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    How many read option plays can they run? And if they do run a lot, how long before Mariota gets curled up? I will take my chances with Winston over Mariota all day. And people also have this misconception about the four verticals offense that it is strictly down the field, but nothing could be further than the truth. A lot of the 12-15 yard patterns the flankers run are comeback routes that enable a quick release by the QB. Just watch five minutes of Matt Ryan last year.

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    What a ridiculous forecast Fahey is attempting to make when Surferboy and the Titans haven’t even figured out his contract. Now they have to design plays for the guy with the personality of a mortician to succeed? As Golden Ages said, “How many plays can that be before he becomes RG-3 and out?

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    You know QB’s can’t make a living running in the NFL long term. I do agree that his ability to run will help him out in the beginning. His contract is waiting to be signed, he just wants to ride some waves till camp begins, LOL. Being surferdude I know where he’s coming from. However I don’t want my franchise QB to be Keeune Reeves from Point Break!!

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    I wonder why every analyst looks at Winstons interceptions but nobody ever talks about how Mariota got sacked more times than any qb in college last year.

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    Good point ayron54. Plus all of Mariota’s fumbles. Winston all day.

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    I truly believe that either QB whould be better in TB then in Tenn. Tampa WR are better, RB are better TE is better the only thing Tenn may have a better oline. With that being said Jameis will have a better year/career.

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    the write made the silly assumption that the Titans would adjust their offense but the Bucs and Koetter wouldn’t when adjusting to his QB’s strength is one of Koetter’s strong suits he’s proven in the past where Whisenhunt is considered stubborn

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    As I said after the draft I’ll wait until Week 1 to say anything related to Winston and even then I’ll show the same reservation in terms of giving a full evaluation as I would any rookie QB. In fact even by season’s end the only thing I’ll be able to say definitively is whether he is a “winner” and whether he was “pro ready”. The rest of the questions related to Winston won’t be confirmed until Year 2 or 3.

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    I’m not buyin it… I don’t think Marcus really wants to be a pro baller- he wants a meaty contract with tons of guaranteed money so when he gets curled up like fried shrimp,he can take his money and hit the islands!

    Was just in Memphis and with the people I talked football with were all scratching their heads with the MM pick.it looks like the titans were hoping for a bidding war that never materialized and are now stuck with the gamble.the team and personnel are built toward ZMs skill set but coach is forcing the square peg thru a round hole…
    Mariota will show a few flashes of awesome and about week 4-6 will start a vegetarian diet rich in field turf-once defenses have footage on him and his nervous rookie tendencies…
    He will be paddling back to Hawaii within the next 3years- mark my words…

    JW might have his problems/issues but he eats ,sleeps and breathes football- like him or not…he may very well struggle but it won’t be due to lack of trying or heart…

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    Fahey is just another dufus trying to get clicks. Like that one dufus who said Winston will throw 30 picks.

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