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    I’ll preface this by saying again like I said a few days ago, winning in the NFL comes down to two things: talent and preparation. I also said that I place wins and losses on the GM and HC, not the QB because the GM selects the talent and the HC prepares the players for the games. So for Licht to say that “I think when you have eight wins in two years and three home wins in two years… I think they’ve been patient enough” that’s a classless statement by Licht that shows a lack of accountability. Licht was just as much responsible for those losses as Lovie. When you hear a GM’s name come up, be it someone who is retired, on the market or currently employed you always hear the win/loss record of the teams they’ve managed and championships used in evaluating how good they are. I’m not saying I hate Licht as a GM now or anything because if we win big that’s more important, but either way that isn’t a statement I’ll be forgetting in the years to come.

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      I agree Pink. Not only lacks accountability, but lacks sensitivity. It did not need to be said. We have had no success since Rich McKay left (run out by Gruden).

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      But I’ve heard recently that Collins and Johnson last year were actually Lovie picks in free agency. Couple that with more Lovie “talent” in the secondary, and we can see just from a personnel scale, Lovie wasn’t getting it done. I always blamed Licht for last year’s free agency debacle, but now I see that may not be the case.

      However, when you add Licht/Robinson’s stellar drafts, a case could easily be made that Licht was quickly building a competent team, and Lovie just wasn’t coaching them up correctly. Don’t worry, this is a referendum on Licht now—if he grabs another great draft, has a decent free agency, and nails the coach, he’s a god, with or without Robinson. If next year is more middling play, he’s under scrutiny.

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    Totally agree, from what I have read of the press conference, it sounds like Licht ran Lovie under the bus!!!! It sounds like he wants the total control.

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    If we didn’t have Jameis, we would be the Cleveland Browns. That’s it. If we didn’t have the Dungy/Gruden era we would be less than the Cleveland Browns. If you fire coaches every 2 years, we will never succeed even with Jameis.

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      Don’t be so hard on our team art, I really do have a feeling things can turn around quick with the right hire. Lovie just wasn’t it.

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    I don’t place nearly the blame that some of you do on Licht. A GM’s job is to put talent on the squad, within the framework of what Lovie wanted. He doesn’t make game day adjustments. He doesn’t teach technique or skills. He put guys on the team that fit a system and have talent. I would say through the draft that Licht and his personaell guys and talent scouts that HE brought in have done that and then some the last two drafts.
    Free agency, has reeked of Lovies fingerprints. I know they both say it’s 50-50 but do any of you really think Licht would want players like Mike Jenkins on our team?
    Lovie had final 53 man say so even in terms of the misses you have to lay most on his shoulders. I think we are in pretty good hands with Liht as he has seen what winning organizations do.

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      Agree with your post. GM didn’t have control of 53 man roster. Lovie wanted HIS guys. HIS guys didn’t get it done.

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    Totally disagree with the above Posters. Most of those players you speak about did okay once they left the Bucs. Lovie’s Scheme sucked! Jason, lighten up because it’s not like Lovie is going to be at a Homeless Shelter anytime in his life. He didn’t throw Lovie under the bus. I listen to his Press twice and he was protective of Lovie.

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      I am with you Horse. Lovie’s scheme just didn’t work. He didn’t throw him under the bus either. Really bad post to say that.

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    Cleveland Browns South

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    As Licht said, he didn’t have control over the team after the draft. Lovie did. He now has control. I agree with cgmaster27 and Horse. Let’s give Licht the pass to see what he can do now that he is in control.

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    As GM, Licht oversaw both college and pro personnel acquisitions.
    While the college draft got better, our FA’s we signed from other teams did not.
    Many say Lovie was the reason for the poor NFL FA’s and with the coach having final say on the roster I would have to agree.
    Lovie brought in a number of defensive players this year and other than Chris Conte, they underwhelmed. Again.
    Add George Johnson to the list. Bruce Carter couldn’t beat out a rookie. Henry Melton was adequate but didn’t come close to the number of sacks he had last year. Tim Jennings was a disaster.
    Now it appears some of you want to get rid of Licht for the similar convoluted reasons you wanted Lovie fired for.
    Licht has done an excellent job since he got here. The first thing he tackled was to improve our college scouting department and it has worked.
    Give it a rest. Enough Buccaneer blood has been spilt for one week.
    “NFL: Not For Long.” Jerry Glanville.
    One of the greatest lines ever spoken.

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    Horse I agree. He was asked a simple question and gave a no BS simple answer. Unlike Lovie who talked in circles and constantly insulted our intelligence with idiotic riddle like answers. Yes they were patient enough and the results were not good enough period. You have a problem with that too bad. Try to spin it as the GM as the problem isn’t going to fly. From what I understand Lovie was in charge of free agency and Licht the draft. He put talent on the field and the offense flourished. Lovie is supposedly a defensive coach and guru. He did some good things in the past but nobody should ever rest on their past accomplishments. NFL and most jobs are what have you done lately. Lovie took over calling defense and it got worse. 8-24 record was garbage and he had more talent than Raheem and Shiano. So to have problem with Licht saying Glazers were patient enough doesn’t make any sense to me.

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    Looks like I actually agreed with Drd here. Lol. Everything you said just now actually made sense.

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    I have no issues with our GM. If the drafts continue to be impactful, and the next HC can reduce the penalties, the wins will come. Poor coaching was the biggest problem. I’m confident the Bucs will improve their record next season.

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    I often wondered exactly what it meant for Lovie to be “in control of the 53 man roster. First question; What about the 10 player Developmental Squad? Second question; Did that mean that Licht was responsible and in control of the 90 players at Training Camp and Lovie was to select his 53 from that group? I suspect the two worked together on all personnel decisions and that Lovie had final say. I think we all can acknowledge that Lovie provided Licht a list of desired defensive free agents and the GM accommodated his requests. We all know how that worked out. I guess it’s like me hiring a group of subcontractors my superintendent wants and then if they don’t perform as hoped declaring them my fault for listening to him. Happens a lot in Scubog world.

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    This is the way it should be, one voice moving forward. I have faith in the meathead Licht. I want to draft the best corner, not a scheme fit corner. Find a coach who says get me the best talent, and I’ll coach em up.

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