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    Hey coach, here’s a suggestion for starters. Stop playing the wrong quarterback!

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    Anyone else tired of the excuses? I’m all for getting a top three pick in the draft now but St. Lovie running it and coaching this team next year? Good freaking LUCK selling tickets. What an absolute disaster.
    Hey! Four games left and only three games out (not counting tie breakers). We’re still in this thing!

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    Coach since you and other coaches and players are taking blame for this game, any chance your pay check are donated to World Hunger because I sure am hungry for a win! Go Bucs!

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    Are we still playing….good grief, I thought we packed this terrible year in long ago….can we hurry up and get to the draft so I can regain some hope with Mr. Mariota….

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    In the first half Doug Martin was running as hard as I’ve seen him run since his rookie season. For some mysterious reason, the running game disappeared in the second half. McCown seemed to be reluctant to pass the ball in any sort of rhythm. With the O-line unable to protect him without a penalty the Bengals did what all of our opponents have come to realize after half-time. Stop the run and the Bucs will beat themselves. Of all the horrendous O-line play I’ve witnessed in 38 years, this is the absolute worst.

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    With all the pressure today anybody else wonder why we don’t ever roll out the mobile McClown? At some point you have to realize the line is having a bad day, and maybe it would help if we MOVED THE DARN POCKET!! O.K., I’m better. Listen Bucs brass it’s simple. Should you be lucky enough to draft Mariota, hire his O.C.. We know the scheme works in the NFL, ( see Eagles). This would solve to big problems. Having hopefully a franchice Q.B. coming in already knowing the system. We could start the off season running, with a new O.C.,and a rookie who’s had success with the offense. Of course that will never happen. Lovie has a bad history picking Q.B.’s, and O.C.’s.

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    surferdudes; I think if we did that then we would have to trade Evans and Jackson for faster WR’s. would that be the plan? I thought it was dunkaneer ball?

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