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    These picks are at a great positioning. If Tampa gets a great player in Rd-1 and Tampa trades down for more picks I see the LA Rams may try to move up to #9.I believe that move would cost them a no#2 and a late pick in 2016 or mid-rd in 2017. Plus don’t forget Denver may want to acquired QB vet Glennon and Tampa gets a #2 or #3. Can you imagine at no#15 tampa could get the Louisville DE with #15, plus Tampa would have 2 no#2 picks, two #3 picks. Tampa could improved on both sides of the draft.Plus Tampa can get in Rd-4 a good quality b/u QB to b/u winston this year.I see that Tampa when it is all said and done. I also see Glennon could wind up in Cleveland as starter.Also Joey Bosa could boast the defensive line at cleveland and draft a qb in the later rds and go after a qb in Rd-1 in 2017.Go Bucs

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    Your post made me dizzy georgehicks. Like watching a keno wheel.

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      C’mon drdnest,
      George is a loyal senior citizen around here. George gets a pass on these boards. I think it’s admirable that he gives his opinion and supports the Bucs every day. It’s not so important what he says, but that he’s here to say it! Go George, Go Bucs! Keep it going ole dude, I love your posts! lol.

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        I second that macabee. George is a long time loyal fan who enjoys giving his opinion without any political agenda, name-calling, condescending attitude, inflated opinion of himself or long-winded diatribes.

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    If we can duplicate the success we have had in the last two drafts that were offense but instead on Defense, this could be a very good future for the Bucs, because I am convinced our Offense is almost there.

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