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    So since we brought this guy in. My opinion would be to move this fella to RG and let Marpet move to RT and please god get Cherlius the hell out of there, I’m almost certain Ali played LT in college so why not let him get some work in at RT?

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    Id think there will be morechanges coming.

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    Can he coach?

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    Pretty funny devashar. First time I chuckled since that debacle I witnessed yesterday.
    At the moment I think this guy is better than Marpet and he has played guard in the past.
    Asking Marpet to start after only playing a little over 1.5 games in the preseason was a little unreasonable.
    I actually think the offensive line played okay yesterday considering the situation they were put in.
    The defense was simply not prepared for Mariota and that falls on Leslie Frazier and Lovie.


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      Uncle Stan

      Frazier is only a clip board holder. Lovie is calling all the defensive plays.

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    If this guy has a nasty attitude it’s just what this team needs, especially on the offensive and defensive lines.
    We should have signed Incognito who was smeared by the maligner Wells who makes up his mind whose guilty before he even gets the facts.
    Ryan was more than happy to get a guy who brought a pit bulls mentality to the line in Buffalo.

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    Interesting. This guy sounds like he’s going to be a starter, and soon, but where? Evan Smith has been average at best, does he replace him? Moving Marpet to R.T. might be a good idea. If he played L.T. in college, might work. However asking a rookie to move over now might be to much to ask, especially since you drafted him thinking he’d become a pro bowl guard. Guess we’ll have to see.

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