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    McDougald, we let one get away. No you didn’t, you were beat on both sides of the ball soundly. You looked like a dog chasing it’s tail out there. Brees converted 12 first downs! The only thing you let get away was a receiver I never heard of! Maybe that’s what’s wrong with this team, they think they’re better then they are. Lovie always says that, we’re better then that. Ha ha, no you’re not. Yeah Bradly, you let this one get away, like letting the 3rd, and 21 get away. You’re better then that. LoL!

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    Carter did ok, but Alexander being out for 4 games is going to hurt. He may be our best player on Defense. If we can get McCoy some help next draft this Team is going to be good. We are headed in the right direction.

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    Our defense needs a complete over haul with exception of our Lb’s and McCoy, I could careless if anyone returned next yr. Smith is ok at one DE position but maybe best suited for passing downs only. Sterling Moore is adequate but nothing special

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      I finally share your assessment oh wise one from the desert. This Defense is made up of so-so free agents and undrafted hopefuls for the most part. What can we realistically expect from this much injured collection? Hopefully Jason and the scouts can focus on defense this Draft and bring in four or five new starters. In my view the only guaranteed survivors should be McDonald, McCoy, David, Alexander and perhaps Moore. The rest, including your defensive whipping boy Gholston, may develop but for now are replaceable.

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    DL F; LB D; DB F.

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    Tough day at the office with only 5 starter playing from the beginning of the season. Most noticeable absences being those on the defensive line with the only starter playing hurt and crippled.
    When you look at it that way, the defense didn’t play all that bad by holding the Saints to 24 points.
    The offense knew the defense was all banged up and should have shown a lot more vigor.
    Have to agree with Jameis when he said this one was on him.

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    You really think this one was on Jameis drdneast? To bad he couldn’t also catch that 3rd down dart he hit Dye in stride with. I guess he made a mistake deciding to punt with 4 minutes left thinking his D could get a stop even though they let Brees convert a whopping 12 3rd down trys. Yeah let’s pin this one on the rookie Q.B., not the defense that couldn’t get off the field all day, not Koetter’s sub par game plan, and certainly not Lovie, who has this team running like a well oiled machine. Don’t know why you guys think McCoy is the keeper in the bunch on defense. He’s done nothing to change the fortunes of this team since he’s been here. I’d trade him while he still has some worth. Do any of you think he’ll get better as father time creeps along? He’s not a game changer like Watt, Ray Lewis, Sapp. I would not be opposed to the Bucs drafting his replacement high. I’d take the better 3 tech in this draft over an average D end. J Smith ain’t worth a sh-t either J Gruden.

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    I agree about Dye surferdudes, but it was only one play albeit a very critical one.
    unfortunately Winston was high on a lot of his passes on Sunday and needs toit thritical 60 percent completion average on a regular basis.
    As it is, everybody played a part in this loss so perhaps I shouldn’t have singled out Winston. Hope that makes you feel better.
    But for the reasons I stated above, I think the defense played a fairly good game.

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