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    I definitely like Gerald’s comments about Jacquies Smith(repeated in this article). This observation suggests we’ll get an even better Jacks.

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      George Johnson was intrigueing the first time he was with the Bucs. We’re getting a faster version now, and no doubt a vet and someone who’s studied more. So, yea, I think we can have lots of confidence in our De’s this year.

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        Then, we have some guys behind them in Larry English(I’m pretty sure he’ll be the third De at least; George Johnson might worry a little bit though). T.J probably in fourth.

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    Not a lot of big names at the DE position, but I think the position has a chance to really emerge as a strength with all the depth at the DT position. Plus, if the new linebackers can get the defense down, I think the Bucs will be really tough to run or pass against. Looking good on paper so far…

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    We have to do the best with what we have. We are staffed with re treads from other teams or players we brought in as rookies and let go and now have back on the Roster. It’s not pretty. Staying healthy and playing consistent will be paramount. If one of them becomes a consistent pass rusher, who can put the QB on his back or block a pass, and McCoy can get consistent pressure and stay healthy, who knows ? maybe our defense can come out of the cellar. But if not our Secondary is going to have a long year.

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    I think because Lovie can’t find his premier edge rusher he is going the Seahawks route of pass rushing by committee.
    Believe he wants to keep throwing fresh legs in waves against the offensive line and wear them down.
    This is where the loss of Spence is going to hurt us. The kids had three sacks last year and you could tell his overall game had gotten better.
    Spence, along with Melton, would have kept McCoy and McDoanlds legs fresh for the fourth quarter when it seems like McCoy especially seems to wear down since he is in on almost every snap.

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