flicker on soon.



          Yea, he’s definitely shown some immaturity. If that keeps up and he doesn’t stay healthy, he probably won’t make it. But he is very talented, and both of those issues are plenty correctable. I think this incident with him is noteworthy, but it HAS been blown out of proportion. I mean, on the spectrum of problems players can cause, slightly over the top celebrations and a bit too much twitter usage are relatively small offenses. Whatever caused him to be sent off from practice bothers me more, but even then, we’re talking about OTA’s. I think we should try to have some perspective here. The sky isn’t falling.



            Westbrook was moved to TE from DT so was not a starter as a Gator. Just remember Dotson was a basketball player who only played a year of college football and only developed on the Buc’s Practice Squad being developed as a RT. Now he is our longest tenured OL and was Undrafted out of college. He studies his playbook and was mentored by a top NFL TE while he was starting for the Gators. It is great to have Westbrook available to develop and also to have Brate who proved last year he can match VSJ’s production and start right now and has good chemistry with Winston.

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    You get paid Millions of dollars and have no idea of what is going on in the huddle?
    I don’t think the light bulb is even screwed in correctly!!!! Westbrook just needs to shine in preseason.

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