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    The secondary gets an A+ for their play as D-linemen but an F for their play as coverage guys. sacks or pressures from your CBs or safeties are all well and good, but their primary job is to win in coverage and they just never did. let’s hope the bye week gives that group some time to self-scout and fix some things. On a positive note, the performance defending the run was really encouraging with the Redskins’ 3-headed monster and then the Devonta Freeman show on the horizon

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    Special teams showed HUGE improvement all around. Defensive grades are right on point I believe. We get that secondary working properly and we’ll be real hard to beat. Go Bucs!

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    Your game grades are right on point. Special teams were terrific and Bobby Rainey really made the most of his opportunities. The glaring problem is with Jennings and Jenkins. Their problems can’t be fixed…..they are backup corners at best. I will be glad to see Banks come back and the BUCS need to find another CB before the Redskins game in two weeks. Verner was terrific and I hope that continues. With six sacks, an interception and a returned fumble for a touchdown, you have to be concerned by the 31 points scored by the Jags!!!

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      Bill: Got a chance to sit next to your Mike G and his dad at the Panthers game. Great guy.

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    Yes DB’s had better be high on the list at draft time (plus DE and OL…then to be greedy, a receiver that is speedy enough to stretch the field). Boy, I guess we still need a lot of players to fill all of the holes!

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    Sorry, I don’t think the Bucs corrected their mistake when they chose Brinzda since Barth didn’t impress when he was here in camp.
    But Barth was right when he said kicking is 90 percent mental and he has been toughend over the year whereas Brinzda hasn’t.
    Hopefully Banks will be back in two weeks and half of our CB problem will be corrected.
    Despite what many boneheads believe, I really think Lovie is starting who he thinks is the better player.
    He also picked up Verner in FA so there is no reason he wouldn’t want him to succeed.
    Verner needs to sharpen his game up as well and reclaim his starting job.
    Jennings coverage just stinks.

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    Don’t get the fascination with Jenkins, and Jennings had a terrible game. Need to get back Banks, and Verner needs to play……

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    People keep thinking Lovie has a fascination with Jenkins because one looney Bucs site loves to harp on it.
    I can assure you most coaches think the same way as Raheem Morris who was famouse quoted as saying, “I will tolerate you until I can replace you.”
    This other Bucs site has also said Lovie didn’t like Doug Martin and that he liked Simms better and also that Simms wasn’t that good.
    So today I noticed the same site saying they should use Simms more.
    The site attracts trolls, haters and racists and one of the reasons I rarely go there anymore and now only post out here.
    As Jack Nicholson said, “Go sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here.’

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    There’s only one m in Sims.

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    I guess you must be holding off on the F for the secondary because McDougald got a pick…in my view, that wasn’t enough to get them off the F.

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    We really need to draft a CB early next draft. Jennings and Jenkins couldn’t cover my grandma. I would think any guy they pull off practice squad could play better than those two. Man they were terrible. Grades seem about right.

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