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    Congratulations MC and KR on the promotion! Also, congrats to PR for the growth in web traffic in 2015. Where’s my cut? 😉

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    Congrats to both! We are in good hands!

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    Congrats, Mark and Kim. I’m sure your promotions are well-deserved!
    Scott, Just a thought with your new Pewter Pulse video offering. Perhaps you could introduce a staff member from time to time and let them relate their PR and Buc experiences. I’m sure others would like to meet them too!

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    Congratulations to both, but as I stated in Fridays post, a promotion without a raise is pretty meaningless so I hope there is more money involved for both people.

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    BTW, Pewter Report is far away the best source of news and opinion in regards to the Bucs.
    I was a supporter of Lovie’s until PR’s Fab 5 came out calling for his firing if the Bucs didn’t beat the Jaguars.
    I remember reading the opinion and the sound reasons for the opinion and had to agree with them grudgingly.
    I also knew it took a set to voice the opinion since you guys have to deal with the Bucs and the staff on a daily basis.
    To many other writers in the Bay area are either to chicken or afraid they are going to get their credentials ripped from them to ever throw a harpoon into a sitting coach.
    Or probably they lack the intestinal fortitude to look a coach square in the eye after writing such an article.
    Also, I don’t know if it’s possible or in your budget, but I would love to see you do some film work with either past or present Buc players.
    What a kick it would be to see Mark Cotney or someone like him come in and go over a defensive set with you guys.
    But please, whatever you do, don’t bring back Ivory Suly, Reidel Anthony or Michael “Clang” Calyton.

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