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    This train is going as far as Winston can take it. I have high hopes that his first full offseason of his career will benefit him immensely. All of the other pieces falling into place pale in comparison to the absolute need for Winston to take that next step and start to put this franchise on his shoulders over the next couple of years.

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      I couldn’t agree more. I do believe Jameis did all he could to get ready. His training and reshaping of his body shows he has the heart and discipline to be a champion. Go Bucs!!!!

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    I’m psyched to finally see what it’s like to root for a team with a franchise QB. That Pro Bowl appearance really had and effect on him…

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    I second that. I really believe Mike Smith will get this defense humming also. I believe with better coaching, added talent and a better system that’s not so predictable. it’s going to put us a little bit better than the middle of the pack on D this year. I believe we will finally have a pass rush and with more diverse blitzing and better secondary play along with a Offense that’s putting up more points we will finally have a legitimate shot at the playoff’s. The tougher schedule really doesn’t bother me . If it even turns out to be a tougher schedule when it’s all said and done. We will be improved on D and put up more points on O which will give us a solid chance against anybody on our schedule. Including the Panthers. IMO GO BUCS!!!

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      I totally agree with you WinstonMVP about people analyzing the schedule as to whether it is easy, hard or somewhere in between. That’s last year. Every team and situation is different. Every team can beat you and you can beat every team in the NFL. No doubt every one of our opponents fans is putting a W next to their game against the Bucs. An injury here, a bad call there a lucky or unlucky break or inability to cover the slant against a rookie can quickly change the predicted outcome.

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